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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Elyss Jennings

Beautiful Cards! So funny; my name is Elyss. I used to spell it Elyse growing up (I have no idea why!) but on my birth certificate it is spelled Elyss. SO to make a long story short I spell my name with two ss' now! haha

Congrats Nicole!



I've been reading your blog for awhile now.....the cards you make are VERY fun and creative!! I'm thrilled to see you as a guest designer for A Muse. Your daughters are DARLING!


That dollar bill card is too cute!

Tinla Woo

Truly gorgeous and inventive cards, Nicole! Congrats on being Guest Designer.....so happy for you!! TFS: Tinla


Congrats, Nicole! Awesome cards!


Your cards are Super creative and fun.

june g

i just think the candy box is the most adorable card!! love all the layering of hearts! the bandit is very clever, i feel a case coming on.


Congrats, Nicole! Fantastic cards! I loved seeing so many stamps used in new ways! The "u pick" from the pumpkin patch stamp on a Valentine's Day card? Seriously cool!


Cute cards!!! Congrats Nicole! Can't wait to see more of your awesome creativity!


Holy smokes!!! Your cards are beautiful--so darn clever!

Sarah Sheridan

I LOVE your work, Nicole! The box of chocolates is the cutest thing!! I have a few of those images and have been looking for a cute way to use them... can't wait to see more of your stuff!


Nicole's designs are so creative and clever. Love the one with the Lovebirds!


yay nicole!!! i love 'em all--especially the heart bandit and the u-pick valentine--way cool!!! have fun reading the comments! :) lexi

Cass M.

Welcome Nicole --

Your designs are fab!
Love the 'love is for the birds' and ...
... well, all of them.
Thanks for more ideas and more inspiration.

Kerry J.

I love the U-Pick card and the way she used the U-Pick stamp!! Awesome cards - can't wait to see more - Congrats Nicole!

Jill Grace

Your work is very refreshing to me and inspiring. I love you you think outside the box and come up with clever and unique uses for stamps and paper. Your daughters must love crafting with you! :)

Candice Cruz

Nicole, your work is AMAZING!!! You stole my heart with that burglar card -- so ingenious! :)

Kathy scs kathat

OMG!!!! These are all super cute but I do have to say that my favorite is the naughty or nice one--I know my dh would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE getting a card like that :-)

Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations with us.

Erin L

The naughty or nice one is my favorite. What a great idea.


Wow...how come I can't come up with ideas like that? Super job!

Nancy P. (happistamper)

Yay Nicole!! I'm so excited!! You soooo deserve this girl! Your creativity amazes me! Where do you come up with some of these ideas???? You are such an inspirtation! All of these cards ROCK!! Love 'em!


I love the bandit card! They are all so cute... but the dollar is adorable!


Love the birds!!


SHUT UP!!! I mean SHUT UP!!! Fabulous! You are fabulous! Love every single one. You are awesome when it comes to thinking out of the box.

Cathy M

Love all the cards. Nicole you are very creative and so worthy of being on the design team. Have FUN!
Thanks for a chance.


Awesome Nicole!!!! I kept saying whoa, as I scrolled down. I really like the naughty/nice one, and the love bandit gets some extra love!


Your cards are very fresh and funky! I love them...the bandit is my favorite!

Rhonda Maynard

Wow, wow, wow and WOWZERS!!! Congratulations Nicole!! So awesome, it's about time you were GD!!! You deserve the spotlight, your work is so fun and creative, you're a genius!! All of these cards are too cute!! I love all the sparkles!!! Blessings to you!!!

Kathy D

Oh, Nicole, all of your cards are gorgeous!!

Cheryl Sims

Oh my Nicole, you are so worthy. These are great creations. Love the love birds card. Adorable. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.
Cheryl Sims


WOW!! Love love love these cards.
Great work Nicole...and YOU ARE WORTHY!!

Kel xxx

s. patel

these are so gorgeous!!! LOVE all the glitter and bling!


