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Sunday, December 02, 2007



Whoa....Glad most things were off the floor in that beautiful store. I hope the mess won't be too much of a pain to clean up and that the rest of your week will go way better than today! :)

Kathy D

Oh, no!!! Best wishes for a quick clean-up, Linda!

Christine Villacarlos

oh no!!! it's good to know that the good stuff are off the floor! hope you clear things up without much hassle!

Rachel Hope

EEK!!! ((((HUGS)))) Good Luck!

Vicki C.

I'm so sorry!! Best Wishes for a speedy clean up. Vicki

Jennie Moczan

Oh no!! Glad to hear most stuff wasn't on the floor!!


Yikes!!! Hope things dry out soon!!! This weather has been crazy


Oh man, how awful! Hope all of your A Muse goodies are okay :)

Tracy Clemente

AGGG! Take care of our beloved stamps! **wink**


How horrible! Wet and wood do not mix. ON the other hand, want to have a flood sale????

Nancy P.

Oh no!! I hope the damage is minimal!! So sorry!


Oh gosh, how terrible!! Wet floody damage is the worst!!! Hope you get cleaned up and back to business quickly!!

diane mcvey

OH NO, SO SORRY!!! Sure hope it's all receded now...bless your hearts. Sending good wishes for you all to deal with it...

Jo Ann

Yuk! I hope it is not too much of a mess. Who wants to deal with that at this time of year (or any time of year actually)!

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