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Tuesday, September 09, 2008



I just love the truck and the display! Congrats on your move to a drier place. How fun to be able to decorate the new and improve place. Your cards are so cute. Can't wait to hear more updates on the move.

Kathy McDonald

Hi Linda! The new building is looking great! I'm so looking forward to the grand opening. And I've marked September 15th on my calendar to order the AMuse calendar template. Good luck with getting everything finished up for the move.

Kathy K.

The new building looks great (plastic sheeting and all). I'm sure it will be WONDERFUL to have more AND drier space. Your Halloween cards class was fantastic - and as always, it was great to see you (and your daughters) in Sacramento!! Hope you'll be returning soon...

Lisa Chapman

Cute moving sign. I just LOVE your stamps. I am thinking I need to just have your store as part of my direct deposit!! I am hoping to come to Seattle in the spring with work - keep your fingers crossed for me!!!


How cool to get a peek of the new building. I love the brick! It's going to look amazing when everything is done!

The moving truck display is so very cute!!! Nina is so clever!
Love all your cards too!

Tina L

I love the moving truck display it is so adorable.I cant wait to see the new place. Are you needing any help with the move?

Sarah C. (WAstamper on SCS)

Love Nina's display (again!). Best of luck with the move. Glad to see you blogging again!


Nina has the BEST window displays, this little moving van with all the cute little brown-paper packages is probably one of my favorites!

In fact, Nina has inspired us to create our own "Window" Display at our LSS (although our display resides inside our store, as our building - and thus windows - are high off the ground. This month we have a school bus - coincidentally, it is MUCH like Nina's moving van! Maybe I'll post a picture later :)

Patty W

Love the cards!

Success with the new store!

Claudia Piegdon

I love your new building! I am sending the address to my twin daughters who live in Tacoma, WA so they can visit as soon as it opens. I can't wait for more stores here in Michigan to carry your stamps. I mention them at each store I go to, in hopes that they will soon carry A Muse.

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