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Monday, June 30, 2008



Wow - those are so CUTE!

(And congrats on winning!)


those are really cute! i wish i had a store window to display them on!! looking forward to the post on how to make them!

Geeta / CraftyEngineer

Love those paper lanterns. Way to go Nina! And that sign... WOHOO!


Congrats again on this fun award! I *NEED* to know how to make those adorable lanterns! Please share. Pretty please!

Amy G.

I was in your shop just two weeks ago! It was beautiful. I was so excited to be there, and the woman that was in the shop that day was FABULOUS! It was so worth the million hour drive to get there.


How stinkin' cute!!


Oh my gosh! How cool. I voted for you. I visited the store last August when we were in Seattle and I absolutely loved it. I would have spent more time there but DH was being a good sport and I didn't want to have him wait too long...hee hee hee...

I can't wait for the local Amuse-A-Palooza event Thursday night here in St. Louis at the Ink Spot.

Jean M. Gonzales

Hi from the Philippines! Please share with me how to make the paper lanterns. They're adorable!I'd like to make them with my 8yr old granddaughter who's sick today and can't go to school.
Jean Gonzales

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