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Tuesday, April 08, 2008



These are all so fun! How creative and clever! My fave is the party ensemble, I just love all those bright colors. Can't wait to see what else Stephanie comes up with!

Kathy McDonald

These are all fabulous! I can't wait to see what else she has in store for us.


WOW! These designs are beautiful! The creativity she puts in is unbelievable. Thanks for sharing!


Oh my goodness. These are so cute. I aspire to be this creative. Keep up the good work.


Wow! I'll have to make a pilgrimage to Sacramento just to visit Stephanie's shop! (SF bay area is kind of lacking in good crafts stores).


Let me tell you....Stephanie ROCKS! A group of girlfriends and I take stamp classes every month at Stephanie's shop, The Paper Garden. She is such a talented lady. We have a ball making all kinds of fun things. Her shop is loaded with ideas & she and her staff are always more than willing to help. You will be very pleased with what she has to offer.


Totally love Stephanie's designs! Thanks for the chance to win! Have a great week!


What awesome stuff!! I really love the fortune cookie!

Jessie McLaughlin

Love Stephanie's ideas and projects! The fortune cookie rocks!!


Love the designs!


In spite of all the A Muse stamps I have, I still don't have the Gerbera Daisy so I would love to win this drawing. I am looking forward to seeing more of Stephanie's projects and perhaps visiting her store when I am in Roseville this weekend.


i just LOVE Stephanie's designs - shut UP! :)


These are all SO cute. That fortune cookie is adorable and I love that little note set!


I LOVE the designs and colors used! How fresh for spring!

Kimberly S

The bookmark is a fabulous idea. What a neat gift idea to give with a bookstore giftcard to really personalize it.


Stephanie, these are all fabulous!!! You rock!


Wowzer! I love that tape dispenser-smart! Everything is super cute!


SO SO Cute.
That bookmark is INSPIRED! I'll be making some of those for gifts this year - maybe for my daughter's class.
Love it.

Sarah Jay

I was totally looking for the source for the patterned paper in the second sample. Then I realized Stephanie made it! With A Muse stamps! Could it get any better?


Oh my gosh...are those fortune cookies the best or what? Awesome stuff!

Linda B

Since I have found Stephanie's store, I am so impressed with her ideas. I love her classes and her creations look great, but with her help you learn they are simpler than they look. Thanks for posting her on your blog.

Sharon Knitter

These are fabulous! I can't wait to make bookmarks AND fortune cookies!!!


Wonderful creations. I love the fortune cookie...so clever!Can't wait to see some more of Stephanie's creations.

jenn shurkus

love all the fab ideas stephanie!!!!!


I love it.....ALL!!!! :)
I want MORE!!!!! Teeheehee.

Molly V.

WOW! How creative! I love everything. From the themed invitations/thank yous to the fortune cookie. I am bowing down to you Waynes World style - Not Worthy! haha.


I love the fortune cookie!!! I fear that if I tried to make one, it would have all sorts of funny "scrunch" lines and folds, but it would be great to try it all the same. I can just see coming to a dinner party with those on each plate for name tags. Too cute!

Susan N

Such cute and fun ideas. Thanks for asking Stephanie to to be a guest designer and sharing her creative ideas.

Lyndsay Neumann

OMG! Shut the front door! Clever, clever girl!


These are fantastic!! I am looking forward to visiting Stephanie's shop this weekend. Congrats on being this month's guest designer. Your work is amazing and inspiring!


Love all of the samples! Very creative. I can't wait to see the rest of the goodies that Stephanie sent!


oh wow! These are awesome ideas. I love love love the fortune cookie!

elizabeth Glass

These are ALL wonderful! can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve!!!!!!!
Elizabeth Glass


Simple and glittery got my attention: it's exactly what I like:)))
Fab creations, all of them.


I love how you made a bookmark and a fortune cookie! they are so cute and creative! :]

Kristin Nagashiki

I had so much fun reading this post. I love everything here, but the office supplies made me so happy. Ive been looking for something to brighten up my desk at work! I know what I'm going to be doing tonight! :)


Very creative!!! Great cards and projects Stephanie!


I love the cheery Party ensemble. Talk about knock your socks off!


Awesome ideas! Very original and creative. Love it!!!


Stephanie's card are so fun & creative! Can't wait to see more of her things!

Kathy K.

Wow - I AM one of the fortunate ones that get to skip into Paper Garden every weekend. I can't tell you what a wonderful group of people they are...Stephanie, Ken, Kelley, Laurie and Miles - I can be having THE creepiest day, but when I cross the threshold into Paper Garden, the stars align and I am at peace with the universe!! Wonderful store, GREAT people and TA-DAH, A Muse products EVERYWHERE...a little bit of heaven on earth, let me tell you!!

LOVE the fortune cookie!! Can hardly wait to see what other crafty items Stephanie has up her sleeve....


LoVe the fortune cookie!!!! Tutorial PLEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEE????

~ Pam


Your creations are wonderful. You are a wonderful guest designer.

Vicki C.

Stephanie's sets are so creative and beautiful!! My favorite, though, is the desk set. Vicki

Julie A.

What creative and wonderful ideas! I absolutely love the bookmark! Thanks for the chance to win the guest designer drawing.

Elyss Jennings

Adorable stuff! I really love the japanese looking note pad with the matching accessories. How creative!



I love the scalloped punch bookmark - another idea for one of my favorite tools : ) Stephanie's ideas are fantastic. Can't wait to see more!!!! Anita

Bethany Paull

These are such pretty creations! Congrats on being a guest designer with AMuse. I LOVE your stickles lined scallops.


