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Tuesday, April 08, 2008



Ouch, sorry girls! I'm sure having to clean-up the mess every time it rains hard is not much fun!


What a bummer! I hope nothing was damaged.


sending happy wishes and some FL springtime weather your way!! hope its not too bad! :)


Nice article about Stepanie. I've been in her store...gorgeous stuff. Haven't had a class yet but several friends go regularly and love it.

Mary C

Oh how terrible!!!! Maybe you can move sooner??????

Tamara Fischels

I love your style. All I can say is I sure wish I lived in Sacramento, CA, so I could come to your store all the time. It looks and sounds heavenly. :O)


Steph's store is awesome!!! Okay... I'm a friend, but I'd say it even if we never met! I can't believe all those days dreaming of life outside our TV jobs... covering dead bodies!! I knew you could do it... you've crossed over to the happy place and the whole world is in stamping heaven because of YOU!! Way to go missy!! You're shop ROCKS :)


"Your" shop ROCKS... sorry for the typo.. typing too fast! :)

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