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Wednesday, March 05, 2008



What terrific news! So so happy for your whole family! Have a great dinner!

Stephanie Jones

your story brought tears to my eyes! My boy is 6. I can't imagine. You never stop worrying do you. Congratulations!!


What wonderful news!!!! Enjoy the celebration : )


What great news, Linda! Thanks for sharing it with us!


Yeah for you! I can totally relate... my 4 year old has heart disease. What a blessing from God when test results come back clear! Have a WONDERFUL celebration!


Amazing and blessed news for you and Annabelle. Enjoy your celebration :)

Krystie Lee

W O W !!!

Congratulations, what a wonderful reason to celebrate!!!


What is it that Albert Einstein once said? You can view life as if there are no miracles or as if everything is a miracle. It's nice to know that life is still full of them. Great news to warm any heart!
mary rose


That is FABULOUS news!! Have a wonderful celebration.


That is SOOOO wonderful Linda. I am jumping for joy for Annabelle. Have a wonderful celebration dinner. {{HUGS}}


Wow! That's fabulous news. Praise God for His mercy! I'm so happy for your family; I'm sure you're all excited. Enjoy the fun dinner atop the needle!


So happy that everything is fine. You should declare the entire week a holiday and celebrate everyday!!!! My husband and I always say that one cannot experience complete happiness and total terror/fear until you have a child.


what wonderful news!! have a joyous celebration!


Aww Linda that's WONDERFUL news!!! I hope you guys had an awesome dinner!!!


That is wonderful news!!!! Enjoy your celebration!

Lyndsay Neumann

Yay!! This is such fabulous news!


Wow, Linda, I had no idea. How scary to have to live with this! What great news you have to celebrate now! I hope you had a fabulous dinner and enjoyed the sunshine that came out today to celebrate with you!!! *hugs*


What a wonderful blessing! I am SO happy for Annabelle and your whole family! Thanks for sharing this fabulous news with us!


YEAH!! I am so happy for you, Annabelle and the whole family!! I hope you had a wonderful celebration dinner!!

Judi R.

That's wonderful news!!!


Wonderful news!


Now that's a reason to celebrate above the city! Good choice Annabelle. I love that picture of her on the slopes, her smile reminds me of a close friend. I worry about my kids all the time and lose sleep wondering what their life will be like ..... once their born it never stops. Thanks for sharing your story!

Jill Grace

Way to go Mom - your bravery is an inspiration. Have a marvelous dinner


Yay, Annabelle! What a beautiful day to celebrate at the top of the Needle! Couldn't have been a whole lot better ('cept maybe if it was about 30 degrees warmer).


What wonderful news for you and your family! Hope you enjoyed your celebratory dinner! =)


Scary stuff... I Hope you all had a wonderful dinner, Annabelle really looks happy. :)


That is wonderful news!! I hope you have a beautiful celebration!!

Armie P Cuaresma

I am so happy for you and your family!! Fabulous news!! Let's keep that test result NORMAL all the way!! Yippee!! Have a great celebration!! God bless you all!!


Congrats Annabelle!!! That is definitely worth a meal on top of the Space Needle!


This is awesome news, Linda! Hugs to you and your whole bunch! YIPPEE!


OH, ANNABELLE!!! I am so happy to hear this news--I hope your mama passes along a big hug from me to you! {{{{{{{{{{{Annabelle}}}}}}}}}}}


Congrats to your family - what fantastic news! I am so happy and relieved for you! I hope your celebration is a joyous and memorable one!


Congrats!!! What great news!! LOVE the picture of her and the glasses are so cute!!


What a wonderful news for Annabelle and your family. I am really happy for you all!

scoopy (Emily)



Ahhh, what a wonderful and heart warming news. Thank you for sharing!

Michelle M White

Such wonderful news!!! Tell the girls that we need to celebrate at the "American Girl" tea!!!

Kristin Edwards

congratulations!!!! my cousin has epilepsy, she also has two beautiful children, a loving husband and a job she loves, just goes to show, life is good!

Carole (TruCarMa)

Oh, Linda -- that is the best news I've read in a long time! I'm so, so happy for you and your family. As the mother of a little one with a nuero condition (my 3 yr. old has CP), I am very aware of that pit of worry and anxiety in the middle of your stomach that never goes away. We don't have the luxury of taking 'normalcy' for granted, KWIM? Anyway, so very glad to see this, and sending you and Annabelle a big cyber hug.

PS -- It was great to meet you at CHA, and I'm so happy to report that Oklahoma now has A Muse stamps and Copics, right here in Claremore, Oklahoma!! : )


So happy for you! My daughter, Shelby, had 3 febrile seizures by the time she was 3, 3 calls to 911 and 3 trips to the emergency room with 2 stays at the children's hospital. Luckily she is now a week away from turning 6 and she hasn't had one since! I remember how terrifying it was and would not wish that on anyone!
Here's wishing for the continued health of your family! Take care! KellyB


Linda, what a wonderful news regarding your daughter's EEG!! That really is the *greatest* news!! Good celebrating :) So fun reading about you dinner at the restaurant in the Space Needle—what a perfect place to celebrate!

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