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Friday, September 21, 2007



Love how she made the ghosts come out of the bottle. The window trick was great too!


Yay! These are so fun! I was making Halloween cards and all my friends said, "people send Halloween cards?" I think I need to change their minds somehow... maybe send them to this blog. They're all so unique with neat little touches. I wish I could be so creative. Thanks for sharing!


Wow, what great cards. I love the idea of layering the stamps! I will definitely be giving that a try.


I just love all of Lexi's work...she's always made me in awe of her stuff, even before I knew she was going to be an amuse guest designer! I hope I win the prize!!

Jennifer Nagel

I love all of Lexi's work, but I love the ghoulish greetings card. So clever.


so adorable! i love how u layered the notecards! :)


Since I began stamping, my motto has been "more is better" but after looking at Lexi's designs both here and on her website (thanks for the link), the Amuse stamps, and the designs on the Amuse site, I must admit to having a slight change of heart. I've only lived in Washington for a year, but I had no idea this store was in my backyard! I can't wait to visit and get some new stamps. :) I love your site. And thank you for introducing Lexi - her creations are amazing and simply adorable. I especially love the 3-d store front on this post. So cute and clever!


The way Lexi combines AMuse stamps are so clever! TFS.


I just love all of your Halloween cards, but now I think Best Witches is my new favorite! Just when I thought I knew what I wanted to do for my Halloween cards, Lexi gave me some more great ideas. Thanks!

Michelle R

I do so love the clean design of your cards. And that trick with the apple is just awesome! I can see why you were chosen at the A Muse Guest Designer. Your work is totally fabulous!


Again, more gorgeous cards from Lexi. Every time as a open my blog reader and see a new post from 'Confetti' I go straight to it. 'I wonder what Lexi came up with today?...' Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us!


These are so clever and original! What great Halloween cards.


I found Lexi's blog during the A Muse a palooza challenges and fell in love.

Her designs are so crisp and clever!
I love how the apple was used instead of the tea cup as well as 'stacking' the Halloween images.
Gives us something to think about! :)


Simplicity at its finest but with a keen eye for detail! Getting me into the spirit for Halloween!

Cheryl Sims

Such great ideas in these cards. Lexie, you are the best!!
Cheryl Sims


Adorable cards, Lexi! Really cute. And simple...but not. KWIM?!


Great fall cards!! I love Lexi's blog and can only guess that teachers really hope for her kids to be in THEIR classes so they are on the receiving end of Lexi's creative geniusness throughout the year!!!!

Cindy Keery

Very nice cards!!


I LOVE the stacked witch hat card...super cute! What a great idea!!!


wonderful cards! thank you, they make me smile!


love the ribbons!


Wow! I love the stack of books with the apple on top~ So cute and clever! The "Faux" ribbon trick is pure genius~ I also have a tiny bit of a request, I have been trying to think of some cute Get well, Heal fast, kick Cancer in the arse cards. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness month do any of you fabulous creative designers have some tips to share? Much appreciated!



Love the different techniques she used.
Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Pamela Cole

You inspire!

Kathy D

I can't decide between Ghoulish Greetings and Costume Shop as my favorite of Lexi's cards...twin favorites it is! Very fun Halloween stuff!


I love it. I had get Halloween Ingredients Bottles and Poison Bottle, and the Haunted House. Oh..I'm so loving it....

Riza Almanza

These cards are really great! I'm seriously thinking of getting the ghosts stamp...hmmm


Great cards! I love that witch hat!


I love what Lexi did with the books and apple, and the row of twinkle stickers are GREAT!!

Rose Ann

I've been a visitor to Lexi's blog for quite a while now. I love her work! What a great choice for guest designer!

Claudia F.

You always have some wonderful ideas to share.


Lexi - you're images are inspiring. I can't wait to try the costume shop idea. Thank you for sharing.


Lexi your work is wonderful. I love the ghost's the colors are wonderful!!


Love your card and the faux ribbon is great. Thanks for a chance.
[email protected]

Regina D.

It's so great to meet you and see your beautiful work. I especially love your Goulish Greetings card. I can't wait to see more!


I check out Lexi's blog (Confetti)often and I am always inspired by her talent. I love your cards Lexi!

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

I would LOVE to win!!! That stuff is amazing!! The cards are awesome too!!


I love seeing Lexi's creativity!! She inspires me to think more and have fun!


Lexi is so stinkin' talented!! Absolutely love these creations!!


Oh gosh! You are so creative and skillful with your stampign Lexi!

Dawn Chau

I love Lexi's style! Simple and stylish:) My favorite card is the "Desperate Housewives"....soo funny!

NancyS (momsnack)

Clever Halloween cards - I always seem to do about the same thing every year, so enjoy fresh ideas.
NancyS (momsnack)


Your cards are so nice and I love the clever things you come up with on your own.
Thanks for the chance!

[email protected]


Lexi is so clever. I love all her cards and she is so sweet.


