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Saturday, October 06, 2007


ann i

OMG! These are too too cute! Now I'm wanting to get them all!!


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new stuff! It has been very fun checking the blog each day for the teasers! Thank you for giving those of us who don't live by the store a chance to share in the fun. Would LOVE to win! Thank you, Tina

Cindy Keery

To celebrate WCMD I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner! So, I probably won't get any stamping in today, but you never know. I absolutely love your cupcake stand stamp - adorable!!



I am SO excited that A Muse is beginning to offer clear stamps. I was a die hard wood mounted stamper for over a decade. A couple of years ago I went to unmounted red rubber. Now I am buying almost exclusively clear stamps. I enjoy stamping so much with them and it has increased my creativity because positioning is no longer an issue. Way to go, A Muse!!!! (I also visited your store shortly after it opened and was thrilled to meet the real life A Muse crew)!


I *LOVE* all of the clear stamp sets AND the new note cards! I will be stamping all day today in honor of WCMD. Thanks for all of your inspiration!


Linda these are all so beautiful. Your stamps just keep getting better and better! I can't wait to get my hands on the fancy borders set!
I have family visiting but hope to catch a few minutes to make a card or two.
Happy anniversary!


We are celebrating my son's 11th birthday today so cardmaking will have to wait for another day. Your fun cards have given me the bug to stamp so I'll probably break out my 'stuff' tomorrow instead of today. : ) I love the new card sets and the clear stamps!!! I've added them to my wish list.

Paula R

Hubby is away for the weekend so I'm stamping, stamping, stamping! Love the new products.


Having a panic attack (for real =D) because I can't get any carding done and it IS WCMD

Nancy Gagnon

Thanks Linda and the A Muse crew for sharing in the fun with all of us who can't get to the shop. Believe me, if I lived in the area, I would be there before the doors opened!! :) I would like to celebrate today by getting to much needed stamping in. I haven't been able to do that as much as would like lately. :( I said this in my previous post, but I absolutely LOVE the new products & plan on purchasing a couple of clear sets & definately some notes!!! Have a great day everyone!!

june g

the new stamps and papers are fantastic!! my daughter, sophie and i are going to stamp away and send the cards to you!!

Tina Mayo  from TN

I am fixing to go into my studio and CREATE, CREATE, CREATe!!! my husband is taking my son to his mom's and so its just me & my newborn, so I am going to take advantage of her sleeping today and just play.


These cards are AMAZING. I can't wait to get my hands on the new product. I am going to a friend's wedding today, but I got up early and made 10 cards for Cards for a Cause.


My LSS has organized a card swap afternoon, so from 2-6 pm, we'll be making fun cards to swap at the end of the day. WOHOOO! Can't believe I'll be able to spend an entire afternoon crafting beautiful cards!


Linda I LOVE the new sets and paper! Thanks for keeping those of us who cannot be there personally involved in the excitement. I shall be going into my stamping closet today and creating more cards....cards that I will be sending to you. I sent off the first batch this week, so you should be receiving them shortly. Have a great day everyone! We are thinking of you!


Really love the new stuff! Can't wait to use the certificate I won this week :) Thanks again for picking my card. You and your card kit was what gave me the inspiration to participate.


WOW!!!!!!!!! These are ALL tooooo cute. And the new cards. I so wish I lived close to A Muse so I could play with these. But I will definately be celebrating today with my A Muse stamps. Thanks so much for the chance to play & win!


Everything is AMAZING!! I actually have to work on WCMD so no cards for me. Boo to working!! :)


I love the coffee and birthday clear stamps! I added them to my wish list and I'm back to stamping my Christmas cards... Happy WCMD!


I am making cards! I love your new note cards...that design is super with the clean lines of A*muse stamps! The matchbook here is super cute!


wow! these cards are to die for! i just love that fondue pot!


To celebrate WCMD, I'm teaching a make-it take-it at our local craft store today. Love all these cards! So inspirational!


