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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Kathy Toth

Well in the 80's our tooth fairy gave 50 cents and a dollar coin for molars. When I was little I think I got a dime. I'm sure inflation has hit the tooth fairy but I don't have any grandkids yet so I'm not current on "tooth-worth". I agree with you tho, they do grow up FAST! BTW, yours is a sweetie-pie!


The tooth fairy brings 8 quarters for all teeth. And she didn't pay at my house as a kid. My kindergarten teacher let the cat out of the bag and my parents didn't bother to play after that.
I found it hard when my 5 year old lost her top front tooth to an absess, I had to get a "deal" with the tooth fairy on the fly. I recall one time my youngest daughter asked why her friends get toys or different amount of money and they got 8 quarters, as normal when faced with hard questions, I made something up.. I told her when she was born along with all the paperwork I had to do a contract with the tooth fairy and that was the contract we signed. The next tooth she wrote a note asking for a toy. Ohhh what fun!


My kids get $2 for their very first tooth and $1 for the rest. We got 25 cents when we were growing up. I have four kids so this fairy can't give too much! She is really darling with that missing tooth. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

Stevens Girl

Our tooth fairy gives a quarter for each tooth. My kids don't know how to keep track of the money very well anyway so why bother giving them any more than that. I might give a little more when they lose their molars. We'll see.


Our tooth fairy brings a golden dollar for each tooth. The first tooth for each child also got a book about teeth/tooth fairy. When I was a child the tooth fairy brought us a quarter and sometimes a pack of sugar-free gum.


Our kids got $5 for their first tooth, and $1 thereafter. I know...inflation! But our kids don't get an allowance, and they have to save half of it. Gosh, they really do grow up fast...my DD who is 11 has all her adult teeth already!


Teeth are worth $1.00 at our house. I think I got what ever the "toothfairy" had handy- might be a nickle or a quarter but my grandfather always gave me $1.00 for each tooth extra- he always spoiled me like that. My DD (now 11) has a friend in the neighborhood that got 10.00/tooth and 20.00/molar. She is an only child, I've often wondered if they would adopt ME!!!!


My 'baby' turned 7 yesterday. :(

OK so I'm a big softie! The tooth fairy brought a $1 coin and a Barbie for the first tooth last year.
Since then it's $1.
Yeah, a BUCK!

I got a quarter when I was a kid!!


Where were you today!? I stopped by the shop and picked up all of my latest necessities. Hope to get back into stamping for AP. I have a large tooth fairy compilation. It was part of a discussion on the Bainbridge Island Moms message board. I can forward along if you'd like. Hope to see you soon!

Jenn Billings

At our house the tooth fairy brings four shiny quarters, but my daughter has told me that some of her friends get $10 a tooth! Can you believe it?!? That is just crazy! When I was little we only got a quarter for our teeth.

Skye D.

We used to get what ever change mom (the toothfairy) had in the bottom of her purse. It ranged from a couple of small coins up to $1.50. My kids are a bit luckier, and get about $2.50. That's usually enough for a small trinket (Hot wheels car, etc.)
When my oldest was losing his top 2 teeth at the same time, it was right before Christmas. You don't know badly I wanted him to lose both before Christmas (I'm a scrapbooker and really wanted an "All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth" page- I know, I know- I'm a horrible mother). His permanent ones started to grow in before the baby ones were out, so the baby teeth stuck straight out. He looked ridiculous and couldn't even close his lips together. So I bribed him into letting me pull them in exchange for opening a Christmas gift early. Each one came out so easily with a gentle tug. He got an MP3 player a few days early, and I got my scrapbook page!


ahh! my little 6 year old just lost his first tooth a couple of weeks ago and the "tooth fairy" paid him $5. then about a week after that he lost his second tooth and got $1. as for me i got 4 quarters for the first and 50 cents after. i guess the *4* quarters seemed like a bigger deal then $1 bill. :)


My first two kids both lost teeth before they turned six so I was completely unprepared! The tooth fairy gave them the Sacajewea gold dollar coins for the first tooth, then they got toothbrushes or 50 cents/half dollar coin. I cannot even remember how much I go, but I know it was never more that 50 cents.

Erika M

Gosh - when I was little, we got a quarter for each tooth we lost. I decided to start a tradition with my daughter - so for each lost tooth - she received a gold dollar which she saved in a bank. I thought it would be neat to try this out - so far so good.


