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Saturday, August 23, 2008



So pretty! I love your simple style, and have really enjoyed seeing all of your creations!

june gibbons

my favorite is the embellish tree, i love the blue and green. did you sponge around tree? love it!! best wishes!


I have enjoyed seeing all of your creations...They are all so pretty!


All the cards are just beautiful and very inspiring. I just love the clean and simple look. Thanks for a week of inspiration.


Oh...love, love, LOVE these!!!


Such FABulous designs...love the pops of black!


Ooh, so pretty! I really like the Christmas tree one! Great job, Krystie!


Congrats and good luck Krystie! Wish you and the new little one all the best! Love the final four you gave us, great inspiration!


Krystie's designs are so beautiful and I just love the little "extra" touches that make a simple design really special!!!

Nancy in OR

I have really enjoyed your card designs! You have that classic A Muse style that I love. Congrats on the baby on the way!

Stephanie Jones

wow! you have inspired me and taught me so much! you are truly talented. best wishes with the new little one! Stephanie

Anita Young

What great cards!!! I love that you added the twinkle stickers - a little touch of bling is always good : )

Karen Van De Walle

These are all so pretty! I love the tree with the bling!I have really loved all your creations.

Holly H.

Another round of great cards! I love how they can be so simple yet so pretty! The christmas tree was very pretty! I may even try that! Thanks for the inspiration!

Ann I.

Your cards are beautiful! Love the little black mat peeking out on the first three cards. It just makes the images "pop"! Beautiful embellishment tree! Thanks for sharing all your creations with us!!


Beautiful cards as always!! The simplicity gets me every time, love them!! :D

Dana Klinkner

I love your style - simple but elegant and fun! Thanks for sharing all your cards with us. They have been inspiring!

Jo Ann F.

That Christmas tree is so simple and pretty. I love how you used the twinkle stickers as ornaments.


They're all so cute! I love 'em!

tammy g

I love the preggers card. Too creative!


Krystie has lovely style! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations!


So simple... and so pretty!

Nancy Landauer

All of your designs just so very special!

Kathyc on SCS

Each one is cuter then the next! I love them all; thanks for sharing these adorable cards!
Kathy Camasso


wonderful artful creations! I canNOT think of a better prize than that wonderful snowman!( with the awesone other goodies too of course! )
thx for the chance to win!

Jennifer Moore

Awesome work. The maternity dress card was so cute.


I just love all of Krystie's designs...soo sweet!
My CC will be burning next week with a huge order.
Thank you!

Sarah C. (WAstamper on SCS)

Sweet and simple - just love 'em! The tree is my favorite.

Doreen Schostek

I'm definitely going to be combining my pastels with other pastels instead of just black and dark brown! Thanks for the inspiration Krystie!

Liz G

What great cards! I love her clean, simple style!


Beautiful cards - I absolutely love them! Thank you Krystie!

Susan N

Congratulations! Babies are god's gift to us. I love your cards. Now I will have to add a few more stamps to my wish list. Thanks.

Frances Steinmiller

I really love the Flourish Tree Card! Thanks for sharing your talents with us!

Carol B

Fab cards! Simple and elegant all at the same time!


Beautiful, simple and elegant. I love the way you frame your images, it just makes them "pop". Congrats on the new addition.

Julie Royer

I appreciate the simplicity and elegance of the designs. I know I'll be able to use some of the ideas myself!

Kari C

I love these designs! I think there is such beauty in simple cards. Thank you for sharing your work!


Your cards are the embodiment of A Muse and so fun to look at. Would love getting one of these pretties in my mailbox.


These are all just GORGEOUS!!!! But I am in *love* with the flourish tree card. I may just have to copy that for my Christmas card this year!!! The design and colors are FAB!!!!


I just love the style of your cards. The simplicity of A Muse, thanks for all the inspiration!! Great job.


wonderful ideas
love the colors on the blossom greeting


Beautiful! I love the elegance of the tree - though no way am I making 100 cards by hand :)

Gail Hermann

I just love seeing all the different cards. They all are so pretty and elegant looking. I'm so glad that you share your cards.They give me lots of ideas for my cards. Congrats on having a boy!!!

Gail H.

Erika M

I love the simple designs especially the snowman - wonderful, beautiful!


Love the simple classy cards, especially the Christmas tree.

Tina W

Love the cards! I love the cute snowman! It makes it so much more special to know Linda's daughter drew it! Thanks!


love the fluorish tree design!


Love the simple designs and colouring of Krystie's cards


Love her style! Great Snowman card and I love the maternity card!! Thanks for sharing all these fabulous designs with us!

