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Friday, May 30, 2008


Cheryl S

Fun idea to do a designer swap. Both of you have talents! I am now introduced to AMuse which I had never seen before. The sushi set is on my list of "must haves" but winning the cute bicycle would be a treat too.

Rose Ann

I LOVE all of Lisa's awesome samples!! Super ideas, and out of the box creations!! You go girl!! Goin' to check on Julie's schtuff now. ;)


Cute, cute, cute cards!


Lisa you never cease to amaze us! WOW what an inspiring and FUN set of cards.

Julie I loved your cards too - I'm going to stamplift those ideas!


The result of this exchange shows you both had a lot of fun!!!!!!!
Thank you for sharing with us!!


Love the projects!

Mary G.

These cards are so cute!! I love them!! I think I might even try my hand at a spinner card! I love this morning... so much inspiration. Gotta go- I am going to go stamp :).
Mary G

Kristin Z.

What a fun exchange!! I love the different uses for the Sushi set!

Paula Laird

So stinkin' cute! I love all the cards! That sushi set rocks!

Doreen Schostek

Great idea for the switcharoo!!


These blogs just have to be the best thing ever!

I love all the cards that Lisa made- and all of those you made on the Hero Arts blog Julie- they are all so cute & inspiring! Thanks for a chance to win some goodies!


Thanks for setting up this giveaway for us! And for swapping and sharing your creative ideas!


It's obvious you each had a lot of fun!!! TFS

kimberlee fiskateer #2494

The sushi roll w/ it card made me LOL! I LOVE it!! Fun cards! Lovin' that ice cream one. So cute!

Jan Jenitis

Ahh-h girlfriends and sharing stamping ideas....it just doesn't get much better than this!!!


Holy Smokes! She did an increadible job! And WOWIE. Yes..and even SHUT UP! :) I looooved the sushi roll! Thanks for swaping for the good of stamping.


WOW- Lisa is goooooood! Such clever little touches on her cards. And I checked out her blog and photos - made me feel like goin' for a hike! Thanks for doing the swap - how fun.


those are adorable cards so much inspiration!! and now I have this craving for sushi :)


Really great ideas--shows off her personality. Thanks for the designer swap.


Love the switcheroo idea!!! so much fun to see other's ideas!!! Love your stuff over at HA too!!!


Ohmigosh! I LOVED how she morphed the fan into a flower (especially with that clear layer) and then a butterfly. Just too stinkin' cute.


WOW - all these cards are FABULOUS!!! Off to check out what you did with the Hero Arts stamps Julie!


Love the cards on both blogs! Thanks Lisa and Julie for all your great ideas!


Oh wow - how cute! Lisa did a great job; all the cards are adorable. I love that ya'll traded spaces so to speak. What fun for all of us readers!

Holly H

The Ice Cream card... genius! The 'fan' flower.... genius! Coffee Steam for the "dust" behind the bike .... genius! The "roll with it" rounded... perfect... So amazing! Talented, Talented, Talented lady! What a fun "swap"! I can't wait to see what Julie made over at the Hero Arts Blog!

krystie lee

What a fun idea to swap! The cards are fantastic!

Tricia Carter

I have never seen a sushi card.........but man I love yours!!!

Nadia  (Milano - Italia)

I admire people who can use things in different ways we all normally do .....
that is talent !!!

(Milano - Italia)

Kristin O

I really enjoyed these cards and came away with some things I have to try!!

Katee L.

Love the fan turned into a butterfly and the "roll with it" around the curve! So fabulous!

Elizabeth B.

I LOVE her cards! They are all so adorable! My favorite is the one with the party lanterns!


Oh my gosh! These cards are amazing. Great job! Hope to see more of your designs with amuse. Thank you

Barb B.

Oh my gosh, what Lisa did with those fans is just amazing! Great projects. Lisa certainly inspires.


Thanks for the chance to win such a cute prize! I've never seen this stamp before and I can definately see why it's your favorite!!!