I am absolutely loving the new madeira notecards - they are so yummy! And I plan to spend the afternoon and evening today stamping!

Chris E.

I love the new stamps that you have come up with...now I just have to win the lottery. I will be playing and stamping at home on World Card day.


I'm loving those Madeira notecads! And my plans for today include lots of stamping! Happy WCMD!


I don't think I'll have time today to actually make a card, but I did make a quick stop in my LSS to buy some A Muse stuff! :) I really love the new A Muse notecards ~ Can't wait to order some!

sarah (WAstamper on SCS)

OMG!! All of the cards are fantastic! I just have to have it all!! Let me know when I win!;)


Love the little stand with all the goodies Birthday card! How cute is that!


ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I LOVE Annabelle's notecard with the scallop clear sticker... INGENIOUS! And the party flag banners are stinkin' cute too!

I need to tear myself away from all of the goodies and inspiration on the computer and make a card or two myself on WCMD... :) Thanks!

Jill Grace

Oh my gosh, these are so much fun! I especially love the martini shaker. Thanks for continuing to make such great products!

Rachel Hope

OH!!! I am really liking the new stuff!!

I have a swap to finish today and then I am going to PLAY PLAY PLAY!! Gotta Love a day just for us!!


It is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend which we are celebrating Sunday night so I am cooking and prepping today. On monday I have girlfriends over for all day stamping with Bailey Lattes so who know what will happen ha ha!
I love a muse so much ah love the new stuff lovelovelove * fingers crossed*

NancyS (momsnack)

All those cards are great - I plan to spend the day working on my Christmas cards.
Happy Anniversary!
NancyS (momsnack)

Jennie Moczan

I LOVE the new products! My favorite is that super cute clear coffee set! Love it! Today I am planning to make some cards to celebrate WCMD!! I wish I was closer to Seattle so I could come celebrate at A Muse!!

Heather B

I love the four bar cards but am afraid I am not going to get to stamp today (boohoo) I had hoped to do a little this morning before I go out of town with my family but the time is flying. I hope everyone else enjoys WCMD!
Heather B


Cute new stuff! I'm liking clear stamps more and more . . .

You need a cola can stamp to go with the caffeine sentiment for us non-coffee drinkers =D


Lovin' the new stamps! I'm definitely going to pull out the ink and stamps today and get to it! I love making cards and receiving homemade cards! ;)


oh what ADORABLE stamps!! i LOVE how you made the little towel and that cupcake stand is a MUST-HAVE!!

happy WCMD and thanks for the chance to win! :)

Cathy (stamper-c)

I'm celebrating by making cards - what else?! Your new products are awesome - those cards are amazing!!!

Pam Steffenhagen

I just moved from Kansas to Iowa two days ago and am knee deep in boxes and I start a new job on Monday but today is World Card Making Day and I had to make some cards!!! I live to make cards and couldn't miss this opportunity to express my creativity!

cheryl crawford

of course I am inkin' it up today. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy WCMD

Tami Grandi

I love the new coffee set. I'm going to spend my next hour or so grading papers and then I'm going to spend the rest of the evening creating!


Cute Cards! Love the stamps :-)

diane mcvey

Great stuff! I'm perusing the blogs and other sites for beautiful cards that I can CASE...my mojo has flown the coop! Have a great WCMD!!!


Love all of the new stuff. Oh my, I can't wait to get some of that stuff!


Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

Michelle R

Oh my gosh! I LOVE THEM ALL! Since thre are no WCMD events near me, I plan to spend the rest of the day stamping...my favorite thing to do! :)

Tinla Woo

Oh.....everything is so gorgeous! Love all of the cards made w/the new sets/paper. I want double of everything! Thank goodness Christmas is coming so that I can hand out my A Muse wish list :)!!
TFS and have a great WCMD!!


I LOVE the card ideas you've shown! Sometimes I have a hard time with simple cards (those without lots of stuff on 'em). This really really helps me out to see what can be done!! WOW!! I want the banners really bad! I may have to stop by the store today!! :) Great job on new product selection!!


