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Monday, March 31, 2008


Nana Cyndi

that's so funny and so cute


These are too funny! So cool!


Welcome back, Linda! Hope you had a great break!

These cards are adorable and sooooo clever! Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Knitter

Thanks for the girl golfer Linda!!! I LOVE to golf (and my husband would say that I can always keep up with the guys). I've been asking for a female golfer for so long. Can't wait to make lots of cards for all my golfer friends!!!


ROTFLMBO!!!!!!!! OK. Sniffer and Skunk?!! HYSTERICAL!!! Oh, man, that's GOOD!


That's cute! I got a good chuckle with the skunk one! :)


Too too cute! Genius with sniffer & skunk---love them!


ROFLMAO! I can totally relate to the first card and your second one still has me laughing! My poor dog has had that happen and it isn't any fun at all! Poor unsuspecting Sniiffer!



LOVE the bushes stamp... I too can think of lots of ways to use it! How did you color the bushes on the Sniffer/skunk card? It looks so soft!


I am loving the new clear frames sets that I've been seeing on the A Muse crew blogs. There are so many cool ones - I can't wait to see them all. How did you make the frame on the first card?


You always have such clever card ideas! Thank you for sharing... I cannot wait to see all of the new stamps!

Anna H.

So fun! I also spend most of my golf time in the rough! Cute stamps!


These are great cards, Linda! I can't wait to see all the new stamps! Thanks for clarifying the release timing... I'll be back much later tonight!


Very cute!

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