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Friday, January 18, 2008


diane mcvey

Oh, that sounds exciting! Can't wait to see what it is...(I'm secretly hoping it's the full size Elzybells!!!)
Have a great time in the snow, and Happy Weekend!!! :D

Stacy Udy

New stuff!!! How exciting!! I love new stuff...


OMG! New stamps??? My wallet seriously can not handle any more! Lol!


does this mean i'll hafta get a second job for all these new goodies?? i think u should open an amuse store in vancouver,bc. :D


I can't wait to see the new stamps!!!

Armie P Cuaresma

New stamps? Are you serious? Woohoo!! Can't wait for these new goodies to showcase!! I'll sure be checking in to see. I'll totally need to rob my DH for these..hee-hee!! :0)


Linda...can't wait to hear more about new stamps!!!

Carrie C

How soon are you going to make the announcement? I can't wait! Hurry, hurry!
I'm hoping it's Magnolia's Tingla stamps, oh please, oh please!


What? More stamps? I can't take it! When? What?

(sorry we missed you last friday but it sounds like I may be in again soon *wink*)


mittens would be great out of that yarn. Felted mittens! oh or a stamp bag...

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