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Monday, September 22, 2008



The store looks amazing! I can't wait to see it in person. Best of luck with the move!!


Wow! Thanks for all the wonderful updates! My fave is the picture of Hailey with her pointe shoes - what an exciting and proud moment for her!

Can't wait to see the new store!

Lyndsay Breid

Congrats on *all* of your big news! So much excitement!


Whew! What a flurry of activity! Hailey, congratulations on your pointe shoes! That's a tremendous accomplishment. You should be really proud of yourself.


Wow! I'm thrilled to hear the amount raised so far with the calendar! Job well done kudos to all of you!



What fun to catch up on all your news - thank you! Congrats to Hailey - what an accomplishment! The new store looks magnificent. Your new kitty looks lovely, too. Love the new tree stamps. Way to go on the fundraiser!


New building is looking so awesome! Warmest congratulations to Hailey on her toe shoes! WOW! The kitties are cute! And, my heart swelled so big hearing the news that the Calendar project is enabling A Muse to make a fantastic contribution to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society! So wonderful that together, we all can make such a difference!

Michelle Clark

OOH the store is looking great. I can't wait to get there. Congrats Hailey!!


There is so much to respond to today! First the new shop looks amazing!!! I can't wait to visit one day! Second ~ Congratulations to Hailey, that is some accomplishment!!! She must be so proud and you too! Way to go on the calendar!!! That is awesome!!! And congrats on your new fur babies! Tabitha is adorable!!!

Oh and I *love* the trees 1&2 and will be ordering my sets soon!!!

I hope I didn't forget anything! :)

Kathy K.

Loads of Congratulations are in order!! Hurrah for the new store, the for long-awaited pointe shoes, for the fun of 2 new kitters, for the success of the A Muse calendar fundraiser (I love the 2 sizes I selected....think these will be perfect holiday gifties for so many on my list!!) for the 2 new CLEAR tree sets (which I picked up at Stephanie's and I can hardly wait to break them in!!). Lots of activity going on at your hive - you're all very Busy Bees. Good luck & take care and again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

scoopy (Emily)

Congratulations to Hailey! Can't wait to see the new shop in person - best of luck with the move this week!

Jennie M

The store looks awesome! HUGE congrats to Hailey, that is so wonderful! And I am absolutely *thrilled* to hear how much was raised by the calendar project!! :)


Hi everybody. Thanks so much for your nice comments. I am really excited about my first pair of pointe shoes!!



Congrats to Hailey on the pointe shoes! And the shop looks like fun - yay for heated floors :)


Whoo-hoo for the new store! I can't wait to come in and visit!

Linda Beeson

I so love the way you colored your tree on the card! Adorable!

Michelle M White

Forget the store...let's go see Lucien!!!

Patty W

Wow...LOTS of good things!

Congrat to Hailey on her pointe shoes!

Loved the card too!

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