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Wednesday, February 20, 2008



Thanks for the tag Linda!! This was one I actually got done in time LOL!! :o)


I am so glad you played Linda! It was so fun to read your answers!

Rhonda Maynard

Ooohhh!! You played along!! I didn't even think to tag you cuz you're LINDA!! :D Good for Amanda!! :D So fun to read your answers, thanks for the specific chalk ink colors too! i'll have to make sure I've got those and if not, get my bootie down to your store an pick some up!! :D I like how you get inspiration for your cards, I wish I could do it that easily!! :D

Have a beautiful day!!


How fun! I'll get to work on my answers right away, Linda! Thanks for the tag! :)


I'm so glad you played along! I really enjoyed reading all of your answers & now I'm going to have to try my VersaFine with my Copics. I think I've used just about all of my other black inks besides that one...thanks for the tip!

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