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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Armie P Cuaresma

Oh my, these cards are fabulous!! They're insanely brilliant!! Thanks for the tips/ideas!! Again, A Muse delivers!!


You are super woman! Amazing, I tell ya. Ok so the UPS truck for Kent really made me laugh out loud! Love it, love them all.


These are all amazing! The UPS Truck was just too cute!!! Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas.

Enjoy the show tonight!!!

Judi R.

They are all so cute! Love the idea of the tea bag. TFS


I can't wait to make these for my daughters wedding shower. Thank you!


Neat ideas!!!!!!I'm going to try them tomarrow---my UPS man needs one of these.

barbara rubio

I have a question. I am using an acrylic stamp pad and glitter for the very first time to make my daughter's birthday invitations. The question I have is, how long does it take for the glitter to be dry? I just nervous about when I stick the invitation on the envelope and wondering will the image smear and the guest may not even know what the image was because it's so smeared?
Thank you and I think you are so talented!

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