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Saturday, August 25, 2007



I remember when I was little, I wanted to be a singer. I was in choir and was just sure that's the path I wanted to be. I even composed songs and have my mom help me with lyrics. She's the best because she'll always entertain my ideas. Then, I wanted to be a ballerina, and was in alot of school productions. But I just wasn't cut out for it, nor do I have the discipline. So, as a grown up, I teach Swing Dance, and I work as a Compliance officer by day and a stamper by night.

ann i

When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian because I wanted to work with animals but found I was allergic to cats. Then later I decided I wanted to work with kids and become a pediatrician but decided I wasn't good at handling blood and shots after volunteering in a hospital. Then somewhere along the way I wanted to be an accountant but decided numbers would be kind of boring as a full time occupation(though I do like math)! Now in the end, I'm a Middle School teacher so I get to teach Computers and Math to teenagers. Now all I need is a dog!


Oh, let's see. My love of animals had me wanting to be a vet at one time. Then, I recall wanting to be an attorney, a travel agent, and a physical therapist. I turned out to be a wife, mom, and Telecom Project Manager and I love my job! I had a really bad dream last night, though, that they had to downsize and were letting me go. It was scary!


Mom tells me I wanted to be the Greatest American Hero so I could fly to school. :)

Liz N

I remember I wanted so desperately to become an archeologist. To this day, I still remember watching films in grade school about the work of Dr. Louis Leakey and his contribution to archeology. How fun it would be to find fossils and bones of dinosaurs?!

tammy b

from as far back as i can remember, my family bred and raised and showed dogs and i loved, loved. loved animals of all kinds. more than anything, i KNEW i would be a veterinarian.....fast forward to when i was about 10 years old and our vet thought i was old enough to watch the newest litter of pups get their tails docked (cut shorter to fit AKC standards). How cool was I?!?! not so cool....i remember going into the room, him picking up the 1st pup, marking the tail with a marker, picking up pair of surgical scissors, cutting the tail and putting the lopped off part on a paper tail on a paper towel and watching it twitch! boom. next thing i remember i'm out in the hall on the floor...i had passed out! that was the end of my vet career! after that, i bounced around from career idea to career idea, but always wanted to be a mommy, and i am, to 3 little girls!

Melanie aka Batgirl

I always wanted to be a nurse in Africa! I even won a drawing contest at like six with a pic of me as a nurse giving a needle to someone! lol. I was a candy striper and when I was 18 my church asked for a group to go to Kenya! it was greta to teach for 6 weeks. We taught the girls about AIDS and helped at a boys orphanage. My other dream was to be a mom and I'm now that to 2 little guys :)


When I grew up I wanted to be a Radio City Rockette! I started dancing when I was five and I loved the sound my new tap shoes made on the old hardwood floors of Miss Polly's Dancing School. I loved my pink tutu and my shiny shoes with the pretty pink bow that I wore in my first dance recital. And I loved watching the Rockettes each Thanksgiving on TV as they danced outside of Macy's Department Store in NYC. I continued to dance for the next 12 years - ballet, jazz and tap. I realized around age 12 that my second growth spirt was not coming - my 5'2" frame was not going to get me on the tap line with those long-legged gals. I was doomed by a petite mum who was only 4'10". A few years later I was in NYC for a Thanksgiving basketball tournament with my college basketball team (I was a cheerleader - my 5'2" frame was paying off!). We went down to Macy's to watch the parade in person. When we walked around the corner of a side street, there was a large luxury bus parked there. We didn't pay much attention because we saw a lot of them that day as they let the entertainment and parade marchers out for their big parade appearance. The doors opened up just as we were walking by...all of a sudden my knees became weak and my breath was a bit short as I glimpsed at these visions of dark green velvet dresses trimmed in white fur. I was standing in front of the Radio City Rockettes' bus! I was in shock! The group I was with did a few stunts for the ladies - and they actually clapped for me! Luckily, my coach had a video camera and has the entire event on tape. Every year I take out my highlight video on Thanksgiving (not long after watching the girls strut their stuff in the parade) - everyone gets a good laugh at my star-struck encounter. To this day, it was one of my all time favorite memories and a good reminder that even though we grow up we can still be young at heart (and dream of longer legs!).


