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Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Adorable cards, Linda! (As always!) I adore my glue pad even thought I don't use it very often. I've actually had lots of luck using it with the glitter but have yet to try it with the chalks. Thanks for the tips!


Great cards Linda! I love my Essential Glue pad. I always use my Stamp-a-ma-jig for easy alignment when you stamp over the second time with the glue. Happy Glittering!!

Regina Davis

Great cards. Thanks so much for the idea about using the glue pad with chalks. I've only been using mine with glitter, but will have to try chalk. What a pretty and soft effect.

You're spot on with your tutorial. Lots of glue on the pad and lots of patience when stamping will give you great results.

Take care - Regina


Chalks? Who knew? You don't have to talk me into using glitter, you made me a glitter queen months ago! I need to pull out my Glue pad, it's collecting dust. Thanks for the refresher, LOVE your cards. Both are adorable but I'm CASE'ing your first one.... it's dang cute!

Armie P Cuaresma

Great tips! I bought the Essential Glue Pad about a month ago and still haven't use it...quite hesitant to us..now I won't be!! Thanks so much for the tutorial. I will definitely put that "baby" to use now!! Very adorable cards I might add!!


Oh my gosh, Linda! You come up with the cutest cards and such great tips for all the tools we seem collect... Valentine's Day is also my favorite holiday. You can loose yourself in its cuteness!


WOW those are stunning!!! I had no idea what the glue pad was for really. Now I'm thinking I NEED one! LOL Not sure I get how you did the chalk hearts though...seems like that would just push the glue around.


Sometimes I forget about the gluepad ... I am personally not in love with the way it works with glitter, but I do like it in combination with either chalks or mineral powders (I use Moonglow). It grabs them better than the clear Versamark pad does. Cheers:)


I must not being using enough glue cause the glitter all came off a few times I tried it.

Linda SS

Your cards are just gorgeous and I really appreciate the tutorial as I use the Stickles a lot, but I was clueless as to how to use regular glitter. I'm assuming that you used red glitter on the first card which is why the hearts are the red color? See what I mean, I really AM clueless:)

Nancy P.

Super cute cards Linda!! Thank you for sharing your glue pad tips. I have only used my glue pad once & put it away. Now I'm anxious to try it with my chalks! Thanks!


I have not fallen in love with my glue pad. I will try again using your application tips. I do only 'ink' a small part of the pad. I keep going back to my heat and stick powder. I do love these cards, though! Very sparkly.


I wanted to pass along a little trick I have when using glitter (or flock, or embossing powder -- anything that has the potential to get all over the place): have a can of compressed air on hand (like the one shown here http://www.bestbyteinc.com/TOL-3M-DR.html). The little straw at the end of the can provides you with GREAT control of the air coming out, and you can zap away the pesky flyaway pieces of glitter (or whatever) with the greatest of ease! Costco offers another brand of compressed air -- comes in a multi-pack and is very inexpensive.

Judi R.

Very cute cards!

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