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Friday, January 18, 2008



Who would ever imagine that you could use hearts in so many ways? Nicole's ideas are super.


I am speechless....she's amazing!!!!


Oh my Nicole- you continue to be so creative. And here I thought I would never use a heart punch. Now I need to go out and get some! These are amazing!


OMG! I am AMAZED! These are all awesome!!! I can't believe all the creativity that went into all of these cards. Great job thinking out side the box!!!


Love the cards! Love note, Musical chairs and bee's knee's are my fav's!!


Love the musical chairs one.


Oh Nicole... You're glitteriffic!!!!

elyss jennings

all beautiful cards!! my favorite is the wings of love!!

Cindy Vernon

The bees knees card is just so cute! Thanks for sharing.

Armie P Cuaresma

Nicole, these cards are insanely, seriously yummy!! Goodness, there card are absolutely brilliant!! My fave is the WINGS OF LOVE!! I never really thought you could use a heart punch to make the wings. Awesome job!! Can't wait to see more!!


Genius! Love all the uses for those hearts!


How clever is the musical chairs card!?! I love, love, love it! I also really love the color combination in the bee's knees card. It looks like spring even when the weather man is predicting-1 for a high!!!!


Oh my!!! I have never seen such wonderful designs of art in my life. Nicole, do you have a day job or do you just sit around and think up of all these wonderful ideas? I wish I could think of these.


Oh my!!! I have never seen such wonderful designs of art in my life. Nicole, do you have a day job or do you just sit around and think up of all these wonderful ideas? I wish I could think of these.


Nicole, your designs are simply fantastic! Thank you!


Super Cards. I love the bees knees.-Molly B


I just love all of your creations! I am in awe of your ability to put this stuff together in just the right way...If I HAD to pick I would say out of all these my favorite is..."You Make My Heart Sing" its so cleaver and I love the layout and colors!

Jennifer Nagel

Oh, those bees are too cute Nicole.


An amazing set of cards (and I am not saying this just for candy!). I love the glittery super hero one especially!

Jo Ann Fannon

Nicole, I love all your sparkly hearts. What a creative use of glitter! Thanks for the wonderful examples.

Regina Davis

They're all adorable, but my favorite is the Hoo Loves You card. That big yellow heart for a moon is so darn cool!

Rhonda Maynard

Holy smokes!!! Ummm, Nicole, "We're not worthy!!!" You are blowin me away with these awesome cards!! Julie already said it, but GENIUS!!! I'm lovin all the glitter you're adding to all your cards!!!


Cute cards! I LOVE glitter:) I got inspired to fish out my glue pad which has not been used in awhile. A


Wow, each one just gets better and better!!!


Love all your cards. They are all too adorable!


OH WOWOZZZ!!!!! these are amazing!!!!! It make me want make lot cards:)

Great job!

jane mykleby

So cute!

Mary Duffek

THUD!!!! is all I can say. The clever use of the hearts through out all the cards. I do have to say that the squirl and the Bees knees are my fav. You are way to creative!!! You Go GIRL!


WAY too creative!!!!! I may have to dig out my glitter! Thanks for the inspiration Nicole!


Ingenious. Love the glittery hearts.

Jennifer Moore

I love the bee's knees card.

Ellie Augustin

Wow man these are cards are soo cute! I love the last one I have a think its Bee-on cute! LOL (I know so corny! LOL)


Shut up!!! These are the cutest cards EVAH!!!!!!


love the bee card!
they are all very creative

Kathy W

What creativity! Totally love the bees knees and the musical chairs. Great inspiration; I love looking at Nicole's cards!

ann i

Fabulous, I tell ya every single one of them!! Love all the glitterfying!

Betsey Terry

Oh..my absolute favorite is defintely the Bee's knees card..i love the bee stamp..it was one of my first purchases. One of my friends always calls me bumble bee..i think i may have to CASE and use this for her birthday! Thanks for the inspiration!


GREAT cards! I really like the bee's knees!

