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Wednesday, October 03, 2007



I haven't been to the store (yet) but congrat's Brittany! Cole is a cutie! LOVE the b & w photo! :)


What an adorable baby! Congratulations, Brittany!


congrats and best wishes! he's beautiful :)


Happy new Cole-baby, Brittany! What a handsome boy! *sigh* I just love babies . . .

Kathy McDonald

Wow,Brittany, Cole is beautiful! And you look like you're getting your beauty sleep, too! I look forward to seeing you on a future visit to the store, but in the meantime, enjoy your little angel.

diane mcvey

I wish I lived near enough to see the store, AND the baby!!! How cute is he???!!! And a beautiful Mom he has, too! Enjoy your new bundle of joy, it's the best time of your life!!! :)


Ooohhh! He is just precious and Brittany looks fabulous for just having a baby!! Congrats to her!


Brittany, he is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby boy!


Almost makes me want another baby!!!


ahhhhh...He is beautiful, Brittany! You look great!! Hope to run into you and the precious baby sometime soon :)


Congratulation Brittany! Cole is adorable and you look radiant!
Cheers, Antonella

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