I always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher when I grew up. I used to play school with my dolls. I still love all things school. Supplies,books etc. Not sure why I never persuded that.
It's been fun reading the coments of what everyone wants to be.
My son wants to be an ice cream truck driver (he is 4) and my daughters want to be a rock star and a ballerina. They are 7 and 4. It will be fun to see what they chose when they grow up.


I had the BEST first grade teacher and wanted to be a teacher since then. I never changed my mind! Now that I am a mom, I look forward to the day when I go back to teaching but for now, raising my kiddos is awesome!I have two girls.

My four year old wantes to be a vet (but only to small animals - now horses or cows) when she is 16, then a police ifficer when she is 16 and a fire fighter at 21.

My six year old wants to be an artist and a gardener.


I wanted to be the second baseman for the Mariners!! I LOVE baseball and I actually played hardball with the boys until they wouldn't let me anymore (6th grade). I switched to fastpitch softball. I always wonder why they wouldn't let me continue... My dad thought they didn't want to be shown-up by a girl :) My oldest daughter wants to play football! I say go for it when she's old enough!

Lauri jailbirdstamper

I wanted to be a reporter! Not on TV - oh no, that would be 'selling out' - I wanted to be a newspaper reporter because of the whole watergate scandal thing my parents were always talking about! So it is sort of close to paper and ink right?


As long as I can remember, I have been a teacher at heart. As a young child, I would line up all my dolls and "teach" them everything I know. My older brother was in school, so when he got home I would get his text books and play school with them. I still love the new book smell and new school supplies. I was so ready to start school and jealous that he got to go. I remember running to my bus on the first day of Kindergarten, I didn't want my mom to drive me. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Thacker, was an incredibly loving teacher; I still remember the feel of sitting in her lap during story time and the smell of her perfume. I would tell her what I would do if I were the teacher; I thought I was helping her, but I am sure I was just driving her crazy. I went to the same school throughout elementary grades and in fifth grade, Mrs. Thacker let me come read to her class and help her cut out classroom materials. I thought it was the best thing ever. I just loved going to the office to pick up her laminated items; they were the best things to cut out. I then learned about The Challenger and Christa McAuliffe, a teacher that would be traveling into space. I decided then that was what I wanted to do. My parents let me stay home the day of the launch to watch it. It was a cold wintery day; I still remember what I was wearing. I was so excited when I saw the smoke starting right before take off and as it lifted off I was thinking of all the things Ms. McAuliffe would do with her class when she returned; I so wanted to be in her class then. I watched in horror as it exploded with tears streaming down my face; I thought my dream of being a "space teacher" as I called it were over. It still brings tears to my eyes now. I remember my dad talking to me that Ms McAuliffe was a hero because she lived her dreams no matter what the outcome was. I didn't really understand it at the time though. I am now a Kindergarten teacher, have seen a space shuttle take off at Cape Canaveral and participated in a Space program for teachers. I may never be the teacher that goes into space, but I think it will always be in my heart. I still try to watch all the shuttle launches. I just hope that I inspire the students in my class like Mrs Thacker and Christa McAuliffe inspired me. Teaching isn't always the easiest job, but I can't imagine doing anything else. The rewards far outweigh the challenges.

Kathy W

When I was small, I wanted to be a grade school teacher during the week, an author of children's books on the weekends, and of course a mom. In high school I also wanted to be in the chorus line of a Broadway production. I love musicals and wanted to dance in one. I also love to sing, and when no one was home, I would grab a jump rope and pretend it was a microphone (this was all before kareoke was invented), jump on the fireplace hearth, and pretend I was singing to a crowd. I ended up swirling all of my ambitions together: I am an elementary school teacher who creates books for my classroom, I have one son, I taught dance aerobics for 15 years and I contra dance every weekend, and I love to sing in the car and the shower.