I can remember getting twenty-five cent a tooth and being thrilled!!!! Our kids got about a dollar, depending on the tooth and what was available. We did have a "Grandparent" incident that introduced a $5 dollar bill, boy was that hard to work around. But then we've had Easter Bunny egg hunts with non-kid friends that loved putting $1, $5, $10 and $20 in the Easter eggs and helping the youngest find the "goodies", loving and very kind-hearted, but tough to follow up on when you have four kids. We're now working this all out with our 2 grandkids, don't want to create problems for "Mom and Dad".

krystie lee

Awww, cute!! We're still in "getting teeth" mode in my house, so I can't offer advice about the toothfairy's going rate. I can't remeber how much I recieved as a kid, either.

I recently bought a little toothfairy kit that came with a tiny pillow with a tooth pocket and some "fairy dust" (glitter & star confetti). I like the idea of sprinkling fairy dust from the window to their bed.

I love MJ's comment! Bribing a kid to rip their teeth out for a good scrapbook photo op.....lol!


I have a funny story about those tooth fairies! My son (who is now 9) was the very last one in his class to lose a tooth. In fact it was the end of 1st grade. It was the sorce of a few tears... Anyway, when it finally did happen, my husband was out of town, I had a 2 year old and a six month old who were in bed for the night, and I tell you that literally the only $ in my house was a $10.00 bill. So, Sam got the 10.00 and a note from the tooth fairy explaining that he would not get this much again, but that it was a special one time deal because he won the contest for keeping his baby tooth the longest. The note also said he had to put half of the $ in his piggy :) When I was little it was .25 cents for regulars and .50 cents molars :)

Emma (ratqueen)

We got a Loonie per tooth from the tooth fairy, until the Twoonie was released. Now I hear parents do that. But in the US I dunno what she leaves ;)


I got a quarter for ea. tooth and maybe a dollar for molars I can't *really* remember. I am a teacher in a school near Boston and I know the cost of living is always higher here but according to the kids, the tooth fairy brings on average five dollars a tooth!!!! Yikes!!! My parents would have gone broke with the seven of us!!!!!


What a sweet toothless grin!!

I heard a story once of tooth fairies that only gave foreign money. They came from all over the world and you had to do your research to figure out how much it was. I thought this was a fab idea (and you can easily get it at most large banks) but I had already started one child when I heard about it so I had to keep up with what I already had going. My kids get "special money" (silver dollars or dollar coins, 50 cent pieces and even a $2 bill for teeth that had to be pulled).

I honestly don't remember what I got as a child, maybe a quarter?

Susan N

Ok, I must be older then most of the ladies that posted a comment :) I used to get 10 cents and I think 25 cents for molars. My grandma would sneek me 50 cents. My children are grown but they used to get a dollar. The grandparents from Spokane would send a special letter from the tooth fairy with a two dollar bill enclosed. My children would get so excited. I still have the letters. Your daughter is so cute and looks so happy that her tooth is out. Thanks for sharing.


She's so precious! My son will be 6 in two weeks - I can't believe it! He hasn't lost a tooth yet but I'm sure I'll cry when he does! I read somewhere that it's much more "magical" for kids to receive coins instead of bills so I'm sure we will be giving silver dollars or something like that (if we can find any!)

I always got 50 cents per tooth when I was little. :)


Well, the tooth fairy is visiting our house tonight, too. How much she leaves depends on what's in her wallet. LOL. First tooth gets bonus money around here but the fairy has been known to leave 'big' money when she doesn't have 'small' money. For a while she left $2 bills until she had to go to 3 different banks just to chase one down. That was because little boy had 2 friends whose tooth fairy left $2 bills. Yes, it's sad when that first tooth comes out, isn't it?

Kathy D

The tooth fairy left me a quarter for each tooth when I was a child (1960's). Now, she leaves my children $1 for each tooth, and an occasional note when life has gotten in the way. I'm not sure if my 12 yr old has figured it out yet (or if the 10 yr old or 15 yr old spilled the beans!), but I am not ready to give up tradition.

Lori Barnett

How cute. My daughter has lot several teeth in the last month! She has a special tooth fairy tooth box that will hold up to 6 quarters. The tooth fairy usually leaves 4 quarters...but somtimes has left 6 for those teeth that she really worked hard at getting out :)

Riza Almanza

Well, the story on my oldest first tooth is that he put the tooth under his pillow, my husband and I forgot about it until the next morning. My son was so sad and told us that the tooth fairy didn't come and I said that maybe the tooth fairy was just very busy and so was a little late in coming. I quickly signaled to my husband to run to his room and take the tooth. I told my son to try again and look to see if the tooth fairy had made it and he comes running back to us and said "mom look what the tooth fairy left". Lo and behold...he was waving around a $10 dollar bill. I looked at my husband and he signaled that he didn't have a $1. Well, the parents at school got a hold of the story and weren't too happy about it and told my husband that he was setting a bad example for the rest of them. We sort of have to keep giving them more than $1 and I hope we won't loose too many tooth or else we'll have to break our piggy bank...