Oh my gosh these samples are awesome! Nicole you are so talented. Can't wait to see more and for my local stamp store to get these valentine's images. I have been waiting maybe not so patiently. :)


THESE are my favorite AMUSE designs ever! PURE genius! I can't wait to see more of Nicole's designs!


Congratulations Nicole!!!! I'm so excited for you! I've been waiting for you to become a guest designer - I 've always loved your clever designs. You use stamps in a way that no one else ever would think of!


These are so fun, very nice work!


Congrats to you for being the newest guest designer!!!! Hooray!!


Nicole's cards are absolutely AMAZING! I can't wait to see more!


Congrats Nicole. Your work is fantastic. I love the Love Birds card. Can't wait to see more of your work. -Molly B

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

Yup, she was wrong.....she IS SO WORTHY!!! I love her work. Just beautiful!!


Too cute! I love that little strongman.

Lyndsay Neumann

Shut the front door!!! These cards are FABULOUS! I'm in love.

sarah c. (WAstamper on SCS)

OMG! You are too SOO worthy! All of these cards are amazing! Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.


These are just about the cutest things I've seen! Incredible creativity! I'm jealous!

Susan Liles (susiestampalot)

these are amazing cards~ i especially love the naughty or nice valentine's one! perfection! please pick me!!


I LOVE the birds in the first card. It reminds me of cinderella when the birds make her dress!

Cindy Vernon

I think the the naughty/nice card is my favorite. Just love it!


Oh how cute is the chocolate truffle box? What a clever use of the heart cutouts to make the illusion of a box. Now I need to satisfy my sudden chocolate craving!

Jennifer Nagel

Wow Nicole, you are very worthy, you have such talent. Congrats

Regina Davis

My word! She's a stamping GENIOUS! All of her cards is simply amazing and so very clever. I can't wait to see more!

Mary Duffek

Wow lovey ALL your cards and the heart choco box is too clever! I have to say the birdy card is toooo cute!

Tracy Clemente

I am SOOOOO excited for Nicole. I was wondering when she would receive this most derserving honor. You ROCK girrrl! I LOVE ALL of these. Very original. Naughty & Nice are hands down TOOOOO funny. Thanks for sharing your mojo with us Nicole!!!!


Oh my gosh, these are FANTASTIC cards!! I love them all ~ so cute and creative!! Can't wait to see more!

Carrie C

I love every one of your valentine designs. That make it hard to choose a favorite!

Kathy K.

Oooooooooh - hard to choose a "favorite" card, but I'll go with the Strongman & Tons of Love - his tatoo is soooo cool. Bravo!!


I just love the "Love is for the birds" card.


I just love the Love is for the birds card. It is so cute!

Lindsay Spencer

I absoutely love your designs. The naughty and nice one is my favorite. It cracks me up! You are so creative. I can't wait to see future designs.

Claudia F.

You do beautiful work Nicole. I love the cards.


beautiful cards!! I love little valentine's cards with candy... so fun to make for my daughter when she start go to school...


Janet B

I love the U Pick Honey! Love that cray sense of humor.

Janet B


The chocolate box is pure genius.


The variety of "bird love" is just darling, especially with the shiny red accent stickers. I love it!


Wow! Nicole is incredibly talented. I love her cards and ideas. My favorite is the birds, but all of her designs are darling! I look forward to seeing more of her creations.

Armie P Cuaresma

These cards are AMAZZINGG!! Love the Naughty or Nice card, wonderfully done! No doubt! My goodness, Nicole, you're truly talented!! Can't wait for the next batch to come out. I'm totally inlove with all of your cards! Never thought of making cards with lots of birds, absouletly adorableee!! Hats off to you!!


Wow, I so love all of these cards! Talk about inspiring! Would love to try my hand at being half as great! LOL!

Kathy W

All of these cards are wonderful! I especially like the "love is for the birds". Lots of great ideas and talent here!


these cards are AMAZING! i especially ADORE the love is for the birds card... soooo cute! i can't wait to see more!!