Great ideas! I love the little flower note set!


ADORABLE 3D projects!! Thanks for the ideas! I love the desk set!


Oooo! WOW ~ her stuff ROCKS!!


I love that fortune cookie! Looking forward to seeing more of Stephanie's creations.

Jennifer Moore

I so want to know how she created the fortune cookie.


These are so creative. Love them all and can't wait to see more designs.

Cathy Whiteman

Wow, Stephanie is talented. I would love to have 1/10th her talent and creativity! I hope we get to see more.


luv all your ideas--I have made fabric fortune cookies for party favors that were a big hit

nancy l.

Very cute designs! I especially like the daisy set the notepad and pen set. Can't wait to see more.


Her work is AMAZING! I am totally going to case her idea for the office desk set. PERFECT for a teacher's gift!


These are awesome!! By far my favorite projects on this blog so far!! I am dying to have a template/instructions for that fortune cookie!

Beth Meier

Love your style Stephanie!

Julie Royer

My fav is the fortune cookie!! So cool! I was also wondering where does one buy the small magnets to make the bookmark? I haven't been able to find any in Canada that are both positive and negative (i.e. will stick together!)

Thanks for some great ideas!!

Jill Grace

Oh my gosh! LOVE the fortune cookie... is there a recipe? :)


This stuff is gorgeous! I particularly love the tape dispenser--who would have ever thought of that?? Stephanie--you are inspiring. God bless!


WOW! WOW! WOW! Those are ALL fa-bu-lous! Can't wait to see more of Stephanie's yummy paper treats!

Sarah Sheridan

I feel so privileged to visit the Paper Garden on a regular basis :) Love your designs Steph!

Linda SS

Stephanie is so creative! What fun projects - thank you for showing them & introducing Stephanie to us.

Kathy D

WOW! Stephanie, can you invite me to come play at your black granite counter?? PLEASE??

Lou Belle

I love the grouping of the flowers in the corner. They look so lovely on that invite!


oh I just love everything she made! That desk set is just adorable!

Val S

Awesome designs. I especially love the book marker. What a wonderful idea. Looking forward to seeing all of Stephanie's designs!


How incredibly creative! I love the fortune cookie! I can't wait for the next batch of Stephanie goodies!


These are all wonderful. Love the fortune cookie - too fun.

Suzanne Lameraux

WOW! It's all so beautiful and fun! I'm loving it all and can't wait to start to make some items of my own. What an inspiration! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Alison Snow

All stunning and beautiful!




Great designs. I love the fortune cookie.


Ooh- I love the desk set! I only wish Stephanie lived in Charlotte! She sounds awesome!!!


Too cute! Love them all! The guest designer series brings so much new energy and inspiration to this blog...thanks for keeping it up!

Kelly R

These are so fun. Awesome job Stephanie ;o)

Sandra B.

Wow! What beautiful designs! Everything is so cheery too. Clever use of the scallop punch for the bookmark!


What cool ideas!! Looking forward to seeing more. TY for sharing.

Elizabeth V.

Wow! Now I want to go to Sacramento...thanks for sharing these great designs!

kim lenhart

OH my gosh!! these are so beautiful!! Wowzie!!
Fantastic work!!

Regina Davis

Whoa! Stephanie is amazing. My favorite ideas - the custom tape dispenser and bookmark. Oh, I can't wait to see more. Bring it on!


Love the fortune cookie. So clever!

Bev/Maxell on SCS

Great projects and I love the daisy. Pretty. tfs

Bev J.

Lisa L.

Super cute! Stephanie mentioned that her son loves trains. I was wondering if she could share where she finds cute train stamps, etc. I have a 4 yo who loves trains too and I'm always looking for train stamps.


Beautiful work Stephanie! Thanks for sharing.

Lisa L.

Cute projects! Stephanie mentioned that her son loves trains. Mine does too so I was wondering if she knows where I can find train stamps, paper, etc.


Hello! Stephanie's designs are so fresh and pretty! Thank you for sharing. I'm going to have to give that folded bookmark a try! (from Sheryl in NM)

Donna Hitz

These are all so fresh and fun! I love your fortune cookie!!!
Donna Hitz


I love the fortune cookie! 3-d crafting is my favorite too & can't wait to see more.

Susie P

Hi! I love seeing what the guest designers have in store for us! Stephanie, your creations are fantastic and I can't wait to check out your blog:)

Janine Titko

I just love these! Thanks for designing them!

Claudia F.

Oh Wow, what wonderful work! What a great inspiration.


I love Stephanie's designs! They are so cute and she makes them look so easy! I enjoy her classes since they are easy to follow and she provides me with lots of ideas! (Actually just walking around the store will provide plenty of inspiration!)

Jo Ann F.

I love Stephanie's beautiful creations. That fortune cookie is to die for! Any chance the template could be posted?

Marilyn G in Virgina

ooo. I luurve the fortune cookies! to darn cute.


I am a regular customer of Stephanie's shop and have taken several classes there, especially the Asian themed ones. She has such wonderful creations. Ken, Laurie and Kelly are very helpful and talented too!! Miles is an adorable little guy. Thanks for having her as a guest designer. The honor is well deserved. Have seen the office set in her shop, it is fantastic!! Can't wait to meet Linda next week when she is at Stephanie's shop for a few classes. Am taking 2 of her classes.


I am always looking for neat new ways to impress those crafters I work with, and this fortune cookie is exactly what I am looking for. I love the idea!


What a great choice for a guest designer! I wonder if she'd share the template for the fortune cookies with us? ;)

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