Super cute cards, Lexi!


Wow.... Love the new guest designer! Lexi... you rock! Costume shop is my fave!

Mary A

The apple on the stack of books... I thought there was a new stamp that I needed to add to my wishlist! :) So clever!

Melanie aka Batgirl

oh I love the costume shop card!

Cindy Vernon

I just love all of these but especially the costume shop one!


These are all great cards! Your work is totally awesome! Thanks for sharing, Lexi!


all great cards! My favorite is the costume shop....


Rachel V

Love love love the Ghoulish Greetings card!


absolutely love her cards!!!!!!!!!!great cards.

jenn liebelt

"costume shop" is just TOO cute! such attention to detail! and someone said it earlier, but they were right, simple & stylish!

ann i

oh. oh, oh i wanna win! LOL Love all the cards, the costume shop is my favorite!


The ghosts coming out of the bottle is pure genious!


I love your use of the stationery stamps to highlight and border the focal points. Those ghosts are too cute!


Oh wow, these are fun Lexi. I love the bottle of ghosties!

Mary Duffek

I love your cards! I love the line of bling on the thank you card, I would have never thought of that.


Costume shop is my favorite! I like all of them really, but that one is my favorite!! :)


How creative!!!!!Your cards are so cute!


Love Lexi's designs! Love her style..... Love AMUSE!



I love the costume shop!!

Denise M

goulish greetings was my FAV! I can't wait to case it!


Great cards! And by the way, I'd love to win!


Cute cards. The books and apple card is my fav. Too cute and perfect for teacher cards. Thanks for the ideas!

june g

lexi's cards are as awesome as her. she is so polite and always quick to reply to an email!!


Great Job..Lexi!!!
Really great cards..very impressive!
Love your creativity.


Love the simplicity of the cards. Wonderful work and creative cards.


I loved your stuff so much I just subscribed to your blog.

Rhonda Maynard

WOW!! These are all awesome cards LEXI!! :D So fun getting to know a bit about you too! :D These are all great, I think my fav is the Best Witches one, I love how you combined the stamps to get the look of one image on there, plus, I love the rows of circles on the striped notecard, great use for those cards!! :D


I great second round of cards Lexi! I really like the costume shop one, nice layout.


Cute cards. LOVE the ribbon on the best witches card, it's great! Love the ghoulish greetings card as well. Love how you did the ghosts and the stars! Great job!!!


These are so CUTE!! Absolutely LOVE the costume shop card and very clever with the window! Can't wait to see more!

tammy b

hee hee, so far so good!


Love the Costume shop card, so much dimension. All the cards shown are very cute though.


These cards are just great - love them! I will be studying them for helpful hints and tricks for quite a while!


Really great cards. Lexi's way of combining Amuse's images is unique...it will make me look at composing my next cards differently. I LOVE the costume shop! A subtle and effective way to give dimension. It's really fun to see how different designers create with the same type of stamps.

Sarah Jay

Gosh, Lexi's details on the costume shop really make me want all the little shop stamps!


Love all the cards. Been on Lexi's site fab amuse cards.
Lots of inspiration
Caroline x

Candice Cruz

Beautiful cards, Lexi! How ingenious of you to cut out the window of the shop! Too cool! :)

Teresa E.

Ooh, love those cards! Good job Lexi!

Michelle S.

wowza! your masking techniques and the way you combine images are amazing!! love them all ;)

Carole (TruCarMa)

All of these are soooo adorable, Lexi! you rock!!

Donna Hitz

I LOVE 'EM! Especially Costume Shop. I've gotta make one!

Kris N

I love the Best Witches with the broom and hat! All the cards are fantastic.


So hard to pick a favorite! I really enjoyed reading about the technique used to create the 3-D costume shop!


My goodness...what adorable cards! And so inventive and creative!! I love them all, but the costume shop one is my fav...such detail and labour of love! Thanks so much fo sharing!!!!


I love the dimension on the costume shop card! What a great technique!


The ghoulish greetings are great - I love the shiny bottle! Perfect...


These are all SUPER cute!! My fav has got to be the Best Witches card. So fun!


Lexi-All your designs are so cute! They really get me inspired to make Halloween cards, which I usually don't! Thanks for all the inspiration!


I love all the cards! But I have to say that I really like the micro twinle stickers used to underline the "thank you" sentiment. Looking forward to seeing more cards in the future! Cheers, Antonella


I LOVE the Thank You card! I am always looking for different ways to use the banded cards, so thanks for the inspiration!


Lexi, I love the ghoulish greetings. I was just thinking of using those two stamps together about an hour ago and here I see what a great job you did that I can copy!!!


your cards are sooooo cute! i love them! =] keep up the great work!

Melissa Roth

Cute and clever! The ghost card and costume shop are so unique and such fabulous ideas.


the card with the ghost is the best Lexi! how you colored them is a great idea!

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