Beth M

Such awesome cards Nicole! You mention you have a blog.. how do we find it!

Abbie in CO

These cards are just *too* cute! Love them! What great imagination-- I can't wait to get started on my Valentine cards after seeing these. Congrats on becoming a guest designer!


Wow, those designs just blow me away! Amazing creativity. I look forward to see more of Nicole's work! Congrats!


WOW Nicole, I can't imagine why you think you are so not worthy. You made some wonderful cards with nice twists. So very clever and creative! I'd love to take a workshop from you, but then you must be willing to come over to the Netherlands. (You're welcome to stay in our house LOL.)


all great cards! I particularly like the dollar bill....very clever!

Laura Davis

Congrats on becoming a guest designer! I'm jealous :)jk:)
Your work is awesome I love it all. My favorite is the lovebirds.

Katie Skiff

Those cards are great...esp the Naughty or NIce one!! Love it!!



Nicole, you have such a great sense of humor - I LOVE your work!

Kate W.

I love the chocolate one! You're making me "need" that scalloped heart punch!

tammy b

you're right, those are a-DOR-able! i really giggled over the 'naughty'/'nice' card. hee hee.

Ann I

Another fabulous designer! Wonderful cards! Lovin' all that glitter!

nancy l.

Cute, cute, cute cards!! I especially like the naughty/nice card. : )

Nicole L.

Awesome cards Nicole, they're sooo cute!! Hopefully my cards will look like yours one day! :)
Nicole L.

Pamela Fredrickson

All of these cards are fabulous! I am not sure which one is my favorite (Box of Chocolates or Naughty or Nice)!!! Congrats Nicole!

-- Pamela

Riza Almanza

These cards are so cute!!!! My favorite, too, is the naughty or nice card...so funny! I can't wait to see more of your creations!


Those are wonderful, clever cards! Such a treat to "find" you!

Molly V.

I love the Naughty or Nice card!

Kim L

Nicole, your designs are always fabulous, but OMG these are AMAZING!

Leigh O'Brien

WOW! To say WORTHY is an understatement!! These cards are some of the best A Muse designs that I have ever seen. They're really fresh and funky and out-of-the-box yet still in the simple A Muse style. Way to go A Muse...what an amazing choice for guest designer. Congratulations to you Nicole!!


I really love the "stole my heart" card. Glitter, sprakle and shine. Who could ask for more. Great cards.


These cards are all fantabulous! My fave has got to be 'you stole my heart'. How clever it was to use a dollar bill shape. Love it!!


What original artwork Nichole! My favorite of the bunch is the Love Bandit.


Tara Griesbach

Nicole, You are so creative! These cards are adorable. My favorites are the Love Bandit and the Box of Chocolates cards. Great inspiration, thank you!


This girl is a stamping genious! Her cards rock man!! Wow wee is all I can say.


This girl is a stamping genious! Her cards rock man!! Wow wee is all I can say.


I like simple and elegent.

Lots of white space and minimal layering.

Great ideas, Nicole! Thanks!

Happy Valentine's Day


flying in from NY for Lunar New Years to visit parents so I hope we stop by at Amuse.


CUTE! ANOTHER Guest Designer already knocking our socks off! Nice work!

Kathi R

These cards are wonderful! So glad that no one is making me choose a favorite!

Enjoy your reign as a Guest Designer!


I loved, I laughed, I decided I better go shopping for some more stamps. We just received a new order of Amuse at my LSS, but I'm on my way to request more.

Linda SS

Nicole is amazing & so worthy of being another fabulous Amuse guest designers! I love her unique ideas, sprinkled with humor and fun creativity. What clever cards!!! I want to see MORE:)

donna gotsch

amazing cards .... so creative and new .... love, love, love them ..... can't wait for more!


Your cards are absolutely breathtaking! The creativity of their design is out of the box. Where do you get your inspiration from! I'll be bookmarking your blog!

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