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Friday, March 07, 2008



Sounds like a fabulous night! When I was in Seattle a few years ago I did the Ride the Ducks, it was one of the highlights of my trip. There was a dog that lives on one of the boats that greeted all the "ducks" as they went into the water. I did the Space Needle at night and it was so beautiful. I can't wait to go back to Seattle this summer. Hope to see you then!!

Michele Zwart

So happy for your good news! I know how scary it is to feel like you are not in control when it involves your kids' health. Our daughter started passing out unconscious when she was 9 months old whenever she cried! We spent days in the children's hospital too. So scary as a parent...even scarier for the kids, I bet.
Anyway, I am so glad that everything came out in the clear for you and you had a special day to celebrate. That's awesome!

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