Jill Grace

Great job on your cards Krystie! They all share a look of "freshness" to them that is pleasing to the eye. Best of luck with your pregnancy!


I adore the snowman card! All of your work is beautiful!


So cute. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I love the simple style.

Kelly Brown

Beatiful job on the cards! I enjoy your work & love your blog! (You crack me up!) The maternity & snowman cards are my favorites. Love that the snowman has such meaning behind him.


Love your simple, eye-catching designs. Yes, I know I'm going to make 100 of the tree cards for the holidays!

Kathy McDonald

What fabulous cards! I've really enjoyed ALL of our cards, but these last are my favorite.


caaaaa-uuuute stuff Krystie- as always!

Nancy W

So simple yet so effective. Lovely cards and colouring.

Mary C

The tree card is absolutely stunning!!!!! Wonderful work!

Angie from Oz

That oh-so-cute tree is to die for! You really did it justice!

Kathy D

Thank you for the inspiration!!


I love them all but my favorite is the Embellish tree card!

christy /Kyle,TX

I am in love with AMUSE and am checking out Krystie's blog!


I love the simple, clean yet eye-catching designs. Amuse is great and so is Krystie's blog. TFS and for offerig some blog candy.


Oh so cute~ love the ooh la la the mostest :)


So sad to see you go...good luck with 'bun in the oven'. I love the Embellish Tree card. Totally fantabulous and yes, it would be great for 100's of Christmas cards and I would't even have to start them now to get them finished by Christmas eve.


Very cute cards, thanks for sharing with us!

Anne McCreery

Elegant, simple designs. I love your cards.


LOVE the cards! LOVE the products!


Very cute cards. Love the glam on the tree.

Lori A.

These cards are adorable! Simple (perfect for me!) yet SO cute!


You've just done it again, Krystie, fabulous job!


gorgeous and simple - I love the snowman and sparse hoilday tree cards best. The tree image is so delicate and lovely. Thanks so much for sharing her work!!

Pat S.

Hi Krystie!
What beautiful cards!
I love, love, love the Embellish Tree...the little twinkles are just perfect :)
Thank you for sharing with us!


Ohh so cute! Thanks for the inspiration!


Ohh, these are sooo cute! Thanks for the inspiration.

Judy Cook

Krystie, I love all of these cards. How cute. I like the color combinations you used, and of course, the simplicity of them. Adorable!


Your cards are wonderful as always, Krystie! I especially love the blue/green Christmas tree card!


Absolutely gorgeous cards! Pretty colors.


Gorgeous cards. That Ooh-la-la is absolutely hilarious!! My pregnant girlfriend will love it.

Elyss jennings

All really great cards!

Thanks for sharing!

Molly B

That tree card is beautiful. Now I am thinking Holiday cards for sure. Thanks for all of the inspiration. -Molly B.

Michelle M

What talent! Love the snowman card, simply beautiful!

Alanna (al_silver2)

wow, great job Krystie...my fave is the bottle with flower card!!


WOW, you have done another great job!!! You always inspire.

Cass M

So simple and sweet!

Love the 'ooh la la' prego dress card ... that's me right now!


Love them all! GREAT JOB!!!


I'm so glad to see the Christmas cards. I'm trying to decide on mine so I can actually get them done and mailed by a decent date this year. These are super cute!


I love the simple style. It's not something I usually do, but I should try it to get out of my comfort zone!


You have inspired me to get busy stamping. I love the Christmas card.


great job Krystie!! Love that first preggo card!!

Annie Fitzgerald

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful designs with us all and applying all the extra glits and ribs that give these cards that special bling appeal. Don't leave us, stay another week .... please


The maternity dress is a stitch. Love the colors used.

Janet Sisk

Thanks for sharing you beautiful cards. I love the Christmas/Holiday ones especially.


I love those cards!! The snowman is simply adorable and the Christmas tree is definitely perfect for holiday cards!! And who wouldn't love the "ooh la la" preggo card?? Thanks so much for the inspiration!

Mary (Happy Now)

So simple, but so FUN!


The simple, clean look of these cards is so refreshing in a world where I often see oh so many layers and embellishments. Not that those aren't good too but your cards just breath new life into my thoughts these days. Thanks for sharing what you do!


You are an inspiration. I've enjoyed you this past month. You've given me many great ideas.

Ellen M. Struck

Hi Krystie,
The cards are Terrific!!! The Christmas Tree is so elegant and so very easy to make. The tree stamp can be used for so many other cards - how about a silver or gold embossed tree with crystal embellishment for a Silver or Golden Anniversary card!!! Ellen

Linda SS

Krystie's style really is a great example of why "less is more". I love her clean & uncluttered cards...they are all just gorgeous.

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