Just found this site today and LOVE IT! I am definitely going to have to try out these stamps! Now to find where I can get them! Keep up the good work!

Kathy Jackson

Love the new stamps!! Now to figure out how to get thme all!!!!


I luv them all!!! The cards are fab, great color combos too! Those stamps are to die for, hmmmm...how to ask hubby for more money, oh My!!!


Love that 2nd card w/ the a.
For WCMD, I'll be stamping up a storm!
That's for offering blog candy!

Kim Forsyth

Happy WCMD! I spent the day helping a friend work on craft items for a local hobby show coming up. It's always fun getting together with friends to craft! Thanks for the inspiration...


These notecard patterns are so cool! I'm hoping to make some holiday cards (maybe start w/ Halloween and work my way to Christmas/Chanukah). I did have to enjoy the day -- it's still summer here on the east coast!


I've been busy making cards using the Rock Star set. I love him so much. I hope everyone had a great creative day.

Kari C

I am loving these ideas....and I love the simplicity of these designs! Off to shop now......thanks for the inspiration-wish you were in Colorado!

chelsey n

these sets are awesome!!! i actually just got home from the city, me and myh friend went shopping, then this eve i have supper plans but hopefully can play with me new SU order tonight!

chelsey n @ http://onecanadianchick.blogspot.com


I love the new clear stamp sets. I want them all now.

As for WCMD, I was teaching a card demo at the craft store that I work at in the Boston area. Tomorrow some crafty ladies and I will be hunting down some more supplies then having a little card party of our own. It's my dream weekend, crafting all the time.


The clear stamps are Sooooo cute! I'm going to have to get those. I've spent the morning getting my area cleared up so I can spend my evening making cards. My kids are going to oodles of birthday parties, so I'm going to have a new stash of cards ready to grab on the go.

kIm Faucher

Its so fun reading what we will all be doing ...
I will be getting a head start on my holiday cards and trying out some new awesome chalelnges ont he various online sites..

Susan C. in NY

Cute clear stamps. I would have loved to make some cards today, but it was family day so we were out all day. Though we have to make the most of this great weather--it was 85 today in the northeast US--that's not going to last much longer. :-) Maybe I'll squeeze in a little stamping tonight before bed. Hope everyone else had a fun WCMD!


Just love the new stamps - great work! To celebrate WCMD, I'm hoping to do some stamping!



Shawn K.

Love the new sets! Wow! I'm celebrating the day in a very non-celebratory way..."studying for a test." Ack! I wish I could actually enjoy the day, but my regular life has intruded.

Happy Day!

Shawn K.

Bonnie Sharp

I am celebrating the day by FINALLY organizing my stamp/scrap room! It was in a perpetual mess and I decided that if that room was ever going to be organized, what better day to start anew than WCMD! (and I am STILL at it hahaha!!) Love the stamps - I now have a new spot for them!!

Barb Nelson

LOVE, love, love the new 4-bar notecards!! What a gorgeous look. And I'm loving the polka-dotted alphabet.....the scrapper in me is squealing with delight!!

As for WCMD - I have a 3 yo running a fever of 104 so that has curtailed any plans I had......shucks.


To celebrate WCMD I am surfing all my favorite sites including this one for inspiration and get me geared up for the holidays and making lots and lots of cards! As far as the new sets go I love the Whats Cookin and Coffee Break! So cute!! Thanks :)

Krista L

Wow, I'm in love. I can see the possibilities already.......I wish I stamped today, but sorry to say I had to work. Have to support the habit somehow. Someday I have to get to Seattle to check you guys out personally. For all you Canadians up here, enjoy your turkey dinners.


Just got back from out of town. Just saw the new clear stamps and they are wonderful! To celebrate what's left of WCMD I am just cruising lots of my favorite online stamp stores and compiling a wish list.


I love the new clear sets! I can't wait to order the baby set and animal set! :)

Jennifer S.

