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Wednesday, February 20, 2008



OMG~am I the first to comment?!? I would love these stamps because my A Muse collection has just begun and my current A Muse's are awaiting a few friends...My faves of the new products would have to be the ribbon (love the colors!)..and the rabbit on the weiner dog, too cute!

Kim Lenhart

my favorite "new" product would be the note card colors!! gotta get 'em...

Kelly H.

Oh my goodness. I have to only pick one. I LOVE the new ribbons. Very pretty!! Thanks for a chance to win!

Amanda H.

I love the MB Bunny Dress stamp! It reminds me of my 1 year old and her easter dress last year with the peter pan collar. too cute! Can't wait to get my shipment and play around with her!

Nancy Gagnon

What a sweet offer! Thanks for the chance. I have to admit even though all of the new stamps are super cute, I found myself drooling over the new ribbon & kitchen notes!!


Wow, I don't know if I can pick just one product? I am a ribbon addict, so I guess it would have to be the lovely colored grosgrain stitch ribbon-love it!! Thanks for the offer.


OMG, what a great giveaway... right now, I'm totally digging the Sushi set.. how cool is that?!


Loving the new Kitchen notecard colors... So bright and cheery! THANKS!


Wow! Only one product? Thats a tough question to answer. Of course I LOVE the new stamps, but I do have to say I love the new notecard colors. I gotta have them. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

Kathy Tabbers

I do love all things Elzybells but I must say that I really love the new Nature set.

Thanks for the chance!



I love the sushi clear stamp set and the easter cart. Why don't you have any ribbons in green?

Riza Almanza

Oh gosh, there too many but I really like the "kimono" on the new Sushi clear stamp. I would really like to color that kimono w/ all those copic markers!


We have to pick just ONE? How about one from each category? tee hee....
Ribbon: LOVE it all, but green is my fav.
Note cards: LOVE them all, but again the greens are my fav's.
Stamps: Spring basket - but I love them all!!
Thanks for a chance to win! :)


My favorite is the new blessings stamp. Such a lovely sentiment. And versatile, too. Just can't beat A Muse for sentiments! Thanks for sharing these extras; what fun!


My favorite is the new blessings stamp. Such a lovely sentiment. And versatile, too. Just can't beat A Muse for sentiments! Thanks for sharing these extras; what fun!


The new kitchen notecards and of course the RIBBON - I have been trying to avoid looking at the stamps b/c I KNOW I'll be ordering a bunch! :o)

Sarah P.

If I HAVE to pick just one, it's the MB bunny dress, I but I adore the entire new line, and the new note card colours - gotta have it all!!!


Lovin' the ribbon...and the new Elzybells! :-)

Lacey Amano

I love the new Sushi clear stamp set, and new ribbon too. Love the colors. Thanks!

Jennifer N

I LOVE the new bunnies stamp, so cute. I can't wait to get that one.


LOVE the new clear stamps, Sushi & Nature!!! Can't wait until my order arrives!!!


I love the new stamp with the wiener dog and the bunny. I see mayself modifying that stamp for more than just an easter greeting.

Tami Brown

I love the new "Nature" stamp set. I am so loving the owls and the great tree!!! Tami :)

Jessica geffre

I LOVE the sushi stamps, they are so unique, I have never seen anything like them!!!

Kathy K.

By far, the new Elzybell's DUCKY is the cutest thing I've seen in a VERY long time. Hmmm and the notecards are wonderful colors and the ribbon makes such a coordinated look. YIKES - can't pick JUST one!!


Definitely the sushi clear stamps!! Way too cute!


Hands down the notecards! I'm going to need another drawer for these babies. Thanks for a chance to win Linda! Some new stamps would go great with my new notecards! =)


Wow, thanks for sharing! My favorite of the latest A Muse release are all of the bunnies and the new colors of the notecards! I am placing an order today! Thanks for producing such great stamps and papers!

Linzi Conners

I love the new notecards...so easy and quick to make cards with. And, they look so classy!

FUN, FUN! I hope I win...thanks for the chance!

Denise Bennett

I love it all, but the sentiments get me every time!!!


I am in love with "MB Bunny flower" -- love those floppy ears!!


Hands down, the new note card colors! Can't wait to get my hands on them!

Amy Ragland

Easter Parade cracks me up! :) Love it. :)

Rhonda Maynard

Eeekkk!! Free stamps!! My DD has been begging me to get that Catwoman stamp forever!! Not sure why I haven't gotten her yet!

My FAVE new product is the Sushi stamp set!!! LOVE it!! I love the new colors of notecards and stitched ribbons too! This is a fun new release, thanks Linda!!


I love the Sushi set, but I think the stitched ribbon is my favorite!!


I love the Sushi set <3

Erin L

I can't pick just one. I love them all.


