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Wednesday, August 20, 2008



I absolutely love your new website! The colors are soft and cozy. I've been checking all day waiting and finally - at 1:22 a.m. (TX time) it's here!!!! Wishing you much success! Elly

Kathy McDonald

Welcome back, Linda! We've missed you, too. I LOVE the new website! Thank you to you and your staff for your hard work in creating a website that is extremely user-friendly. I look forward to seeing the new release when you've had time to add them.


Hi Linda! How fun to spend a month at your cabin. I can't see your new site yet...it looks so nice from the screenshot! Can't wait to see it all.


awesome new website! :)


Oh, I love the new webiste! It's so much easier to find things, and I love that I can order everything so easily, and I can see pictures of everything you carry! Great job!

Molly V.

YAY! I am psyched about the new site!


Everything looks great! Too bad my birthday is in July!


Love it!! Everything looks great!


Wowie zowie and hooray for the new website!

I can't wait till my self-imposed shopping ban is over!

(We were in the Laurentians in July too and I have to say I have never seen such a wet summer! Nothing ever seemed to get dry!)


is there anyway someone can send me the picks of the new fall stamps so I can make an order to fax??? thanks!!


Ooohhhh LOVIN the new site!! Glad everyone can now finally order it all online (all my readers are gonna LOVE that feature - me too of course *grin*) - YAY!!

Val S

Awesome website! Love that everything is in one place!

Diana B

The new site is awesome! I'm so excited I can buy everything from your online store.

Wishing you all the best,

krystie lee

First of all, welcome back!!! The trip sounds amazing, what a great summer escape!

The website is AWESOME! It's such a breeze to navigate now! My mom, who lives in Yakima, is excited about the online ordering! Great job to all involved!

Rachel Goldstein

I am in Rhode Island and I can't get it yet (1:53 EST)... I am going crazy!!!!


Welcome back Linda! I have been hoping for a new website since I became an "addict" this spring, but DARN! It won't come up for me! I'm so sad...


OMG!!! I *LOVE* the new site. Your cottage vacation sounds fun - despite the rain. Glad to have you posting again... we missed you too!

Can't wait to see the new fall & halloween goodies!

Princess P

This is my first time commenting on a blog ever! I just had to let you know that your new website is FANTASTIC! Wow! Everything just comes to life. The images are crisp and clear and sooooooo colorful. It is easy to navigate and I can see that my checking account is in serious trouble.

Great, great job!

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