Jill Grace

I knew, with 100% certainty, that I wanted to be a pilot of an airplane from the time I was in Kindergarten. I vividly remember drawing an airplane, with me as the pilot, for a class assignment. The dream deviated slightly to astronaut, until the Challenger Space Shuttle accident, then my dream went back to pilot again. Then, for some strange reason (I still haven't figured out), when applying to college, I chose marine biologist. I finally got my degree, worked in the field for a few years, when I discovered that my real passion in life was teaching. I got to teach at a local aquarium, tide pool field trip classes, and even on a boat where we took kids out to investigate the environment like a marine biologist. I realized that I belonged in a classroom, so now I am a middle school science teacher - and I love it. Long story short, be open to the path that life lays out before you - you'll probably be surprised at what you will end up doing as an adult, but once you figure it out, you'll likely realize that it was meant to be. ...oh yeah, and never give up - my Mom thought I was nuts for getting a degree in marine biology (she even tried to get me to quit) because math and science were hard for me! :)

Ros Oakes

I wanted to be an accountant for as long as I can remember and to travel. I never did become an accountant but I did study in that field, have been overseas twice but my most important job and one I always wished quietly was to be a young mum. Now I am a young mum to 4 active children and wouldn't change any of it (well, maybe to just travel a little more! 4 kids under 4 years makes it a little hard.)

Riza Almanza

Well, at one point in my very young life I remembered whispering to my dad's ear that I wanted to be a nun given the fact that my oldest brother is a priest. Now that I'm grown and married w/ 2 boys suffice it to say that I didn't become a nun.

Kathy D

WOW! These are fun to read! I always wanted to be a mom, but knew I would have some sort of "job" (hey, I was born in 1961, I didn't know women could have careers!) before the babies brought me home. I remember wanting to be a secretary (they had all that blank paper, all of those pens to organize! I got a typewriter for Christmas when I was 11 and taught myself to type.). Then, I moved on to wanting to be a teacher, expanding my horizons by wanting to go to college. My college majors were Engineering ($$ and lots of men in class), followed by Speech and Language Pathology (I wanted to work with deaf children), and finally Mathematics (there was nothing else in the college catalog that I thought I could stand doing for the remaining 3 years towards my degree!). I ended up as a software engineer working on weapons defense systems. I can honestly say the path just presented itself...it was not a premeditated decision. Then, I quit to move to Germany with my husband for his job (3 year tour), and my original ambition of being a mom came true. I am still that stay-at-home-Mom (to 3), now I have occasional consulting jobs that include card making, cookie baking and computer consulting.


It must have been during the time of the Indiana Jones movie when I decided what I wanted to be when I grew up. No I didn't want to be the screaming ninny girlfriend who was scared of everything, but the adventure and treasure seeking archeologist! I wanted to uncover lost jewels and secrets of the past! How exciting!! Little did I know real archeologists did not have Indy's kind of life and it was a little more tame and boring. Oh well, I work at an office now, which is probably much more exciting ;)

well said cards

Oh man, this is one of my favorite stories. My father was in the military and we were on a plane to Germany where we were stationed. I saw a woman in a business suit in a meeting with several men. She had complete control of the meeting and was dictating how everything would be done. I watched her for a good hour, listening to every word she said. I then turned and told my mom "when I grow up, I want to wear a business suit to work and be in charge". I was 11 years old and she reminded me of that my whole life.

Today, I wear a business suit to work most days and I am in charge. I can't wait to tell my dughter that story so that she can see she can do anything she puts her mind to doing!


I wish I knew what I really wanted to be when I grow up! We laugh in our family that for many years I wanted to be a forensic patholgist like the old Quincy show! I have been lucky enough to realize my dream of becoming a mom to three smart, beautiful, creative and thoughtful girls. I remind myself that everything else is gravy. Someday, I hope to find a way to have a job that I love. I love to help people, and find my joy helping friends, coworkers and neighbors with problems or projects. I love the phrase "many hands make light work." I love the satisfaction of hard work! My girls and I talk often of matching talents to tasks, and I try to help them realize that their special skills make them unique and valuable. Hopefully, when it comes time for them to choose a path, they will have an idea of where they want to go!


When I was young, I would gather all of the children in the neighborhood together and play "school".
I have always known that I wanted to be a teacher...and I am! I have been a Kindergarten teacher for seventeen years now...in the same classroom, in the same school (so my students will always know where to come back to visit me!). My first class is now in college!


