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Monday, September 10, 2007



the rubber chicken cracks me up ... how funny that i walked out to my truck yesterday and came across a very weathered rubber chicken. guess the dog dug it up or something.

Lyndsay Neumann

You have such a lovely house, Linda! I can't believe it used to be a diamond in the rough!


I love driving through the neighborhoods in Seattle...I think Craftsman style homes have to be one of my favorites along with Victorian style. I grew up in the Astoria, OR area and both of these styles were very prevalent, I always tell my husband that one day we should move back and buy one of these beauties...believe me, there are plenty of diamonds in the rough just looking for some TLC :)Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!


TFS the pictures! So interesting. I have lived in a very similar house in Pensacola, FL - loved the charm of an older home. Do you read This Old House magazine? It is one of my very favorites, full of ideas and lessons for the remodeler. I am a passionate DIY'er and wish I had time to pursue more projects...meanwihile, my house seems to be falling down around me! LOL!
I must admit to stalking the backgrounds of many of your family photos...hw floors...old cabinets...I love to peek at all the lovely details of your home. YOu are generous to share so much with us.

june g

i wish i had bought a house back in the 80's when i lived in seattle! hey rhiannon, i had 2 of my children in astoria when we were stationed there from 89-93. i loved it!

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