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Monday, June 30, 2008



What do I love most about Canada??? That's a hard one!!! There's so much to love....
*the diversity of the country.... mountains, rivers, lakes, prairies, coast... so much to see
*the people are friendly
*we have four seasons (at least most of the country does)
*the Barenaked Ladies!

But for me, nothing beats a prairie sunset in Saskatchewan

Enjoy you visit "home"!!!

Debby W.

Hi Linda! Great card! I live in Manitoba (in a small town outside of Winnipeg). What do I love most about Canada? I love living in a free country with wide open spaces and fresh air (at least where I live the air is still fresh!). Have fun at your cottage! I bet it is beautiful there! Debby


I love the fact that ICanada always feels like home - no matter which town or city I visit within our great nation - it's HOME!

Alanna (al_silver2)

Happy Canada Day to you, too, Linda...
I love the natural beauty of Canada as well as it's diversity. My favorite spots to visit are Vancouver Island (mountain views and ocean, need I say more?), Nova Scotia (esp. Peggy's Cove - gorgeous!) and Quebec City during Carnaval (what a blast!). Enjoy your getaway!


I agree with Nancy, one of the great things about Canada (I live in Ontario) is getting to enjoy all 4 seasons! Aside from that, it's just an awesome place to live.. eh?? ;)


How about my top two:

- I love how amazingly friendly the people are!
- I love being able to take advantage of so many local and national parks; the natural landscape is just stunning!


There is so much I love about Canada... the Canadian pride... the beauty... and most of all.. the HOCKEY!!

Nancy W

Being of the immigrant generation, what I most love about Canada is the acceptance of multiculturalism in being Canadian. I live on the West Coast and the FOOD diversity that's available is truly Canadian. Finally, our late-ripening strawberries are ready for picking-and-eating in the fields!

Leanne B.

I love the Canadian Pride, the maple leaf, maple syrup, RCMP, oceans, lakes, trees, hockey, CFL, friendliness, and the fact that we live in the best country in the world (just ask all the people from other countries that put the maple leaf on their travel bags!) I AM CANADIAN!!!!Oh ya, and that Amuse stamps are sold here! LOVE the card.


Hi Linda,
Happy Canada Day! Enjoy your trip back!
I've decided to write a haiku for Canada Day:

Oh Canada

Friendly and diverse
Nature sings your graces free
I'm Canadian

Gloria Grabert

I lived in B.C. as a L.D.S. missionary. I loved the warminess of the people. I still remember fall in Kamloops with its brillitant color fall leaves. I loved eating the English foods, Yorkshire Pudding and fish and chips.(I'm a Texan) To this very day I loved meeting Canadians and talking about where they came from.
When we lived in Conn.,we took our kids to Niagara Falls,to see the locks and the wild animal park and a British fort. My kids loved the Canadian money,The lady at our bread and breakfast was terrific. My girls adore her when she brought a treat downstairs to them.She was so warm and friendly to our family.My toddler,she loved the petting farm and have some adorable pics as a reminder.It was interesting to see history of the fort from an English view.I'm glad Canada is my neighbor.

Kristy Rooney

I love the wilderness. I live in Ontario and I love nothing more than to go up north and camp along the shores of Lake Superior. It's just so quiet and beautiful there. I am so proud to be a Canadian.Have a wonderful time at your cottage.
Kristy :)

Val S

I love the 4 seasons the most...along with health care for everyone!

Heather M

What do I love about Canada?
Being a Canadian!
Wherever I travel, our country garners nods of smiles and respect.
I love that!
BTW, while visiting your cottage here in Quebec, wave hello to me in Montreal- I'll be waving back :)


I love so much about Canada, I can't narrow it down to just one thing - but looking out my window right now, I am loving the fact that I have the gorgeous mountains and ocean so close by!
I also love the friendly people, and the freedom!!!


hi linda -- happy canada day! i love canada because of family. i lived in vancouver for several years. i love canada because julia, my bestest friend in the whole wide world lives in calgary, alberta...waving hi to my stamping sister char in calgary...

shirley wong

What do I love about Canada? It is home. I have backpacked parts of our huge world, Australia, New Zealand,SE Asia, Thailand, Burma, some Europe, Mexico, Cuba, Barbados etc. We are very fortunate to have enough to eat, clean water and stability.

