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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Sara in WI

Actually, I know that there are many unreadable signs in Wisconsin at this time of year. It wouldn't be a bad idea here for safety reasons. And for safety, I'll spend my tax dollars.


If the signs aren't cleaned, they won't be as reflective as they were meant to be. The grime covers them and makes them difficult to read and act the way they were intended to when light (from your headlights) hits them. It does seem like a waste, but if it's not done, there could be safety concerns. And the picture of the hula-hoop made my day--thanks! :)


I wonder if it was possible that they were scrubbing grafitti off of the sign and you just came by as they were finishing?


I can't say I ever expect anything governmental to make sense, but I have seen some filthy road signs that were difficult to read! And our area have plenty of grafitti, so I could see a general cleaning crew that systematically covers both scenarios.

I think we have all lived places where the streets/gutters never were cleaned but a garage sale sign was removed within 30 minutes of posting.

And that hula was a hoot! Thanks! Our two favorite road signs are "keep moving" and "soft shoulder"


I thought it was a "watch out for hula hoopers" sign. I think as long as we have to donate supplies and money and do fundraisers at our children's schools, the government is wasting money!


Wow - you would think that there was enough rain in Seattle to wash the signs naturally. But I have given up trying to figure out the government :)


Are you sure they are doing this with tax dollars and that it isn't someone doing it for community service like picking up trash along the roadside? Even if it is tax dollars, I agree that if it's for safety, it's OK. My daughter just got her driver's license so right now I'm all for anything to do with road safety:)


ROTFLMBO!!! Oh, Linda, Linda, Linda*Loo! Ya' KILL me! I'm laughing too hard to form an opinion one way or the other . .. ROTFLMBO!!!!!!

robin smalley

Well, I thought it was a sign saying Hulahooping here...haha



As long as it was really necessary, I'm for it --- but if it's just because they need something to do and they are doing that instead of other, more important, things, then no. But I am not shocked by government waste - although it is usually the federal gov't that is really good at this.
I do think it is a GREAT idea for community service or prisoner-work projects.

Stephanie M

Wait...I thought it meant watch for the hula-hooper!!! LOL I am all for it if they are using inmates...not City wokers because there are some that are in desperate need of cleaning so we can see them :)

denise bryant (imchatty)

Yes, because maintenance of any item will prolong it's longevity in the end...thus saving you tax dollars down the road. More than likely it was not a city worker...someone doing community service. BTW, the sign cracked me up...it would make a great stamp {wink}


Mmmm, for as much as you are right about the condition of some roads here in Seattle, I can probably see the point of scrubbing the signs every now and then. Maybe our creative Mayor has a city-wide Spring cleaning project we are not aware of!!!
By the way, where did you find that sign? It's absolutely funny:)

Alli Miles

As a wife of a police officer, I can say that there is value in cleaning the signs. During storms (and I know there is lots of wind and rain in Seattle since we are just north and over the border from you), there are lots of particles that get stuck in the rain and thus are blown onto the signs which can create a layer of "fog". Signs are made of highly reflective paint which allows cars to see them at a distance at night. If the layer of "fog" or grunge builds up it is hard to see the sign. By keeping them clean you are not only increasing visibility but also as another reader suggested you are also increasing its life on the street. I know this is a repeat of info above but I wanted to share how important it is to clean them. My hubby works with lots of highway maintenace crews throughout the year--one of which does some auxiliary police work--it's interesting what we "miss" on our roads...simple things that make a big difference.


Maybe the signs had graffiti on them that obscured them? I've seen them cleaned in NYC for that reason.
Love your blog!


I saw the sneak peek that Emily posted... THANK YOU SO MUCH for making a runner girl! I wanted one for so long... I was going to ask if you would consider making one, but I'm sure you get tons of suggestions as it is! I'm so excited!!!

Susan N

I live in Seattle (actually Lynnwood) and I have not seen this sign yet. When I first saw it before reading your comments it looked like he was using a hula hoop. It made me smile.
I also wanted to say thanks for the great customer service your staff provides. I have been in your store (love it) and the staff is always so friendly. I have ordered on line and I always receive my shipments promptly and they are packaged with care. Thank you.

krystie lee

When I lived in the Central District of Seattle, we called the city about a pothole in front of our house. I was shocked when we had TWO 4-person teams arrive within two hours! 1 person fixed the hole, 7 people watched. Model of efficiency! What were they doing before I called...? I guess we had the last pothole in the city. :S


Yes I do see them! On the free way in the early morning hours!
I have a private road sign and Yes I do wash it too...
I get's full or green slime.

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