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Friday, January 25, 2008



LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cards...And of course all the bling on them!


I LOVE the To The Moon and Back Card!!!! Great job...How fun!

Armie P Cuaresma

Nicole, you are ONE TRULY TALENTED GAL!! These cards are absolutely-jaw-dropping AMAZING!! I love all of them but I think my fave is the LATTE LOVE!! It's very creative how you did the bird w/ a lil' cuppa joe on top of his head. Absolutely brilliant!! Hats off to you!!

Cindy Vernon

The cup of tea card is just so original but they are all so fun and wonderful!


Nicole, I just found your blog and I am amazed by all you do! I only have one little dog, yet, I can't seem to do a tenth of what you do! Also, from your blog I found freerice.com which I will now make a regular daily habit. Thank you!


I LOVE the "You are my cup of tea" card. That was my favorite stamp w/sentiment the release happened a few weeks ago (couple of months already?). Your cards are great and I have really enjoyed them!


I love your designs, Nicole! They are all so inspiring. It makes me want to drop everything right now and craft.


Those closures are fantastic. Loving all of your stuff. -Molly B.


oh my gosh, Nicole. These are amazing as usual!! I love all of your creative designs, and the glitter is awesome!

Jennifer Moore

Awesome ideas!


I love, love, love, love the My Cup of Tea Card! The little vellum tea bag full of tiny little hearts!!! How cute is that?? I also really love the idea of using the brads to close the card.
As a tea drinker there are never enough tea cards when compared with the coffee crowd, thanks for sharing such creative and cute cards!


The mix of patterned paper is amazing! I need to break out of my safe zone and try this.
Excellent cards!

Cheryl Sims

All of these cards are terrific but I love the expression "I love you to the moon and back" so I guess that would have to be my favorite. Great job.
Cheryl Sims


What original ideas. My favorite this time is the cuckoo card. Great work!

s. patel

your cards completely blow me away!!


What terrific creations...love the outer space one (since my boy talks of nothing but!)...


Thanks for all the wonderful card ideas! You have been a busy girl.

Kerry J.

Such awesome cards Nicole! My fave is the cupcake card!


More fun creations...no surprise anymore!!

Amy Ragland

Those are all adorable love the cuckoo one and the cup of tea one. Very clever closures! :)


another batch o' brilliance from Nicole! That tea bag is my fave, for sure!


Great cards, Nicole! I really love the Hey, Cupcake! and the To the Moon and Back cards. Just adorable!


Wow! Well, I'm sure shaking my head in wonder. These are all amazing! I love the little tea bag!!!

Tami W.

this woman is amazing. WOW is all I can say!!! Nicole rocks!


Super cute! Love the vellum tea bag, in particular!


Super cute! Love the vellum tea bag, in particular!


docking the cuckoo clock into eyelets is inspired. too clever!


Beautiful cards - thanks for sharing your great ideas


I LOVE the heart filled tea bag. Brilliant.

Nancy P. (happistamper)

WOW Nicole...Simply amazing...I just in awe here looking over these ROCKIN' creations!!


Wow! They are all inspiring me to go stamp right now.

Riza Almanza

Another WOW on these sets of cards! You really are so creative w/ your cards. Thanks for sharing your ideas!


Love your cards. They are too cute!


Love your coloring. You are very talented. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Julie Tang

Wow! I really love the cards. Thanks for the inspiration!


Really cute cards! I especially like the 'latte love' card. Coffee-a-holics unite! : ) I also love the 'to the moon and back' card too. I've said this to my boys since they were little. The rocket ship and robot stamps are on my 'need to have' list.

Mary Duffek

OMG!!!! You are a over the top creative! My favorite card has got to be with the teacup....Wow all of the cards are full of creative inspiration! The little monster is too cute! The Coo Coo Clock is adorable! The Space View Finder card is sooo cool. Love the moon! You Rock!!!!

Linda SS

Nicole's cards are so cute. The To the Moon and Back is my favorite & I am going to have to get that set for sure:)

Ann I.

Absolutely, Positively ADORABLE..Every single one!!!


WOW Nicole!!! Once again, you absolutely amaze me! They are all so fabulous!!!


What creative cards! I love the use of the scalloped punch as a cloud!


I adore ALL Nicole's creations, but really dropped my jaw when viewing her "My Cup Of Tea" card. How does she create such unique openings, with the string and "latches", and then WOWs us with her designs?!?!? Beautiful :)

Erin L

Love the robot kid card.

Jill Grace

Great balance in your designs... very enjoyable :)


Really cute stuff1 On a personal level - what's "gindara"?


These are gorgeous. Love them all!!

june g

the cuckoo clock is amazing!! and the combination on the rocket card is fantastic. thanks for your all of your creative hard work.

