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Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Those banners are adorable! And I can't wait to see the new paper! How exciting!

Rachel Hope

Those banners are great! And the card is so wonderful! Simple WOW.


The banners are SUPER cute (I SO have to make some for my girls!!) and OMG about the full SHEETS of polka-dot paper!! How cool is that?????


The banners are incredible! So colorful! I CAN NOT WAIT to see the new paper! It is almost the end of the month, me thinks!

Jen Daloisio

oh my goodness- those banners are just the cutest. I love how you used the circle frames to make your daughter's birthday card....AND I am beyond excited to see the polka dot paper - how awesome is that?? Now I can use this wonderful paper in my scrapbooks too!


Oh how I love all this fun stuff. I'm super excited about the 8.5 x 11 paper. I will have to place an order next week. I hope the party is lots of fun. It would be so cute Linda if you took a photo of the birthday gal on the top bunk. All your daughters are so pretty. Celebrate!!

krystie lee

Happy birthday to her! She's such a beautiful girl! Love the banners, cute as can be!

Could you make the lower bunk more fun with some kind of a fun curtain around her bed? Like a beaded curtain, ribbon curtain, or mosquito netting?

It's so sweet that Makenna opens and reads her cards. When I was a kid, I'd shake for money and toss 'em! :)


I'm in love with those banners!!! I need a tutorial! :)


I love your banners and the wonderful colors of the room ! The polka dot cardstock is very exciting too !

Your Canadian trivia really made me smile today. :-) I am from Winnipeg and yes, this is a claim to fame for us. :-)


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