When I was young I would pretend that I was a stewardess (now known as a flight attendant) on an airplane. I would take all my stuffed animals and put them on the stairs, and walk between them telling them to put on their seat belt, and get ready for take-off. Then I would serve them drinks (using my tea set) and pretzel sticks. I never did become a stewardess however...I became a sales representative, and flew on airplanes all the time. Now I am a Mom, and rarely fly on airplanes anymore, but I remember how much fun I had....and how big my dreams were.

Cindy Vernon

I know my story probably isn't the greatest but when I was in first grade I had a very uninspiring teacher who told my mother that I couldn't read and should be held back. My mom thought no way and taught me phonics and how to read herself and took me to the library everyday. By the time I was in second grade I was reading at the 6th grade level and this time I had an inspiring teacher who told the school librarian about me. The school librarian spent that year and every subsequent feeding my love of reading. In the second grade I got to pick out books in the "older kids" section and I was hooked. I remember telling my mom that I was going to be a librarian when I grew up! Amazingly, I had forgotten all about this but after college I struggled with what I was going to do with myself and a light bulb went off! I am now a high school librarian and have been hopefully inspiring kids to read for almost 10 years now!


In preschool and kindergarten I wanted to be a school bus driver since I loved singing "the wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round". In third grade, I wanted to be a marine biologist since I lived in Hawaii and saw all kinds of neat sea creatures. Then I was tossed by a wave and almost drowned so I developed a fear for the ocean. I wanted to be an anesthesiologist in 5th grade since I thought it was neat to help people "go to sleep" before they were going to be in pain from surgery (I wanted to be a surgeon but I didn't trust my shakey hands.) Later, in fifth grade, I learned that medical examiners did sort of similar things as surgeons, but they also got to help solve crimes. So and that's what I wanted to be until my senior year of college (after studying abroad) when I decided that I wanted to help more people in the world and fulfill my dreams of travelling. So, I am currently in nursing school. Now, when I grow up, I want to be a nurse with knowledge of sea and land creatures, other people and cultures, and how to make fun cards and crafts to share with friends!

salla wagner

I always wanted to be a teacher, and go to a hispanic country to teach. Times change, life happens... now I teach rubber stamp classes, and I love it.


My mother chose to ask the question a few days after a trip to the circus. What did I want to be? A CLOWN! What did my sister want to be? A doctor. Hmm...

I ended up becoming a CPA/Internal Auditor. When I started carrying a briefcase to school in the second grade, Mom & Dad should have known a clown was out of the picture. Maybe in my next life...


When I was younger, my grandfather was really sick, so I spent a lot of time at the hospital (being snuck in!) by really nice nurses - so, I wanted to be a nurse. Then I realized I'm a bit squeamish, so nursing, at least hospital nursing, probably wasn't for me. Then, as an early teen, I was really REALLY into Bob Villa. I wanted to be a home restorer - stripping layers of paint off of old wood trim, rebuilding plaster mouldings, you name it! To this day, I wish I had pursued that idea, but when I went off to college - the first in my family to do so - "Being Bob Villa" wasn't a choice of major, so I chose graphic design instead! All in all, I was so glad my non-college educated parents told me that I could do 'anything I wanted' and always supported me in my decisions.


when i was really young, i wanted to be something scientific--like an astronaut or a biomedical engineer. somehow, a little later, i got the idea in my head that i wanted to be a social worker. though my life took a couple of different routes, i am now, many years later, getting my master's in social work. looks like some things from when you're younger just stick with you!


when i was litle i want to by hairdresser but my theater wont let my do that than leart t o by cook and waitress on a high school i workt ther for 5 jears and now i am home for my 2 sons

Sarah Jay

For more than a few of my formative years I planned to go to an ivy league school on the East coast to study law. I would graduate with honors, pass the bar, join a small firm back in the Midwest, and do my part to bring justice and reason to the world. But my dreams didn't stop there: being a kind lawyer was just a springboard to politics, where my personal warmth, depth of knowledge and sound reasoning would eventually secure my spot on a presidential ticket.

