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Monday, November 26, 2007



Love the cake card!


I can't imagine another set any more spectacular than this one! Jill, your cards are fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

Kerry J.

Love everything! So clever! I'm especially fond of the cocktails set though!

Abbie in CO

It amazes me how much creativity you have! The cocktails cards would be a winner with my girlfriends--with whom I've established the happy hour get-together every other month!


Crazy ingenious! All of it!


My favorites of this collection were the wedding cake and the cocktail collection.
Thanks for the inspiration!




Wow! I love all of Jill's cards..especially the wedding cake one!

Regina Davis

They're all awesome, but the first one cracked me up!

Lori Ditto

These are some of the most creative cards I have seen. Wonderful work!! It is exactly my taste and seeing that I own so many of the same stamps I cannot wait to try your techniques out.

Thank you for sharing!!!


Wow! You are truly a creative gal!!! I only wish I could be as creative. ALL of your cards are fantastic!!! :)


These are all wonderful. Clever and I love how Jill shakes up the cards by making them 3dimensional. Very fun! The cake card is simple and elegant I love it!


Jill, you really bring a fresh, new look to these A Muse images. I love that you think so well 'out of the box.' It's a talent I lack. Plus I'm computer non-savvy. Can't wait to see the next bunch!


These are all so great! I especially love the frog prince...too cute!


Love these, especially the frog prince one! Nice work!


Oops, sorry for the double post (now it's triple!) I didn't realize your comments stacked in reverse order and i didn't see it the first time!

Karen Tenney

Sure wish I could be that creative Jill. Love the frog prince and the bra for friends. So darling!


All the cards are wonderful! I especially like the cocktail set.


Jill these are so creative and totally different from anything I've seen. Thanks so much for sharing!

Carrie F.

I love the simplicity of the designs!


Jill, all of your designs are AMAZING! I am blown away by your creativity. Thanks for sharing ~ Can't wait to see more from you!!


Jill, your cards are so clever and adorable! Great job!


These are some very clever ideas, the cards are just wonderful!


I can't imagine Jill getting any more creative than these! All of her cards are amazing. I especially love the bra card - as I can relate! :-) I also think the Christmas gift is unbelievably clever! Thank you for sharing these.

ann i

Fabulous cards! Love the wedding cake card and the gift card!

Donna Hitz

Clever ideas! Especially turning the card inside out...duh!


Surely Jill's cards can't get any better. I'm blown away by the latest ones

Linda SS

Jill's style is great...enough detail to add interest, but still clean and uncluttered.

Kari C

These are amazing designs......I can't wait to see more!

Kathy D

What fresh designs!

june g

jill the frog+kiss=prince is so darling, i love your use of color. can't wait for the next batch. nw girls rock!!


Great cards. Jill you so creative and talented. My fav is the wedding card.

jane mykleby

love this


What amazing and innovative designs! I love the way you think and create!!! And the next set is even better??? I can't wait!!!


These cards are WOWing me even more than the last ones. I LOVE the idea of the computer text behind the stamped images on the cocktail cards. It looks amazing! Also, the creativity on the Christmas package card is awesome. I've never seen anything like it. Way to think outside the box (pun intended :P )


I love the drink cards. The black and white printed background just makes the colors on the drinks pop out! Love the wedding cake card too, so shapely. Great work!


Your creativity is inspiring! I especially like the cake!


These are all wonderful!! I love your creativity - inside and out!!


Love the creativity in all of the cards, esp. the unique way you use the paper.


Oh my gosh these ideas are just so creative. Thanks for sharing all your talent with us.


Love, love, love the wedding card!!!

Mary Duffek

Amazing card!!!!!!!!! WOWIE the intactive cards....Extreme creativity going on here....Love all the cards!


again, i love your cards. especially the cake card! it's beautiful! :)

Megan Olsen

I love all of these designs, too! Such great variety, but they're all beautiful.

Katie K

I love, love, love the coctail cards. How clever to use text that applies to the mood of the drink. How cute could that be to put your year in review text on a Christmas Card.... thanks for sharing your fabulous creativity with us.

Elyss Jennings

love all the cards! my fav is the cake card!!


more awesome cards, jill!!! i love the drink set--what a great hostess gift for a party! :) lexi

Jo Ann

Jill, I love your ideas, especially the cocktail cards!

Tinla W

What amazing and inventive cards...TFS, Jill!!


the frog prince is adorable, and I love that wedding card!! I had a good laugh at the cups runneth over card!! thanks for the inspiration!!

Beth Meier

Love all of the great designs... Great designer!

Claudia F.

The cards are so pretty !


Those cards and ideas are really cool. I love the simplicity and humor.


Love the = prince card - and I am dying cause I am the WORST procrastinator ever - I think it comes with the creativity, lol!

Cass M

Once again, wow, wow, wow!
Love the wedding cake card....
Actually, I love them all!

Molly B

So very cool. Im loving the package card. Great idea to special up a gift card. Thanks again - Molly B


WOW!! Amazing creations!

Nancy in OR

Hi Jill...Your creativity blows me away!! You are so inspiring & these cards are ROCKIN'!!


WOW! Great work ... the "Wedding Cake Topper" is awesome. I love your unique ideas.

Cindy Vernon

Wow, all of these cards just rock! Love them all.

nancy l.

Very cute cards!! The 'cups runneth over' cracks me up. All the designs are great.


I love your cards, especially the "cups runneth over"....I could've used some of those to send to people when I was going through breast cancer treatment! I made some that said "thanks for the support" but this is so much funnier!

Julie (Joypup on SCS)

What a fabulous shot of inspiration! I have so few Amuse items, as they are not often *sale* items... but, oh, how I am loving the look and the great way that these stamps are used! The Wedding Cake Topper was really a favorite of mine -- though I have so few folks to make one for ;^)*


Awesome projects! I especially like the cocktail cards and the gift shaped card! These are wonderful!


love all your cards! Sheer genius!


I always love "gift" themed cards. They add that element of surprise and excitement. Your cards are wonderful!!


beautiful and inspiring cards!!! thanks for sharing! :)


Great projects.... what fun stuff!

Jennifer Noland

Your cards are great, fun, inspiring. I love the cocktail cards and the gift card.

Ann I

Love the wedding/cake card! Fabulous!

Shannon Simpson

Love your ideas Jill. TFS

Mary Duffek

Lovey your cards!!! WOW!!!

Kathy W

All of these are great cards. I especially like the frog prince and love the clever fold of the wedding cake card. Very nice; thanks for sharing.

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