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Monday, August 20, 2007



Wow. What a little entrepreneur. I hope she gets her table and does well.


How fun!!! Good luck, Hailey! If you don't sell them all, maybe your mom will post some of your leftover items on her blog. Those headbands are darling and I would definitely like to get some heater packs as holiday gifts!

Geeta / TexasLonghorns/Craftyengineer

WOW! This is so awesome. I hope she gets a table. It's so wonderful to see ambition at such a young age.


Best of luck to Hailey. I'd buy a headband for my daughter!

Lyndsay Neumann

How cute! She reminds me so much of Lily. Such little entrepreneurs!


Go Hailey! You can do it!


Oh my gosh, those headbands are so CUTE and I love the idea of the heater pack. I hope the items make it past the selection committee and then sell like hotcakes!


OK, those headbands are just darling!! Can I buy one??? Good luck Hailey!


Good luck! I love the headbands and would love to relax with those heater packs.


Absolutely adorable, Hailey. Ask your mom if you can post these here for sale. I'm in for one of each! Bon chance.

Amanda B.

I am always one to support the young entreprenuer... Maybe your mom could put some on her blog for us to buy!!!


I wish you the best of luck Haily. You are a very talented & creative young lady. Those heater packs look WONDERFUL!!


I have done these kind of things when I was younger.
You sound more prepared than I was.
Best wishes and have fun! If I lived 6 states closer I would come. Cheers, Sasha.

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