With the blind confidence that only a child has, I was *sure* that I would be one of the first women elected President of the United States.


I can clearly recall my first desire "to be something" my aspirations were simple... to be a nun! I went to private Catholic school from preschool-HS and I loved wearing a uniform, (weird I know). I didn't like getting festered in clothing, I did however always look forward to "free dress" which was the first Friday of every month. My mom would take me to buy a new outfit - whatever I wanted! This spawned creative freedom and when I chose a really horrible bright yellow giraffe outfit I knew I was in for some teasing, but little did I know the teasing would be so bad it would make me want to be a nun. They get to wear nice uniforms and bravely attempt to live the purist life with no teasing. I realized later that they would never have children and I couldn't envision not having a family some day.

Then I took one of those silly tests in grade school that tells you what profession you might be good at and my results came up mechanic and accountant! I took pursuit of accountant and found complete bordeom in bean counting. But my college education and social networks led me to my career today with a technology corporation. Here for the moment I have found balance in a comfortable living that works for my stamping hobby, children and retirement but I won't likely stay here forever.

Secretly in my heart I always dream of doing something where every day is "new". I think we are always searching but while in our pursuit we find in the most inospicous places what we are good at. I've learned now that I like to create things, I like to see the end of a project through and I like to move on. Change is good. So if I can keep doing that everyday no matter what I'll be fine.

Now I want to be a yogi or pilates instructor in Mexico or Hawaii. Maybe in my retirement!??


I wanted to be an archelogist...still love fossils and rock formations and such..My dad told me it had alot of math to it, so that scared me away...I'm an artist/designer/faux finsher now...and not a speller, that's for sure..lol..

Julie Masse

I remember being in second grade pretending to be a lawyer - I always thought that would be fun! I didn't end up in law school but I did work for a number of years in law firms as a paralegal - close enough!! :)


When I was yonger I wanted to be a doctor and so did my cousin. I always thought I could be her little assistant because she was alot older than me.=] A little later I changed my mind.... I wanted to be a vet and help animals. Now im still unsure of what i want to be, im still in school but i just keep trying new things I might be interested in, and some day I'll find what I really want to be, but no need to rush things. You have your whole life to figure out what you truly want to do.


When I grow up I want to be me! I want to be a person that doesn't care what I look like in a bathing suit as long as I'm having fun on the beach with my kids. I want to know just the perfect minute to blow bubbles in my milk (or root beer) and make everyone at the table laugh. I want to be the first person my best friend calls to share exciting news or to reach out for a shoulder to cry on. I want be a person that knows the value of a sticker (whether it be mine or my child's). I want to be a girl that lives in the moment but understand the importance of planning for tomorrow. I want to be a mom that knows that being concerned is OK but worrying won't change anything. I want to be the kind of mother that actually is able to put herself first so that she can be the very best mom and wife she can be. I want to be me! So much easier said than done! LOL I guess I'll always be in training for my "profession".

When I was little and knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, it was so much more simple. I wanted to be a race car driver (Formula 1) or an immunologist.



I was an early avid reader and what I wanted to be when I was grown up was inspired by the books I read. A lot of the books were about different countries and cultures and the people living there as well as modern fairy tales and myths. My grown up scenarios were quite fantasy based. From working with endangered elephants in India, being a painter in the tropics, a doctor in africa, to wanting to become a good witch with white long hair and a broom stick flying off to help those in need. That summer I made myself a broom stick and used some string and wool for my long hair and took off on imaginery missions.
I guess one common thread was to be helpful and to live in far away places and different cultures. Maybe my parents should not have been so surprised that I did not even finish my social work degree in Germany but took off to the other end of the world to live in New Zealand. Best thing I ever did! It's such an amazing melting pot of different cultures. Oh and yes I still love my job, working with intellectually handicapped adults to provide a richer more fullfilling life for them.