The cards are fabulous, great stamps!

Diana T

Ive seen Lisa's work (Im a Hero Arts regular) and these cards are WOW!!!!. she really did a great job of finding other uses for the stamps. Like the BUTTERFLY, never would of thought of that one. I just put A Muse in my FAVORITES. I will be back.


What a neat idea for the designer swap! Lisa's cards are wonderful!


What a fun change-a-roo!! Love all the cards!!

marian king

Wow what fun. First time I've seen A Muse Stamps. Will look for them the next time I go shopping


Awesome Cards Lisa! And thanks Julie for your beautiful cards over at Hero Arts - they are so inspiring!

shirley wong

Wow!!! I enjoy making cards but could never compare to someone who has such a true creative talent!!!


Love Amuse stamps....and all these wonderful ideas! I mix and match my Hero Arts and Amuse stamps on cards I make all the time, so this was fun to look at and see all the great cards you two designed. Thanks!!!

Kate Cecil

I enjoy both of these artists and love the idea - Designers swapping amonst themselves - FANTASTIC!! THanks for sharing your creativity with us!


What happens when two designers swap stamps? CREATIVITY!!! What wonderful cards and ideas! Thank you Lisa for sharing!


Okay the designer swap was genius! Lisa, nice work with the A Muse stamps! Great way to introduce people to other products, too :) Great... now I may have discovered something else to get addicted to... ;)

Oh yeah, and I've been saving my sushi grass, too!!! I never thought to use it on a card, but I'm such a hoarder, I couldn't bear to throw it away! Now I know just what to do with it!!!


WOW - what a great stamp!

Dawn Phelps

How fun! Now I think I have to get the sushi set and I don't even like sushi :eyeroll:

Nancy Gagnon

OMG...this is so fun! I have always been a big fan of Lisa from Hero Arts so it is fun to see what amazing things she has done with A Muse stamps!!


Woooo - you girls have my dream job for sure!


THUNK! Please pick me up off the floor now! She's a freakin genious!!! OMG, I love her!!!! Lisa, I love you! Fresh, fun, totally innovative!


Love the idea of switching! Love your amuse cards Lisa and thanks for sharing! Jessie


I am an ardent follower of Lisa, now I have your blog to follow up too Julie. Awesome. Love the beautiful cards that Lisa has made for A Muse and the ones you made for Hero Arts!!


The arigato card is my favourite, beautifull cards!


Amazing! Really creative.


WOW, so creative! I loved the fans for the flowers and butterflies, what at a fun idea! Going to have try some of these.


The fan into a butterfly is genius!

Erin Glee

Yep! Another big SMILE from all the clever ideas and sweet cards Lisa made with the cool A Muse stamps... thank you for the chance at this Giveaway~ Have a great weekend!


I wish I had the ability to see butterflies and flowers instead of just fans!

Courtney Waters

I think this was such a great idea and really showed the versatility of the stamps! My favorites were the fan cards...so cute! Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway.

Kristin Edwards

I am inspired! thanks so much


Great cards, thanks for sharing :)

Joan Lay

Lisa, your Tatami Sandal Thank You card is adorable. Thanks for a fun week


The designer swap was such a great idea. Thanks for all of the inspiration!


Great idea for the old switcharoo! What fun!

Regina Davis

Wowza! She's a stamping GENIOUS! They're all so incredible!

Okay, now I'm off to see what Julie did with some Hero Arts stamps.


What a wonderful array of lovely happy cards - well done :)

Sandie McCarthy-Roberts

Amazing!!! Creativity is spilling out of her head and heart. Beautiful work. thanks so much for sharing.


Julie & Lisa -

What a wonderful Friday treat! I can't wait to check out Lisa's blog. Amazing things here and what awaits there? Probably just stunning stuff!



Fantastic! Love Lisa's creative, out-of-the-box thinking with all the stamps. But to see ice cream scoops out of that border is AMAZING! Thanks for the peek into her imaginative brain :)

Heather R.

