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Thursday, May 08, 2008


Stefanie Summerer

oh wow! I really love the dimension with the Eiffel tower! What a cool way to use the stickers!


I really like the use of the sticker here. What great dimension! Thanks for showing this idea.

Michelle Infantino

I can see why the pink notecards and the eiffel tower stamp are her favorites. This card is delish!


talk about amazing inspiration! I love the different uses of the clear stickers - very clever and very effective.

Doreen Schostek

I DEFINITELY need to dig out my clear stickers from all of my stash....I love the way Dawn used them!!


These cards are great. Just love the color combos and the layouts. Very creative and inspiring.


Oh wow! Dawn is sooooo talented! I love her creations! Can we win also win all her handmade cards shown above too? :P (greedy, greedy)

Amy L. Weber

I love those owls. I've been so into owls lately, and into Amuse for a long while! They were what first drew me in to stamping. And Dawn is great as well. I'm a total fan!


I love how you use such fun colors! I have a problem with getting crazy with colors so it's always nice to see that it's okay. Tonight, I put together purple, pink and yellow with a bit of green... I thought that was being daring! Ha! Thanks for sharing!

Elyss Jennings

Dawn- I just love your work! You are very clever!!! :) You have given me some great ideas! Thanks for all the inspiration!



Wow! I love the combo of simple + elegant to create such beautiful and unique cards!!! Congratultions Dawn, I buy all those publications you mentioned and look forward to seeing your submissions! (Sheryl in NM)

Dottie K

I enjoy Dawn's blog and great ideas with the A Muse stamps. Very creative on the branch and the clear stickers. Cards are so adorable. I'm so thrilled that our LSS (Photo Scraps) is carrying A Muse stamps. Congrats Dawn!!! :) Dottie K.

Pam Wilson

I am so happy to see Dawn as your guest designer. Her clean, crisp style goes perfectly with your stamps! Looks like I might "need" to make a few purchases.

Gerianne K. Patti

I LOVE the chandelier card. I bought that stamp but I haven't used it yet. Very classy design.
Thanks for all of the ideas! Congrats on getting published too !
Geri in NH


I love the Eiffel tower card! Very simple yet elegant. Definitely says "Paris" to me!

Lyndsay Neumann

Holy cuteness, Batman! I can't pick a fave ... they're all so fabulous. Way to go Dawn!!!

Jen Daloisio

Dawn these are just beautiful! I can't decide which is my favorite- the owls or the Eiffel Tower! They are all so yummy! TFS!


What fabulous cards, but, I always love Dawn's creations :o) I especially love the owl card, I'm partial to owls and those colours are just gorgeous.

Karen Q

The cards are fabulous. I check dawn's blog daily. I love her use of color, it always makes me smile. It is hard to pick a favorite, but if pushed I would pick the chandelier. I can think of many sayings to put with it.

Amy, Ottawa, Canada

I've not seen clear stickers before ... they're brilliant. Great job, Dawn. Be well, Amy.

Molly V.

Ooooooo Eiffel Tower stamp!! I have to comment! haha.

I love these cards. I especially love the "textures" they create with the different layers. Boy does that Ice Cream truck get me hungry!


i've been checking Dawn's blog out for a while now, and it's no surprise that she's A*Muse's next guest selection. i just LOVE her work. TFS

Mary Dawn

i love dawn's designs and her spirit, she's so sweet

Lynn Mercurio

All of these are fabulous creations, but I'm not surprised...DAWN ROCKS!


How exciting to be asked, Dawn! You did a great job. Your style is perfect for Amuse. I can't wait to see what else you post! Congrats!! woo hoo!!

Bonnie aka raduse

Dawn, this is just too exciting! And all of these cards are just awesome! Oh my gosh, a tree branch from crystal stickers, I would never have thought of that.


Congrats, Dawn! Love your creations - you're a perfect fit for A Muse!

Jennifer Moore

I like the ice cream card. That is really cool that you will have that many cards published this year.

Kristin Z.

I love the different uses for the clear scallop stickers! I have some and can never figure out just how to incorporate them into my cards! Such fun cards!

Malissa M

Dawn - wonderful designs as always! It's wonderful to see your work and creativity showcased!


Congrats Dawn, I love your clean and so elegant style. Great idea with the clear sticker.

Shelly Kettell

I just love Dawn...great choice for Guest Designer!! I love the clear stickers and how they are used...might have to try that out! Love the Eiffel tower!