Kathy D

Oh, Nicole, these designs are so unique, so out of the box. Thanks for sharing them. Love your take on "to the moon and back".

Elyss Jennings

Great cards! I can't wait to get my hands on that cupcake stamp!! :)



Awesome cards. I especially like the interactive one. And I am into bling so was very excited to see these.


You are so wonderfully creative!!! I love your cards!!!

Cass M.

"To the moon and back" is fantastic! Wow ... what imagination!
Love all your creations ... gives all of us great heaps of inspiration!

tammy b

miss nicole is pretty darn clever! that clock with the bird? get outta here!


Um, again, the cutest cards EVAH!!!!

Wow! I'm so impressed by your work, Nicole! Awesome job!

Cathy M

WOW I just love Nicole's creative style. She is so inspiring. I love all the cards. Love the layouts and color choice.

Marcia Butler

Great cards - so much fun!


These are soooo cute! I love all of Nicole's creations.

Ellie Augustin

I'm really enjoying all of Nichole's work. This week I esp. love the ice cream card :) very cute indeed!

Tobey Shepherd

WOW!! Love all the creative cards, with the cuckoo clock, and the teabag card!! WOW! And then the "viewmaster" card!! Thanks for all the inspiration!! You definately have knocked my socks off with creativity!!


They're absolutely adorable, Great job!

Michelle Infantino

Gorgeous and very unique designs. Love her use of the punches too! Great eye candy here.


Such out of the box thinking... Thanks!

Tara Griesbach

These are the cutest cards! I love the variations on valentines and the latte love!~


These are all sooo fabulous! I think my fav is the cuckoo one!!


Love em all!!!! I knew I would.


I think that I will definitely have to buy myself the cuckoo clock stamp at some point. Your card made with it is just darling and unique! Thanks for sharing...


I love the "out of the box" thinking. All very creative cards!

thanks for keeping us all inspired!


ALL your designs are so cute Nicole! The "To the Moon and Back" is just adorable!!!


Wow, I love all of these great designs! The moon might be my favorite...my kids would love it! Your work is beautiful, can't wait to see more!

A Louie

ahhh, the possibilities. the tea cup is darling as are the cupcakes. Definitely on my need to have list!


Unbelievable creativity!!! LOVE them!!



Jennifer N.

What fun work--I definitely want to CASE the tea bag card! I love the cuckoo card, too...could never pick a favorite!! : )


wow nicole! you did it again--i love them all! :) lexi


Wow, I love these cards! I think the "tea bag" is wonderful - would love to try that out! And the moon card is just awesome! Wonderful creativity!

Kathy K.

GREAT interactive cards!! Thanks so much!


Love all these cards! :D Especially the teacup and cuckoo clock ones. :)


Love all your cards! Especially the teacup and cuckoo clock cards! :D

Susan C. in NY

Love the rocket boy/rocket ship viewmaster card and now that I have a little boy I'm on the lookout for more boyish stamps. And I adore the saying. So cute!!


Love all the cards! :D Especially the cupcake and cuckoo clock cards...

Pam Hodgkinson

I just love these cards!!!!! They are sooooo great!!!!


All of your cards are too cute!

Tina Anglin

Incredible cards, woman! What more can one say!

Cheryl. C

These are great!

Donna Hitz

I'm really enjoying your guest designing series!!! Great stuff Nicole!


Love the "To the Moon and Back" card! Very creative to have it interactive!

Tinla Woo

Love each card, Nicole! So beautifully out of the box!! TFS: Tinla


WOW! I am truly awed by your talent and absolutely love your work! So clever and innovative! Thanks for inspiring me!

Terri Williams

Rotating rockets! Springy cuckoos! Heart-filled tea bags! Oh My! Way to go thinking outside of the box. The only thing getting outside of the box around here lately is the kitty litter the cat accidently kicks out!

Kathy W

The cuckoo clock card with the little bird and the tea card with the cute tea bag opening are just wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Amy Coose

GREAT cards!!! Love all the little details!

Jo Ann Fannon

Nicole, you are amazing! You have so many creative touches to make the cards POP!

Linda T

Great and creative ideas!


really cute cards, love them all


Oh my! That is some stampy goodness! Nicole's cards are great, and she sounds like a sweetheart!

Abbie in CO

I love the last card. What a cute idea! All of the cards are so creative. I enjoy checking in to see your latest creations. You have such talent!


those are just wonderful. How much fun with the punches!

Cindy Vernon

Wow, I love all of these but Ireally love the ice cream one, so clever!

Shannon Simpson

Love these cards! Thanks for sharing them!


Too cute Nicole - you are very gifted!!

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