Also we have pretty reliable mail service and I can get A Muse mailed to me.


What do I love about Canada?

It's like asking me what do I like about my little boy - there are a hundred different reasons. What makes me proud to be a Canadian (and a Newfoundlander) is that when I have travelled to other places and I get asked where I am from, as soon as I say that I am from Canada a friendly smile comes across peoples faces. It is that immediate recognition that we are peaceful and loving that makes me proud to be a Canadian.

I'd like to know what it means for you, Linda, to be a transplanted Canadian on this very special day...


Happy Canada Day Linda!
I had a feeling you would create a special card for your Canadian friends! It's wonderful, thank you!
I don't know that I can pick just one thing about Canada that I truly love. The landscape is as diversified as the people.I feel such a great sense of pride when I say that I am from Canada.It's just a special feeling!
:-) Barbara

Cass M.

Yes, indeedy, Happy Canada Day!
This is our first year back "home" after living in the States for 4 years due to school - although really, technically, we crossed the border for the last time on LAST Canada Day, which felt very appropriate.
What do I love about Canada? So much .... it's home ... it's peaceful ... it has Smarties and Laura Secord and Purdy's and Rogers chocolates ... it's where you can always rely on boring Queen E stamps at the post office ... it has coloured money ... it was the liberator of Holland during WW2 ... it always showcases world events on any nightly news ... it has weird shows like Corner Gas and Little Mosque on the Prairie ... and most importantly, it bore life to Anne of Green Gables and all of Lucy Maud's wonderful heroines. It is where I am free and thankful and cared for and counted.


I love that Canada accepts diversity. That gays & lesbians are allowed to live a free life without (as much) criticism. Canada is BEAUTIFUL! The nature- water, trees, birds!
Love it!


As an immigrant to Canada, I feel truly blessed for all the beauty and freedoms that the country offers. I quickly identified with Canadians. I'm so proud to be Canadian that I joined the Federal Public Service, so that I can serve Canadians. What I love most is the diverse landscapes. While serving Canadians, I had the privilege to travel across our beautiful country and to see what each province has to offer.


I think what I like most is the pride and the modesty of Canada (and most Canadians in general). Keep up the great work!

Amy G.

I love lots about Canada, and being a Canadian.
I love the wide open spaces, I love the diversity there is in nature, I even love the crazy weather that changes every 10 minutes. I love that I am free to practice my religion of choice, that I am able to vote, that being a woman does not make me a second class citizen, but equal opportunites are given to me.

Karen S

Have you seen some of our Mounties?! WoW - that's one reason to love being Canadian.
I'm proud to say that contrary to popular belief, I don't have a moose in my backyard, nor do I live in an igloo (although today, I wish I did), I LOVE our beer, I'm proud of Mike Myers, Neil Young and of course, The Barenaked Ladies!!
I love that in the middle of our vast country, we have a province that consists almost solely of French speaking Canadians.
I love that when I travelled to Europe, I got discounts, just because the shop keepers loved my "accent".

Most of all, I love that I am free to say that I love being Canadian!!


Happy Canada Day Linda!

Geeta / CraftyEngineer

Okay, well I don't live in Canada currently... but your card reminded me of when I was little, I used to sing "Oh Canada, we stand in the cold and freeze"... cause I didn't remember the words! LOL!


There are so many wonderful things about Canada that makes me proud to be a Canadian. The friendly and generous people, cultural diversity, freedom of speech, it's safe and peaceful, we get all four seasons, and the abundance of beautiful land and wildlife. It's one of the most admirable and beautiful countries in the world, and anyone living here is truly blessed!

Sarah Pendergrast

Hmmm...what don't I love about being a Canadian (other than there's no Amuse shop near by). I love that there's still so much wilderness. I live in Toronto right now, and I can still drive 30 minutes and be in farm land and go berry or apple picking or wheatever. I love the beaches on the east coast (where I'm from), the mountains out west (where I love to visit), the amazing cutural diversity, and the friendliness. It's great to be a Canadian!

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