Love the new sets. I can't wait to get the Birthday Builder one. The store looked great today. I said it earlier, but my daughter loves your husband's cupcakes. Especially the frosting. The make-n-take was very cute. We are making them for party favors later this month. Thanks for a fun day!!

Michelle M

For WCMD I had some friends over to look at stamps and catalogs and place orders for what we want!! I love your new sets. The new cards are wonderful too.


I'm making cards today! I love all the new amuse stamps...now I need to decide which ones to get. Thanks for all of your stunning inspiration. I visit your blog daily, or twice daily and it always amazes me.

Amy G.

I LOVE that amuse makes the examples simple cards. They are always FANTASTIC!! ALWAYS. I suck big time at the simple ones, and I love that I can always come here and find inspiration.

Jody L.

Very cute, quite a few that I just have to have.
Making xmas cards today!

Jody L.

Jody L.

They are so cute, just got to get me some!
Making Xmas cards today.
Jody L.

Jody L.

oops I posted twice because I was looking for the comments at the bottom of the page instead of at the top! Sorry


For cryin out loud I'm dying. I live in Seattle and I am here in Hawaii wishing I was at the A Muse store today!! I am having a hard time being on vacation Ms Pebbles did an awesome job with the new notes and clear sets - wowee!


had to take some breaks from school work to make some cards!


Wow. Cool new stuff. Love all the new notecards...so fun. Can't wait to see them up close and personal.


The new cards look so cute! I took BOTH of Geeta's classes yesterday to celebrate WCMD!


I made some Halloween cards. I like the tag set and the Party set.


These cards with all the new products look like they could be so fun to play with... I celebrated the day by going shoping first then coming home and playing with all my new cool stamps and tools.


=) Happy belated WCMD!

I went to stamp camp in Forest Hills, NY out in Queens with Linda, SU demonstrator.

I found out I was a rogue. Made 4 of my own cards with all the goodies she had on hand instead of following the 4 examples she had at each station. Basic entry fee was $25 fo a pre-cut pack of cardstock and envelopes.

Love the idea of dry-embossing. A lot easier on card stock than on practice paper.

I moved to New York from so I'm sad that I missed the anniversary sale. LOL Don't know why it took me so long to create. I lived there my whole life!

Eyeing the Cancer kits especially the butterflies.

Wish everyone a happy Autumn!



SO clever!
I love to see these used in so many cute ways!
Going to be buying something VERY soon! :)
As always, thanks for the inspiration!!


The new cards are such cool patterns, I love them all. I'm making cards for WCMD, using some things that I've had in my stash. Thanks for the inspiration.


I SO wanted to make it to the store for WCMD! I love the new clear sets...lots of cute ones! I had a baby shower yesterday and didn't get a lot of stamping time, but I was able to squeeze in making a birthday card for my best friend!


I got together with some freinds and we were card making (and scrapbooking) for the day! We started Friday night but with much talking and giggling I only ended up making 1 card in 5 hours! lol!!


I made business cards!
They are still cards, right?!

Cindy Vernon

The new stuff is so cute. I can't wait to get them all.


I love the notecards... the colors and the prints are just amazing! I just made my first card using Amuse stamps today. :o) TFS!


I missed WCMD but am still making cards for St. Judes. Love the idea - and I ma having such fun making these cards.


I was able to get a few cards made on Friday, as Saturday was a blur of activity! Of course the morning was started perfectly in Seattle :) Thanks!!


Had a blast on World Card Making Day!! Loved seeing all the great designs here too!


The "what's cooking" card is so cute! Love the towel.

Heather Grow

Happy WCMD (or weekend). I taught 2 card making classes and made several cards myself. I always love A Muse!

Mary Duffek

Totally loven' the new 4 bar cards!!!! and the stamps...Jennifer your cards are beautiful!


Wow, I love the 4 Bar Madeira cards! So pretty! I am already compiling an order in my mind!

Teresa E.

I loved going to your anniversary sale and party, making things and getting my hands on those new stamps. Too cute!

Regina D.

I LOVE all of your cards. Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous ideas!

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