WOW! Terrific cards!!!!


I love the fans used as flowers and butterflies. I love how those kinds of stamps can be used in different ways! I've never really checked out the Amuse stamps...I think I'm going to have to do some websurfing now...



what a great idea to 'blog swap'!!! I love all the cards, especially the 'wheely girl'.


It's not fair that someone can come up with such amazing alternative ideas for stamps! I so wish I could think out-of-the-box like that!

Sue in Alexandria VA

Kim Raymundo

I love all the creative way these stamps are used. My favorites are the ones used with the "Sushi" set. Now I REALLY have to get this set! Hugs, Kim :o)


Wow, Lisa you did a fantastic job. I am thinking about making a sushi card too. I couln't find a stamp to make it works. I love sushi too. And the fans, that's incredible. Love them all. Thank you for sharing with us.

Sherri Long

Great cards! Bright! Cheerful. Like the exchange idea lots!


Such cool card ideas!! I love what you did with the fan stamp - turning it into a flower and butterfly. And stamping your images in brown ink instead of black - such a simple idea but it really changes the softness of the images.

Pamela Fredrickson

Lisa's cards are very inspiring! There are too many to choose from to name a favorite.


Oh my goodness. These cards are so stinkin' cute. I just love the different ways she the fans. All I can say is WOW!


This is a happy day for me to see Lisa and Julie switch and to design such lovely and creative cards. It puts a smile on my face =)looking at all the cards.


Wow. My brain is filling with ideas after seeing all of this lovely inspiration!


Those cards are terrific! They really made my day, and made me want to run up to my stamp room and start thinking "outside the box." Thanks for sharing them with us. :)


I LOVE the fact that my two favorite companies are promoting each other's designers, it truly shows a level of comraderie and self-assuredness among the companies and the designers that isn't often seen between "competitors".

Like everyone, I LOVE what Lisa has done with those fans - y'all are too clever for your own good!


It's such a treat getting to see new designs and inspirations! Thank you for agreeing to do the Designer Swap with Hero Arts! :)


I have never heard of A Muse Stamps before now. I am so excited to explore your site!

And Lisa, my goodness . . . you are amazing!!! Great Job!!

Rebecca Attwood

Great job Lisa- those cards are adorable! Love the "On-a-roll" spinner!!!


All of the cards are so great! I especially love the fan butterflys...genius! :)

Lee Anne

All of the cards are fantastic! My favorite is the one with the ice cream scoops. How creative is that!!!! Oh, I forgot about the fans...too cute!


I love getting inspiration here. Great cards!

sarah c. (WAstamper on SCS)

SHUT UP!! These cards are fantastic. OK, I must be the last person on the planet who doesn't like sushi, so I managed to talk myself out of "needing" that set. Ummmm, guess it's going to the top of my list now.:) Love, love, love all the ways the Fancy Borders were used too(again, another set I don't have!) And what a great way to use the Coffee Break steam. Genius!


Beautiful cards!


WOW, Lisa, I love your creative, beautiful cards! I especially love your use of colored pencils on the images ~ So soft and pretty! This "Designer Swap" is so fun ~ I'm off to check out what Julie did with the Hero Arts stamps! Thanks for the fun!!

Char- D.

I love Lisa's creative stamps. Thanks for the chance to win.


Lisa, you're a rock star! These are so cute & creative! What a fun challenge! TFS! :D

Rachel D

The cards are great!! Love all the little details! Thanks!

Samantha P.

These are all so great! I L-O-V-E the use of the sushi grass! Recycling and creating a cute card at the same time? You girls rock! 8^)


Too too cute and creative! I love it when stamps are used with "outside the box" thinking!

paola norman

I love everything here wonderful! Those fan flowers and fan butterflies were ingenious! Love the creativity!


Just popping in from the Hero Arts blogspot. Julie did a terrific job there and now Lisa did fantastic here! Such creative minds! A great way to end the work week. Thanks you two!


Lisa, I love all these cards. You always have the best ideas!

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