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Thursday, June 05, 2008


sarah c. (WAstamper on SCS)

Sooo sorry! Our next door neighbors went through this twice last year - I hope it's over for you soon!!

Jo Ann F.

I remember the feeling in the pit of my stomach every time one of my kids brought home the dreaded letter that began "One of the children in your child's class has been diagnosed with head lice." My sympathies are with you. I will pass along a suggestion I was given by the mother of older children. She said she used a vinegar rinse on her children's hair, and they never got lice. Well you can be sure I bought a gallon jug of white vinegar which lived under the bathroom sink for years. My kids were not happy about using it, but they never got them.


Sorry to hear about all the troubles...We too just went thru this with our son...You have to do everything it says on the box to make sure they dont return...Dont forget to boil the brushes and combs or just throw them out and get news ones...It is VERY TIME CONSUMING and EXPENSIVE....its takes me hours and hours of vaccuming and laundering...and we treat the whole family even if we dont see anything just in case if one has it....but as far as Nix goes if you visit the site...it says you can use it on 3 months or older...and it is recommended most by professionals I dont think they would have that on the site if it were as dangerous as you read due to lawsuits...but heres the site check it out it may ease your mind a bit...Good Luck...P.S. If you have the receipt and UPC code off the box theres an address on the box they will refund your money if it didnt work....heres the site addy too...


Oh Linda! So sorry to hear that. When I was a teen my cousins came home with them and at the time I had hair so long,thick and curly I could sit on it...it was not fun using that little comb! I totally feel for you. I wish you a better weekend!


Jill Grace

Oh my gosh, I can't even imagine. At least you didn't vacuum your kid's head (a father of a friend of mine did that to her when we were kids and lice ran through out school)! :) My Mom felt so bad for her that she brought her over and washed and combed her hair along with my brother and I. Hang in there.


Ugh! This is a nightmare situation. So sorry you and your family had to go through it! The only time we have dealt with lice personally was when my oldest daughter was in kindergarten. I was in the hospital with hyperemesis due to pregnancy with my younger daughter. My husband was in Colorado at the time, trying to get back to me. My SIL brought my DD to visit me in the hospital and when she went to kiss me good-bye I noticed Them. She was staying with my in-laws and my poor MIL had to deal with it. Bless her heart she did remove the lice manually from my daughters long hair because I was concerned about the neuro and hepatic (liver) toxcity of the pestacide treatments. I did learn post-fiasco, to always send my daughters to school (especially, while they are little) with there hair pulled-up and apparently, hair spray is a deterent, as well. Don't always remember to spray my youngest everyday before pre-school but if there is an out-break I always do! Okay, so now that MY head is itching, I'll say "Take care!"


I wish your family a quick recovery! I remember having lice in the 4th grade. It was awful. We had to cut my long hair into a bob due to those little combs. I still have no idea how I got them as my mom was obsessive about us not sharing combs or hats at school.

Lyndsay Neumann

Ick! I've been sending good vibes your way, Linda!

I sincerely hope Lily never-ever comes home with lice ... I will just die. *shudder*

Kim FAucher

wow, I have always heard of that product too and assumed that was the only treatment!
thanks for the info... better to read ahead of time.. with kids you never know!
so sorry you guys had to go through that... its awful...always been my own personal nightmare... so knock on wood that it never hits this house!
hope your upcoming week is better for you

Kim faucher


Oh Linda, so sorry for you and your girls! How frustrating and emotionally draining for you! I'll be thinking of you and hope this problem clears up ASAP and NEVER returns!!

Laura B.

Went through the same with my four kids!!! I also found out about Nix, which is an outrage!!!!
I think I could have a master's degree in lice and solutions by now.
Hang in there!! This too will surely pass!


Linda, I am so sorry you had to go through this. It seems to be happening more and more in schools. My cousins daughter in Anacortes had the same problem with her little ones just before Christmas.


Karen D We went through the same thing took forever to get rid of the best treatment and we had tried Nix and everything else out there was Tea tree oil the nits don't like the smell and you fine comb them out also leave it on the hair spray everyday if the hair is long they go from one child to another when you hear of an outbreak spray and leave it on to prevent your kid from getting them.


Linda, I am so sorry you and the girls have to deal with this! Sending {{{hugs}}} your way!

Thank you so much for sharing your story here on the A Muse blog! I can't tell you how often I see this happen working in an elementary school. Years ago our school district used to give out Nix to parents when students got lice but they have since stopped because of cases like Project Jesse. So thanks for spreading the word!

