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Monday, December 03, 2007


Jennie (mocjen)

Wow Linda! I am so sorry this happened! But I am also so happy to hear you didn't lose your computers or much product. Still sending dry, warm thoughts and hugs your way!


oh my gosh ... that is a crazy thing to have to deal with! glad things are a little more under control. sending sunny thoughts your way girls!!!


HUGS to you girls for working so hard to keep the water at bay!
Your husband rocks!
Wishing you a dry rest of the week! Good luck!


Thank goodness for that flood insurance! ;) This will be a great story 10 years from now when you are all sitting around doing the 'remember when' thing. Glad you are all safe.

I have two kayaks you could use ...

sarah c. (WAstamper on SCS)

Sending you sunshine!! Glad you - and your computers - are safe.:)


Linda - I'm so sorry to hear about the flooding! This weather is so crazy! I hope it goes better at the shop today.


Ross is our hero!!! Makes me wonder why no one else thought to get up on the roof to clear gutters (as in the landlady should have been up there). There are lots of other businesses in that strip and surely they have been affected as well? What a crazy day!


omg I am sorry to hear about the flooding in the shop. I have every sympathy for you.... I had a flood in my shop in the UK but it was not raining in the shop!!! it just came in through the door and just kept coming.
I am glad your all safe with computers and some stock saved too.
Sending you happy thoughts
Caroline x


Wow, Linda, how crazy! I'm glad you are all fine! I wish we all lived closer so we could help you clean up and keep the floods away! :)


A big hero thanks to your husband. What a nightmare and thank goodness he was so competent and resourceful. I hope things improve for you - what a long day!


Oh, no that's awful. Glad it got taken care of but that would have put me in a panic. lol!


I'm glad to hear things were somewhat controllable. Hooray for husbands!!!

mary w

AHH the joys of weather...I hope all ends up OK.


What a mess! You need to move! I'm sorry this had to happen to you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


Wow, what a nightmare! Glad that your husband was able to save the day and prevent any additional flooding to the store. Hoping that the weather gives you guys a break. Send the rain to us in Georgia we would love to have it.


I'm so sorry to hear the store flooded; what a mess! The good news is that everyone is okay and hopefully the damage done can be repaired/replaced. Praying for a quick clean-up and for this darn rain to stay away for a couple of days! Hugs to you and your family!


Linda I'm so sorry to hear about all the flooding and to see the pictures is just crazy. I hope it stops raining soon and you have a better day tomorrow!


What would we do without husbands? So glad yours was on hand to help. Thank goodness it wasn't worse. Maybe your landlady will get things fixed so this doesn't happen again. Let's hope the storms are over for a while. XOXO


rain, rain go away! glad to hear that all is not lost but sorry you're having to deal with it at all--sending dry thoughts your way... :) lexi


And I thought the snow here in MN was bad.

Linda SS

I'm so very sorry that you, your family, and employees are going through this. I live in Eastern WA & will be keeping you and the west side of the state in my prayers.


Oh this just breaks my heart to see this, but I am so glad to hear that everyone is OK. Thinking of you & sending hugs!

Kim Eppley

I am so sorry this has happened! EEK! I'm glad everyone's ok....when I heard flooding, I envisioned y'all floating down the street with stamps keeping you afloat! I would have decked that woman for saying that....she's OBVIOUSLY not a stamper or a crafter and doesn't realize the time that goes into creating things with her hands! However, if you'd have decked her, you might have ruined those crafty hands! Your husband ROCKS! Tell him thanks from all of us!

jenn shurkus

glad to hear things are seeming to get better for the shop.... i soooo feel for you as we had flooding issues at our store once... BIG HEADACHE


I hope you are drying out! My towels, mops & thoughts are with you guys!


Wow! How terrible! I hope you don't sustain any more damage, and that the weather (and shop!) dries up soon. Thank goodness for handy hubbies, huh?


I have been so buried in work I had no idea the North West was flooding until I read it here! OMG! Then I read some news and WOW! I know it's been difficult, but sometimes, you have to think, well it happened to me, but I can handle it, better than it happening to someone who couldn't! Sending warm thoughts of hot cocoa and dry shoes!!!!

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