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Thursday, January 24, 2008



I've seeen black squirrels here in mid-coast Maine. I used to watch one out the window at work, it stripped all of the bark off of a lilac tree. They are odd looking aren't they. I "got" the bite out of the card, and thought it was very clever. -Molly B


Oh I love the bite out of the card~ Very cute!!

Tracy Clemente

So, so cute. How clever to take a bite out of the corner like that. I LOVE it!! TFS!


Hey, I get it! I had a many-years war on squirrels growing up. They were a menace to our attic and chewed through every container we tried to store bird seed in. I greased the pole they tried to climb and laughed myself sick when they slid off! They knew who I was, though, and would often throw a thoroughly chewed pinecone at me (and chatter) when I walked down the driveway to get the mail.
Last year, I had one fall down the chimney - well, I thought one - when I opened the flue a writhing mass of pine needles and sticks boiled into the living room like a mushroom cloud - with an ash-black mama squirrel and three adolescents! Gah!


I totally get the card. I have a DD who is NUTS over squirrels...so, I will probably try to borrow your idea :-) TFS!

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