Oooh, prototypes! Sounds serious! Love A Muse stamps, how much fun to win them! Thanks for the chance!

sarah c. (WAstamper on SCS)

Thanks for the chance to win!! LOVE all the new products but I have to say that the new kitchen cards will be my first purchase...Hoping DH will pick some up for me when he travels to Seattle next week.;)

june g

i love all the ribbon!! i am also so excited about all the missy ballance stamps!! thank goodness colorful creations has hooked me up. can't wait to start playing.


I gotta say the new note card colors are my fave ...
The kitchen collection cards are my current favorites, so now I have even more to choose from!
The stamps are begging for a trip to Ohio !!


I love the new colors of notecards and the ribbon is wonderful. So many ideas, so little time. Thanks.


I love the new colors of the Kitchen note cards!

Anna M-W

I LOVE the new SUSHI clear stamps! I am a sushi addict, so I will definitely be purchasing those soon!


Oh yay! I really can't pick just one favorite - I totally love the new notecard colors- the Grass is the perfect color green. But the new ribbon is just amazing!

Candi Tardio

i LOVE the chick w/card....just too cute ;)
i am a huge a*muse fan!!!!!

Candi Tardio

opps...chick w/CART...hehehehe

Kathy McDonald

I LOVE the new notecard colors! I also love the new ribbon. . .it's beautiful, and it feels so nice! I have a wonderful collection of the new Elzybells stamps and can't wait to play with them. This was a very exciting release!

Kathy McDonald

Armie P Cuaresma

Wow, there's so many I don't know where to begin..hmm..most definitely the ELZYBELLS line!! I have practically all the FRIENDSHIP line!! And the ribbon, those are gorgeous!! I have all the colors in sheer!! KITCHEN Notecards too..I have them all in each colors!! My goodnes, talk about a real A Muse fanatic here!! Honestly, I ADORE every single images A Muse carry!! You all rock!! Thanks for the chance!!


I love it all :)
But the one thing I love most, is that plate-of-sushi stamp! I cannot wait to play with that!



Oh how exciting!
I love the Best Bunnies sentiment stamp! So cute and I have so many people that I want to send a little Spring smile their way....I also really love the Elzybells Daffodil Chick! Always the first sign of Spring is a sunny happy daff-a-down-dilly bloom!


I especially love the 4-bar notecards, the ribbon, the chocolate bunny, and the large Spring stamp!!


I love the two bunnies stamps. I can't wait to use liguid applicator on their cute little tails!

Betsey Terry

I love ALL the new colors of the Kitchen Notecards and hope to get my hands on some this week from one of the LSS.
I love the chick with the bumblebee. I love the old bumble bee stamps and will use it to 'sign' the back of my cards, as many friends call me BumbleBee.

Gerianne K. Patti

Hi Linda,
I LOVE all of your stamps. Just took a Spring class last night with Jenn Shurkus. She is so much fun.
Keep up the great work!
Gerianne K. Patti

Kristi (kmallett78)

My favorite is the sushi set. DH and I spent some time in Chinatown during a recent trip to San Francisco, so I plan to work it into a few scrapbook pages. Thanks for the chance to win :)


So great of you to share your stamps! Not sure if I could do the same, well okay, maybe if there were duplicates...I love the "Best Bunnies" stamp and the stamp of the little bunny bums. hehe. So cute.


How sweet of you to give these away to one lucky gal. :) My favorite new Amuse products are the polka dot kitchen notecards. I love the new colors and can't wait to get over to the store to pick some up.

Danita (MoberKitty)

Wow, how much fun! I'm loving the new Elzybells "Large Spring" stamp - great image for coloring!! Thanks for your generosity!!


I love the elzybells chick. that is one little adorable chicken. I also want to say I love the color purple therefore i was ecstatic about the new 4bar purple cards.

Kim L.

I love all the new colors of notecards!! It's really great and generous of you to share your duplicate stamps!

teri c

i love all the new stamps but, the spring basket is my fav! the bunny is so cute . . .

Rachel Goldstein

There are so many new things that I like, but I adore the new colors in the Kitchen collection. I love the 4 bar size and the dot background is so perfect with the A Muse images. I am glad you expanded the selection of these cards.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sushi set! I'm taking Julie's class and already ordered the set! I can't wait to use it!!! All the bunny stamps are ab fab as well! :)


Wow Linda! I was just looking at your releases yesterday and both clear sets appealed. Love the sushi idea (so different) and the owls!


Love the chick cart and the bunny with the floppy ears! Also the new card colors are fabulous & the ribbon!
Kelly B

Stephanie Jones

The rocket!!! Tho it was hard to choose just 1...also the owls and bandit.
Stephanie, La Mesa.

Regina Davis

Wowza...I have so many A Muse favorites. I LOVE those 4-Bar Notecards in the Kitchen Collection. You just can't go wrong with polka dots!!


I love the notecards. The new colors are Fabulous! Thank you for all you inspiration!!