Kerri Thomas

Dawn I have found lots of inspiration from your blog, congrats on being a guest designer!


Dawn, The cards are great! I love the "You're a hoot" card! What a great idea for the tree branch. I also enjoyed your blog and will check it often. I'm new to the art of stamping and I love it. Especially when I see great designs. Thanks for sharing such wonderful and creative designs.

Renee V. (happystamper05)

You couldn't have picked a better guest designer than Dawn. Her style is so crisp, clean and unique - perfect for Amuse!
All of these cards are just darling, it's hard to pick a favorite but those owls sure are adorable!
Congratulations Dawn!

Judy @ In His Grip

Dawn, I have admired your cards since I found your blog. You are so talented.


those are so cute - looking forward to the other creations you'll share this month! congrats on your publishing line-up also!!


Dawn what an accomplishment!!!!!! WOO HOO for you! You deserve it! You go girl:)

Nancy Banker

I loved all the card designs and am truly inspired by them. I especially love the penguins on that sparkly branch.


Congrats Dawn! You are So Talented...Can't wait to see what you come up with..

Meredith C

I just recently discovered Dawn's blog and immediately fell in love with her style. I love all of these cards!

Nicole Ireland

Congrats Girlie!! Awesome job on your cards!! I agree that her style is "perfect" for A muse!! Way to go!!

Bethany Paull

Congrats! And you used the most absolutely FUN colors for those owls. Awesome.


Congratulations on getting published. How exciting is that?
My favorite card design is the ice cream truck-such memories!

Stephanie Jones

Very nice! I'm inspired to try some new things. thank you!


I love all of the cards but I think the one with the owls is my favorite. So cute! Congrats Dawn!

Shari Bielefeld

I think Dawn's designs are so great! She is so talented and I look forward to reading her blog everyday! Thanks!


Love the pink polka dot card! :) Kym

Regina Davis

Congratulations, Dawn! I've followed your wonderful work on your blog and am so excited to see you working with A Muse products, too. I love these four cards, especially the Ooh La La! card. I, too, am going to have snag your technique of layering over the bubble.

I can't wait to see more! Take care - Regina Davis

Kathy McDonald

What great cards! I'm especially fond of the Eiffel Tower card, but I love all of them. I look forward to seeing what else Dawn has in store for us!


Oh My! or should I say Ooh-La-La? Dawn's creativity with such clean simplicity is lovely! I can't wait to try each one of these unique ideas! I love the beaded branch (and it also answers one of this year's mantras for me..."Use what you have!!") And Dawn's interesting treatments with the Amuse clear stickers are great, too! I can't wait to see what's next! You go, girl!!


congrats Dawn! I have been enjoying your work for wuite some time now!


Hi Dawn! I can't beleive that you have ever lost your mojo, especially after seeing these cute cards! So creative, I really like the bright colors that you used for the sending sunshine! But I have to say that the chandelier card is my favorite, the colors, the frame, love it, love it, love it! You have made me see this stamp in a whole new light. Ha!


What beautiful cards! I have seen Dawn's name so many times, but never pictures such a fresh young face. I adore the owl card! Each one of her cards is fantastic!

Susan N

Congratulations Dawn for being chosen as an A Muse Guest Designer. What a perfect match. I have told you before I love the style of your cards on your blog that you share with us and the ones that have been published in Cards magazine. A Muse is one of my favorite for stamps and notecards. Since I live in the area I enjoy shopping at the retail store. The staff is so nice. I would love to win the eiffel tower stamp it is one of the items on my wish list. Congratulations again.


Love the owl card!!


Creative use for the clear stickers. I have some and I'll have to try out some of those tricks.


So fantastic! I am always looking for simple and cute card designs. Dawn, your blog is bookmarked now!


Wow! Dawn is a designer after my own heart...clean, simple and breathtaking!! I just decorated my daughter's room in a Parisian theme and would love to win! Thanks so much!!

Susie P

I love the "Light" card, such pretty colors together! I am going to have try that! Thanks for all the great inspiration:)


Kathy K.

LOVE the ice cream truck card - the colors are so cheerful and SUMMERY!!!


Oh my goodness! These cards are just amazing. They have to be some of my favorites of all time. The designs are so creative and use things in a new way. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration. Keep up the good work.

Julie-Ann Wells

I love all those cards! Just so cute and cleaver. The Owl card is super cute!!


Congratulations Dawn!! All four cards are great! Now off to check your blog!


