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Saturday, October 06, 2007


Kelly Rodgers

I love these cards. They are stunning!!

mary w

man alive thst red and white polka dot paper is so FRESH looking it really pops that adorable penguin!and the addition of aqua was genius.Can't wait to see more.

great fab cards

great fab cards~i adore the polka dots!

Betsey Terry

love the new aqua notecard! My dad would love that card too!!


I love all the new card ideas & can't wait to see what new stamps you will be offering!! Happy World Card Making Day.


I love these new cards and stamps- I can't wait to see them in person. I only wish I didn't live 3,000 miles away!!
Have a great day today!


Luv the clarity of photos what is the camera being used? as usual wonderful cards and stamps so totally A Muse. Happy World Card Making Day

Melissa Norris

Great cards jen!


I *love* the new notecards ~ I think I need to buy a pack of each color!


such fun, bright cards!!


I so wish 'Scotty' could beam me to Seattle today! These cards are brilliant! I can't wait to get my hands on them.

Aura Flora

Can't wait to see all the new sets! The notecards are amazing.

Jackie Rakoski

These cards are just too cute! I love the layout and the new stamps...whats not to love!

sarah (WAstamper on SCS)

Gotta get me those polka dot cards!! LOVE them! Can't wait to play with all of the new sets!


i'm jealous of everyone that walks through your day today! i'm on the east coast! can you set up a webcam?!? (just kidding) i LOVE the new cards and stamps! you girls are brilliant!


Love the new tag stamps! Happy World Card making Day, everyone!

Tinla Woo

Gorgeous cards! Everything looks so crisp! Can hardly wait to see the new sets in their entirety...the sneak peeks have been enjoyable!
TFS and Happy World Card Making day!

june g

these cards are just popping! the new card colors are beautiful. i may just use them as color examples to paint our new home.

ann i

Loving those notecards! Need to get some just to hoard them LOL! Emailing you to find out why I don't get another page to pop up with my order...


LOVE the new stamps! I can't wait to see them all :). Love how the penguin fits perfectly in the tag, and the martini with the shaker is adorable! The new cards look so yummy too! Happy day indeed!


Really love the pattern on the card on the right.


I need them ALL!!!!!!
Love the new stamp sets and as always I love Jen's designs!
Enjoy WCMD!!


jen's cards are awesome! i love the color combo of the penguin one and the placement of happy birthday is too cool! can't wait to play with the cards myself!

Paula R

Love these cards, especially that cute penguin tag and the polka dot notecard. I think I need them!

Jennie Moczan

I LOVE all of the new sets! So cute! Wish I could be there today for all of the fun!


Thanks for always sharing such great cards! I love your new clear stamps and notecards...must get some soon!


Thank you for such great card ideas! Can't wait to get some stamps and try them myself!

Nancy Gagnon

I'm so excited about today!! The only thing that would make it the best would be to be able to be at the A Muse shop to celebrate!! I LOVE the new note cards..a definate must purchase for me. I also LOVE the new clear sets & think I will start of with a purchase of the coffee break & bithday builders!!


What fun new stamps and papers. Wish I could be there to help celebrate. Congratulations on your one year anniversary!


Thanks for enabling me with MORE A Muse stamps... I love them all!!!

Tina Mayo  from TN

Happy Cardmaking Day!! Great cards!


Everything is soooo cute!!


These new stamp sets are just amazing. I cannot wait to get my hands on them. These cards are a lot of fun!


The penguin card is so cute! Love the way the red color goes with the penguin stamp.


Loving the new bar notecards! Happy World Card Making Day to all!


Yipee! Cards and candy! Two great things that just go great together!

Jill Grace

Fantastic job! I love the red and blue color combo on the penguin card - perfect for the chilly weather that's approaching.


Love the cards, mostly because they're fun and easy to make and they're really cute.

Amanda A.

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the samples!!! My wallet is already crying, as is dear hubbie....


The cards are great. Happy world card making day!

Andrea Hays

Wow! These cards are so simple and stunning! Thanks for sharing!


i think i officially love penguins now... ;)

i love the new notecards... brilliant!


Happy World Card Making Day! Hope your day is filled with exciting and FUN projects! Love the cards and all the stamps sets so far. Thanks for a chance.
[email protected]


Happy WCMD! Love the cards and stamp sets. How sweet to share some sweet candy with your readers. Thanks for a chance.
[email protected]

Karen U

Happy WCMD!! Wonderful cards - love them all!
[email protected]


Such wonderful cards!!! so great! I love these sites...I get so many ideas to make on my own!!! Thank you!


Happy and Bright here in Georgia. Happy WCMD!

Tami Grandi

The penguin card is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing that card especially!

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

You've got some fabulous stamps here along with unsurpassed talent!! Great job!


Happy WCM Day! Hope everyone is having FUN on this special day. Love the cards and stamps set. Thanks for a chance at this sweet giveaway.
[email protected]


I wish I was celebrating WCMD at AMUSE! Love the new stamp sets....keep an eye out for my order....

connie heitner

The new stamps and notecards are absolutely fantastic. Can't wait to get my hands on some!

Claudia F.

Wonderful cards. Happy Card Making Day.


These card samples are terrific! Talk about FUN, they make me smile just looking at them.


The christmas cards are sweet. I love the penguin....it just makes you want to giggle...LOL

Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy...keep up the great designs...

kIm Faucher

I really need to get these new stamps.. her cards are so wonderful and inspiring.. off to stamp!


I LOVE clear stamps!! Good for Amuse, and good for us! Jen's cards are very sweet...looking forward to more.

Melanie aka Batgirl

Happy World Card Day!!!Great cards!


i love the penguin happy holidays! it is so cute!


Simply beautiful cards. Happy card making day!


Simply beautiful cards. Happy card making day!

Cindy Vernon

I love all of these samples!!! They just make me want to get my stamps out!

Linda SS

Time to grab the credit card again...I'm going bonkers over all the new stuff! I adore all the colors in the Kitchen Collection cards, and the Fancy Borders are a MUST!!! I recently purchased the Pumpkin Cart & now I want the Cute Pumkin wagon to go with it. It's unending - I LOVE this stuff! That penguin card is so adorable:)

Jennifer S.

I love your latest samples. My daughter and I had fun at the store today. She loves your husand's cupcakes. She said homemade frosting is the best!! Guess I'll have to make some now. Thanks again for such a fun day!!


Aloha, dying that I missed the extravaganza at the shop. You are killing me!


I live in the wrong place cause I cant visit the store.

Suzy H

Beautiful whimsical cards. So a muse! I wish I could find these stamps in Nova Scotia :(


Denise M

awesome samples! the new camera is great! TFS!

Sarah Sheridan

These stamps and cards are ADORABLE!!!! I can't wait to get them all! I sooo wish I could have been there to celebrate at the shop :(


Nice images... and the notecards... :o)


These cards are gorgeous. Love the colors and layouts - thanks, Jen!


It was wonderful to meet you, Linda as well as the other A*Muse gals! Had a blast :)


Whoo! Can't wait to get the new cards and stamp sets! I'm totally digging it. Cheers!


Oh the pengiun card is adorable! I must get some Kitshen dot cards! So many card possibilities!

Teresa E.

That penguin card is just so fun. I never would have thought to put blue and red together for a holiday card!


Fun cards.....love the new polka dots and colors of all of them!!!

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