Linda SS

Golly gee...You are getting me to confess what a strange child I was! I wanted to be an actress, but it wasn't one of those gorgeous actress's that I was dreaming about. I wanted to be a nerdy-type actress on TV commercials and I was really good at impersonating them. Of course I had both the Oscar Meyer weiner & bologna commercials memorized, but I also had a lot of less popular ones memorized as well. I would charge the neighborhood kids a dime to come and see me perform. The kids without a dime would stand outside our fence crying so my next-door neighber would feel sorry for them and come over and give me a dollar just so the kids on the outside could come in to watch the show. Two of my favorites were:

1) Soakie bubble bath. I'd stand there with a towel wrapped around me singing...

Soakie soaks you clean in an ocean full of fun,
Rubbety Dubbety, Flibbety, Flubbity,
Clean before you're done.
Soakie soaks you cleaner, every girl and boy,
Get the toy before it's empty, when it's empty it's a toy. SOAKIE:)

2) Chocks Vitamin Commercial. I'd wear fox ears and pointy nose.

Hi - I'm Ferguson Farley Frederick L. Fox,
The fox with the mystical magical musical box.
You put in fruit flavors and tap on the box,
And after 3 knocks (tap, tap, tap)
Out comes new Chocks!
Chocks are the vitamins made to chew,
Their shapes and flavors both brand new.
And look at the shapes if you would, would you please,
They are oofy poofy pillowy thing-a-ma-gees.
So if you children don't eat as they should,
Don't always eat as you wish they would,
It's time that you were as wise as a fox.
Start filling their vitamin needs with new Chocks.
Chewable Chocks - In a bottle or a box.

It's pretty sad that I can't ever remember where I put my purse or glasses, but I still remember commercials from 45 years ago:) By the way, I've never been in a TV commercial, but my daughter was in 5 or 6 of them when she was young.

Zoe Gehr

When I grow up ....... is any one ever really grown up?

Since I was a liitle girl I have always wanted to help people. Whether it's through the giving of my time, my talents or my treasures I enjoy the feeling of giving to someone less fortunate that myself.

I'm 43 and looking to make another change in my life. I feel that I'm meant to empower others and help them achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Great question ...

~zoey from kansas

Joyce W

You know, I think I'm still trying to figure it out! When I was in grade school I wanted to be a nurse and a mom.....I am a mom to 2 great kids and one has special needs so I guess that makes me a nurse of sorts (okay, that might be a stretch).

I think it's ever changing....I used to want a job that made a lot of money but now that I'm older I want one that is fun so I guess as we age our priorities change.

Katie K

When I was about 10 (my son's age) I somehow discovered the play "Annie". Although we lived nowhere near Broadway, I decided that I would grow up to be a fabulous stage actress. In preparation for my career, I memorized all of the songs on the "Annie" soundtrack. I loved to practice for my stage premiere by singing in the shower. Boy were the acoustics good!

Of course, my career plans were dashed when I realized, much to my dismay, that I could not carry a tune in a bucket.

Thanks for this "contest". I had not thought about that dream in what seemed like a million years. It has been fun thinking about all of the different things that I wanted to be when I grew up. The great thing is that I am still growing up and have not finished dreaming.


i wanted to be an artist when i grew up. i was also a huge bookworm and wanted to be a writer, too. i wrote lots of stories in junior high, complete with illustrations. later i wanted to be a teacher, then i didn't want to be a teacher. instead i decided advertising would be perfect--art *and* writing! so that was my path until i decided that i really *did* want to be a teacher, so i became a first grade teacher and i created art and wrote and taught--and never really grew up... if i ever do, i still want to be an artist, and maybe write too!


WAAAAAY before "Free Willie" was around, I had always wanted to be a "killer whale" (orca) trainer - which may have proved rather difficult as I was never a strong swimmer!! I think it was their beauty and the mystery of the ocean that REALLY captured my imagination. As I "grew up", I realized that it's best that the orcas live free in the ocean....with NO trainers!!


Well, Mine is real simple. I always knew I wanted to grow up to be a wife and Mom, just like my Mom.

My Mom has been such and inspiration to me. She like me tends to put everyone first before herself. She rasied me to be a strong independent woman.
I have such fond memories of spending time with my Family and all of the activities and times that we shared. I hope that I am doing the same for my children that she did for me.

Although, I miss working in the Dental field, I feel that my job right now is one of the most important jobs of all, raising independent, caring, responsible adults!

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