Dawn - Congrats! Love your owl and ice cream truck cards! Those are sooo cute! The ice-cream truck made his first of the season drive down our street yesterday 20 minutes after the kids got home from school - so of course we were standing out there.

Troy Louise

Dawn's designs are so clean & fresh. I love the Eiffel Tower card. Thanks for sharing her with us.

nancy l.

These cards rock!! I really like the chandelier and Eiffel Tower cards.

stefanie rico

The ice cream truck card just screams summer! Your cards are fun and fresh!


Dawn you continue to A muse me! I love seeing your designs and your humour that shines through in your writing. The cards are all gorgeous! I think the Eiffle tower wins for me as it makes me think back to my own trip to Paris!
Keep shining!

young chang

As an already existing fan of Dawn, it's fun to see her being featured here. Love the chandelier card!


I love all of Dawn's cards! I love the idea that she used by layering all the different colored kitchen notecards. I'm going to have to try that! Also love the idea with the clear sticker!


I have enjoyed Dawn's cards for some time now. My fav's here are the Eiffel Tower and Ice Cream Truck!


Congratulations Dawn! I love the owl card! The colors are awesome, but then I always love all the projects you create! I check your blog every day to see what's new! You are so talented!


Oh, I love that chandelier card and the way she did the notecard "stripes." Too cute!


Love the chandelier card...the colours and the 3 stamps together!! TFS your creativity!! Tinla:)


I have fallen in love with all of Dawns cards and her creativity. These are just wonderful cards


I love these so much that I can't even pick a favourite! Your work is beautiful Dawn!

:-) Barbara


Adorable cards, Dawn! I'm thrilled you are the guest designer, your blog is one of my faves!

Laura Sneden

Dawn, I am over the top excited for you. And you know I♥ that ADORABLE owl card. The colors,the owls, the perfect amonunt of bling,and the sentiment. I just love it.


first of all Dawn, CONGRATS!
I check your blog from time to time and this is GREAT news.
2nd of all... I LOVE LOVE LOVE your creativity!
Great cards. Polka dots are so universal!

Jen D.

What a great choice for a guest designer. I love the Eiffel tower card. :)


{{{hugs}}}, Dawn! I am sooo excited for you! These are over the top, fabulous cards, and I can't seem to choose a favorite! I gotta get me some of those awesome clear stickers!


ohhhhhh that ice cream truck brings back sweet memories.

Congrats, Dawn!!


Dawn you know I love you! I am so glad that you are being recognized publically! I love the owl card. The only thing i might change was to turn it pink and orange! ;)


Congratulations Dawn! Your work is so amazing and very inspiring. I just love your use of color. All of these cards are fantastic. The owls are too,too cool - literally! LOL! But my *fav* would have to be effiel tower. Way to go Dawn! Looking forward to seeing more of your rockin' A Muse designs!

Holly H

Very creative... from the branch to the sticker use! What fun! I love the color combos and the light card is so funny but elegant! The ice cream truck... I just heard one outside my door (crazy!)... ice cream is my sunshine! Thanks for the creative inspiration!

Kim L.

I love how you did the ice cream truck! It's putting me in the mood for an orange push-up!


These are so cute! I really love the Eiffel tower card: colors, ribbon, placement of the tower on the scalloped circle...just a really happy card! Dawn is such an inspiration for me.

Kim Raymundo

Hi Dawn,

I love all your cards from the colors you used to the layouts. I can't decide which card is my favorite! I'm getting soooo many great ideas! Congrats on getting your cards published. Kim :o)


I love the chandelier card. It's one of my favorite A Muse stamps!


Yay, Dawn! Congrats on being the guest designer. Your creations are amazing, as usual!


I love the colors of the owl card :-)

Lisa L.

I just recently discovered Dawn's blog and just love her style.
I especially love the Eiffel tower card---ohh la la!

Congrats, Dawn! Can't wait to see more!!!


I absolutely love the chandelier and Eiffel Tower cards - wonderful colors with simple and clean designs. They are so refreshing. Thanks for sharing!!


I love the Eiffel Tower and Chandelier cards...so cute!


Dawn I just love your creations. Your color choices and combinations are inspirational....keep em' coming!

Erika M.

I absolutely love Dawn's blog. I try to read it every day. She does beautiful work.

Alanna (al_silver2)

I love those cards...will have to check out Dawn's blog. I especially like the branch for those cute owls!

Tina W


Love your blog and the Eiffel Tower card...just soo cute! Congrats on being A Muse's Guest Designer!



"Oh la la" is right! Way to go, Dawn! Love these!

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