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Monday, August 20, 2007



OMgosh I hope it's me me me


Did I say me? The winner of the pink ticket wins the AMAP drawing and I HOPE it's me. Ok so that sounds selfish but I have to say I want to win bad. But, good luck to everyone else too. ;(

Kelly Rodgers

Am I even in the drawing??
I wonder...


OMG!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed (and my toes too!) My ticket was pink - I think!

I want to win a year's supply of NEW A Muse products. Pick me! Pick me!

Kathy D

Pink is my favorite color...please pick me, I am always the anti-winner in raffles & drawings!


Well, it's obviously not me since I don't have a clue what the pink ticket is... boo hoo! But good luck to everyone else!


not sure what the pink ticket is, but it looks like it's got people excited!


Now I have to be on pins and needles all day! Good luck, everybody!

Nancy P.

Oh what fun!! I can hardly wait! :)

well said cards

OM Gawsh! I can't hardly wait to hear the announcement. I hope it's ME!


Do we have to wait long?? The A Muse Addicts Club is dying to know!!


me? please? I would share....

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