Holy smokes, I love the sushi set!!! And I love the fact that it doesn't really show what's inside the sushi, so that I can make it vegetarian! COOL!


I only just discovered the vast array of the stamping world, and it's all thanks to A Muse stamps. My favorite new stamp is the owls on the branch. My mom and I for some reason always exchange owl figurines, memorabilia, etc. I could do some good owl treats with those... Order form please! Also, pick me as the winner please! :)

Beth Rang

I love the sushi. I've been wanting a sushi stamp for a long time now!


How fun, Linda! Thanks for the chance to win!

My fave new products are definitely the new notecards, I especially love the dark brown one. Although, I was *really* hoping that there would be orange ones! (hint, hint!)


My current favorite is the new Madeira collection of notecards - so pretty and elegant in both color and design. I have so many ideas for using them!

Thanks for offering this winning opportunity! Someone will be a very lucky stamper... :)

Michelle Martin

Oh my..... I think my favorite new product is the "Bunnies" stamp (two bunnies holding hands--or paws). TOO cute!! Thanks!



I just LOVE the sushi set! The Madeira collection of notecards is great, too!

Thanks for this great opportunity to win some more fun stuff!


Wow how generous of you!! I love the owl stamps!
Thanks for the chance to win!

Connie  Hobbs

I would have to be honest and say that I do not own any A Muse stamps. So I don't have a favorite. I am enjoying looking at your blog and seeing what's available. Keep up the good work with your beautiful photos.

Kate W.

I love the new sushi set. I'm thrilled with the new note cards and ribbon, but the sushi set was an instant "gotta have it."

Sarah Sheridan

My favorite hands down is the sushi set!!!! (MB bunny dress is so cute too!) I'm heading to Seattle for a girls weekend next week and will shop all the new stuff at the Amuse store in person... so excited!


oooohhhh!! Fun stuff!
My fav new product are the 4 bar note cards - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new spring colors!
SO pretty! Can't wait to order every new color!
Thanks for the chance to win! Good luck to all!

Kristin Z.

I am loving the new note cards (what yummy spring colors!!) and the sushi set. "Roll with it"- HA!! My kind of sense of humor!


ooh ... i love new additions to my amuse stamps! i'll keep my fingers crossed.

Melissa Perritt

I think I've made too many easter cards already but I love the new bunnies and the egg stamp. I can use all of my pen colors on that huge Happy Easter stamp too. Notecards are great and hope you do orange soon. Love that color. The Sushi stamp set is a MUST!

Kristy C.

I love the new ribbon.. Can't decide on my favorite color!


I love love love the new colors in the 4 bar note cards. Sooo yummy! I can't wait to play with them.


I just LOVE the Elzybells stamps and all the precious sentiments!!They are my absolute favorites right now!!! Thanks so much!!


Ok, it's not Christmas by any length we just celebrated the last one a month or so ago, but i'm totally loving the Holiday Greetings clear stamp set. I'd love to own one. Where was it last year when I was shopping for that type of stamp!!!

Steph Bailiff

ME ME ME ME!! (My hand is up in the air and I'm waving it frantically!)

I am putting together my order in my email because I have to combine all the stamps. I am an addict. I would love it! Me!

Oh, I sound like those seagulls in Finding Nemo - Mine, Mine, Mine (if you have kids, you know the ones...teeheee)


Joanne Green

Just love Elzybells and the Christmas stamps were fantastic! Hope to visit your retail store soon. I am so-o-o-o excited!

Melisa Hunter

Just ordered some Elzbels from you and love them. The new sushi stamps look so neat. What a great selection!


Wow, great prize!! My favorite new product is the ribbon. I love ribbon. *g*

Sue B

I so love the Elzys and the sweet sentiments.

Abbie in CO

The chick pulling the egg-cart is super cute. How nice of you to give away your dupes! Thanks for the opportunity to *win* !!


Hi Linda - I love the new notecards & stitched ribbon. How fun to have more ribbon that matches all the AMuse cards!!


I love the Amuse Bunnies (showing their tails hehe) and The Chick Trio and Happy Easter by Elzbells too! Super cute stamps!

Stephanie Mosher

You have so many FABULOUS stamps...how can anyone ever pick! Though I must say...my fav right NOW...and I am ashamed to say I do not own JUST yet is the clear coffee set! I have a friend I meet every Friday at 5:30am for Starbucks. Now is that dedication or addiction???? Hmmmmmmmmm??? Happy Day!


i would love to win since i don't have *believe it or not* any one of these stamps... were they meant for me? :) i am truly an A*Muse fan, but i just LOVE your little wood mounted stamps and sentiments!

Cathy M

You are so sweet to think of your readers. I would love to have a chance to be a winner of these stamps new or used! Thanks so much for a chance for your RAK!


I love the ribbon and new colors of the polka dot cards!

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