Stephanie Jones

my son is 6. His first bottom tooth got him $1. Then he got $3 for the next one. My husband thought he should get 5, I thought that was too much, we spent more time trying to figure out the appropriate amount! Now he's in kindergarten and his top teeth came out and he gets $5.

Holly H

I love the tooth fairy! I use to get a silver dollar for each tooth, even my wisdom teeth which were removed at age 21! I love my parents, I mean the tooth fairy! One day I'll have kids and that is exactly what I want the tooth fairy to leave them! Congrats to your daughter on her tooth!

Katie Skiff

I give my kids the Sacajewea $$ usually. And I think that I got 50 cents at the most.


I had a special Tooth Fairy pillow that my Grandma had embroidered for me. It had a cute little pocket to hold your tooth until the tooth fairy came and replaced it with money. I got about a quarter for each tooth. Sometimes a couple quarters, maybe even a dollar bill! There was never any set amount the Tooth Fairy brought.

lisa onestampinmama

The tooth fairy just visited our house for the first time a few weeks ago.... She left a note and 5 $1 gold coins in my son's tooth fairy box. She did say that for the 2nd tooth it would only be 4 $1 gold coins and for the 3rd tooth it would be 3 $1 gold coins...all tooth(s) left after that would be traded for 2 $1 gold coins! She thought that the first tooth was such a milestone that it was worth so much. She also settled a bet between my 6 yr old son, who lost the tooth and said she was orange, and my 4 yr old daughter who said she was pink.... she is indeed pink and very sparkly!

lisa onestampinmama

The tooth fairy just visited our house for the first time a few weeks ago.... She left a note and 5 $1 gold coins in my son's tooth fairy box. She did say that for the 2nd tooth it would only be 4 $1 gold coins and for the 3rd tooth it would be 3 $1 gold coins...all tooth(s) left after that would be traded for 2 $1 gold coins! She thought that the first tooth was such a milestone that it was worth so much. She also settled a bet between my 6 yr old son, who lost the tooth and said she was orange, and my 4 yr old daughter who said she was pink.... she is indeed pink and very sparkly!


no teeth lost in our house yet, but when I was growing up "MY" tooth fairy always left a fifty cent piece, a quarter, a dime, a nickel and a penny. I suppose with inflation, today's tooth fairy could leave those AND a dollar coin! :-) I always thought that was kind of cool, one of each coin. I can't believe some kids get $10!!!! nuts!


I got a quarter as a kid, now the TF gives a dollar at our house. Makenna looks precious!


My "baby" is now 16 - but when the Tooth Fairy was visiting our house, the tooth would be left in a "snack-sized" zip-top bag and it was slid under the pillow. The Tooth Fairy would then get a 2nd bag, put $1.00 and a new (packaged) tooth brush in there (along with a bit of loose prisma glitter) and trade out bags (of course there was also a bit of a primas glitter trail around the bookcase headboard - maybe the Tooth Fairy is a stamper or perhaps it's just fairy dust???). On the sad occasion that the 2 (loose) front teeth were ripped out of her head in a jumpy house (long story) and could not be found (yes, I told the other kids if they could find the teeth there would be a cash reward)...we had to leave a note for the Tooth Fairy explaining the whole sad story (a note entirely in my daughter's words - it's hilarious!). To our great surprise and delight - the Tooth Fairy took the note and left $2.00 and the new tooth brush. My daughter asked what the Tooth Fair did with all the baby teeth and in a panic I told her that they were recycled - all the babies were waiting for the teeth to be cleaned and then they would be passed out. For a while, she kept looking in her younger cousin's mouth - trying to figure out if her teeth had been recycled... My Tooth Fairy always left a quarter - but I guess inflation hits everyone, eh??

Jordan 4

Morality may consist solely in the courage of making a choice. (Leon Nlum, French statesman)

Timothy Burley

How old is she? My daughter is losing her two front teeth at the age of five. I wonder why or how this has happened 'coz she's too young. I lost my milk teeth when I was almost ten. This is kinda making me and my wife worried so we're bringing her to the dentist in summer before we fly to St. Petersburg, FL for vacation. We (my wife and I as tooth fairies) gave her $5 for each tooth. She was so happy when she woke up and planned to keep the money in her safe.

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