A tip I can share is lice also do not like heat so if your girls blow-dry or use a curling iron or straightener on their hair this will help keep them away too.


Linda; Martina was also sent home with nits in her hair today. I'm frustrated by the conflicting information we received from the school, and I also learned the hard way about the toxic products.
I thought of you early this week because after all the rain on Tuesday we got flooded. I am hoping your store is ok this time.
Well, headlice, a flood and this morning the washer stopped working (of course ... just when you need it most, right?). But here's where it really gets bad: I cannot access my stamping room because it's in the flood area of the house. Can you hear me silently screaming?
Good luck! I hope next week things will be better for all of us!
Cheers, Antonella


Gross! You're making my head itch ;P Lice are nasty (I've had them before when I was your kids age). I remember my mom bombing our house to get rid of them. Thanks for the links, as I know my girls will likely be exposed to them eventually. I saw Karen's post on tea tree oil and glad to see that might be a solution, as it's the type of shampoo I use on the girls and I used to use it to treat diaper rash also. It's great stuff! Hope you are well. I'm in Naknek, Alaska now visitng Dave with the girls. It's been wonderful! I'll be at the shop next week, hope to see you then. hugs


Linda I am SO deeply sorry that you and the girls had to all go through this. What a nightmare. I can't believe that this company, NIX, can still be around. What an outrage. Here are some BIG CYBER HUGS for you all {{{HUGS!!!!}}}


My cousin had lice when she was 9 and her baby sister was 6 months old. I had to help my aunt, and it was a aweful. We used mayonaise to sufficate the lice. I have never experienced anything so disgusting in my whole life. (I have always detested mayo, and that just made it worse!) The sun will shine again! I promise... (Have a margarita while you pick nits :) it will make it go faster... hehehe


Oh Linda, I truly feel your pain - we had licefest '08 in January - I had just gotten out of the hospital and was not even supposed to be out of bed, let alone vacuuming, doing 40 loads of laundry, and bagging up a hundred stuffed animals. I combed nits until I thought my stitches were going to blow. (DH was in China!)

I had good luck with tea tree oil - they don't cling to oily hair, so I bought some spray-in conditioner - the oily kind you use at the beach - and mixed some tea tree oil in with it for the smell. I really do think that helped, especially at the nape of the neck and behind ears. I kept the hair up in a pony or bun - lice can't fly or jump. And I borrowed a ceramic hair straightener and ironed every inch of hair. We also shampooed and blowed dry on "hot" every night. Most of the nits I found after the initial wave were dead - dark and down the hair shaft.

After a while I ironed the pillowcases instead of constantly washing them.

We did not have to worry about it for very long, and one daughter was the only one in the house who got them - despite shared rooms and brushes (which I boiled) - so the combo must have worked.

I hope you get some relief soon. I am very sorry you are going through this!


Hey Linda so so sorry about the lice. My friend Michele just went through it with her and her girls. She ended up using nautral things from her house and is seemed to work. Also do not for get to bag all the stuffed animals for at least a week to kill the lice. And wash all the line in hot water. I know it is such a yucky thing and is so hard when it is gotten from some at school. Hope it has gotten better! Jessie

becky rusher

Oh, Linda! I'm so sorry you are dealing with this! I've never dealt with head lice before, but I've heard it's absolutely horrible! Hope things get better soon! Hugs, Becky

Julie Royer

I'm so sorry to hear about your girls and the lice outbreak! But I am even more horrified (and embarrassed to admit I was ignorant) to hear about how toxic NIX was. I thought it was *the best* solution (like so many) to get rid of the lice. Thank you so much for sharing this personal and sensitive information. I will be passing it off to my friends and family who have young, school aged children. I am also happy to hear the school is listening to your suggestions on how to deal with future outbreaks of lice. Good luck and lots of hugs to your family!

Stephen Tvedten

You can safely and effectively kill lice with salt water or a sauna - learn how to kill lice without killing yourself or the earth......

Pediculicide POISONS do not remove nits and are dangerous. Among the reactions to poison shampoo or lice "treatments" are seizures, mental retardation, many different allergies and respiratory problems, strange tingling, burning, itching, attention deficit disorders, brain tumors, leukemia, cancer and death.

I have used a sauna and/or salt water to safely and effectiely kill lice (but the nits remain).

I have also used ½ oz. of Safe Solutions, Inc. Lice R Gone® Enzyme Shampoo and/or their Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint per shampoo-type application to safely remove both lice and nits.

Read how to safely control all pests at http://www.thebestcontrol2.com

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