Pam Sparks

totally awesome cards and ideas! thanks so much!

sarah c. (WAstamper on SCS)

LOVE the purple heart and the love note:) Time to break out the glitter!


very clever, yet cool, yet fab cards! I love them all!


Fabulous...simply fabulous!!!

Kathy McDonald

Awesome cards! You are SO creative! I can't choose a favorite. . .they're all great!

Donna Hitz

Gotta Luv Your *Sparkles*


I am reading this at midnight and looking at the latest set of cards makes me want to go and get stamping!! It;s impossible to select a favorite.

Linda SS

How creative and how CUTE! The glitter hearts are all wonderful and I'm just crazy about the musical love notes and musical chairs cards. Thanks so much for sharing all of these exciting and fun cards.


Absolutely adorable!!! Each one of them is FAB!! My fav's are the bee's knee's and the owl's!!!


I just can't get enough...AWESOME!!!!!

tami w.

Nicole is an amazing stamper. A+ for creativity. I love each and every card.


Loving the glitter this week. Keep up the great work!

Kathy D

Oh, Nicole, your glittery hearts are the best motivation to get cracking on my Valentine's Day cards!

s. patel

nicole, i LOVE how you incorporate glitter into each card without making it look tacky! these cards are so much fun--lucky, lucky recipients!!!

Jill Grace

I gotta respect anyone who gives a heart wings and takes on the dubious task of helping kids realize their actions make a difference in this world. You're my hero.

Riza Almanza

Gosh, you are so creative, Nicole! I've visiting your blog for the past 5 months and have seen your card creations and they are awesome! Thanks for sharing your creative works of art.

Kim L

Nicole, I love how your designs are so simple, yet over the top creative. I just might have to dump all of my stamps on my crafting table and see if I can kick it up a notch! Thanks for the inspiration. :-)


wow, wow, wow!!! (eyes wide, jaw open!)


These are so terrific. Can't wait to try some!

Beth Meier

Love, love
love your creations, Nicole!


Bee's knees... WOW! Nice work!

Julie (Joypup on SCS)

love the Nuts about You and Bees Knees cards, esp. What fun! Thanks for all your inspiration!


Nicole's cards are spectacular!!! I LOVE the added bling and the hearts! WOW!


nicole, your cards are absolutely fab-u-lous and extraordinary! what an inspiration!


Oh, the cafe look of the musical chairs card...! I have been a bit of a black and red mood lately, and I always love architectural elements in my cards, so yours really strikes a chord with me (no pun intended!). Thanks for sharing.


I love these cards, Nicole, especially the musical chairs and the bee's knees ones. Great inspirations:)


Hey Nicole, I really love your style. The Bee's Knees is my favorite.


You are so creative! I love the owls! The heart as the moon is a great idea! Perfect for valentines day!

Linda T

Your designs are so creative. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing!


OMGosh ~ These are FABULOUS!!!

Heather Hopkins

Love the owls! cute cards :)


so cute! love the bees kness and hearts!


so cute!

Candice Cruz

Your heart ideas are fantabulous! :)

Molly V.

Love the Purple Heart/Hero card. Adorable.

Christa Halbesma

Again...... stunning cards! My favorites are the owls with a heartshaped moon. And the supercute little birdie with the winged heart. So very clever. I'm just wondering why I can't come up with such great ideas! Really love it!

Nancy P. (happistamper)

I love all the hearts & sparkles!! Another awesome set of cards Nicole!!


Wow! I love all the heart punch ideas!


What an imaginative way to use heart stamps. I love it!


Wow, I love those glittery hearts. These cards are so cute! Thanks for the inspiration.

Shannon Simpson

I love all these cards and all the glittery hearts. TFS Nicole!

june g

nicole i just love elyse!! and the clever way you used the hearts.


darn - I wish I had seen the newsletter last week but I hadn't! love Nicole's work!

Abbie in CO

I *love* the "bees knees" card. It is just too cute! Great job on these cards-- so creative!


very creative cards!!! so beautiful!!!!


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http://dealjoin.blogetery.com/2008/04/22/hello-world/ this is my first post on blog

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