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Wednesday, May 07, 2008



That is aweful... I'm sorry that you guys had to go through all that again! Isn't it amazing what people try to get away with? Tomorrow will definately be a better day!


Ugh! I cannot believe this! I am so sorry you are having to deal with this and a crappy landlord to boot! I hope not much was damaged. I say send the bill to the Mexican restaurant with the diagram from the plumber!!


Oh ... no ... she ... didn't! This woman has some nerve! Good grief. I bet you'll be so happy to be out of the flood zone and away from that crackpot slum lord.


Sweet lord-I am so sorry this keeps happening. Karma will get that troublemaker. :) Hang in there!

scoopy (Emily)

Ack - what a pain! Hugs!


I do hope that things get better soon. I'm glad you have such wonderful people surrounding you at home and at work!


Time for a counter on your blog, counting the days to the move?

Take care!

Jen Daloisio

Oh my gosh- how awful for you! I can't believe that happened again! I can't wait until you get your new place- I really hope that landlord will be so much better!

Molly V.

Wow. She sounds like a real peach.


Oh man that's crazy! At least you guys are moving - I couldn't imagine having to deal with that over and over and OVER again!! (((HUGS)))


Oh, Linda,

Not again! Thank goodness you will soon be in your new place.


Wow, that is unbelievable Linda! It sounds like somebody should be paying YOU and not the other way around.I bet you are counting the days until you can move!



UGH!! How annoying for you guys! Can't wait for you to get out of ther and into the new place!


No way!!!I am SO, SO sorry! If I could help I would be there in a heartbeat! Hang in there. August will be here before you know it.


I just can't wait for you guys to move. All this will finally be in the PAST!


No! That's terrible! I hope moving day comes quickly for you and there are no more fiascos to deal with!


Unbelievable. Your landlord sounds like a real piece of work and how stupid of the that restaurant to pour their grease down the drain. Some people just don't get it!! I'm so glad the job didn't get a lot of damage.

sarah c. (WAstamper on SCS)

Awww, hang in there! I'm sure your move can't come soon enough! {{Hugs}}


Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry you guys are having such problems! I'm surprised that there isn't somewhere to go for commercial property complaints since you can for personal rentals.

Jo Ann F.

Linda, that really stinks. And on Mother's Day Weekend, too. Thank goodness you have the new location, and lack of flooding, to look forward to.

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