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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Kelly A.

My favorite is the "bare tree". It reminds me of Charlie Brown! Thank you for the chance to win!!


The "holiday House" is a favorite of mine because you can color and decorate it to make it look dimensional complete with sparkling snow! Thanks for all the ideas! :)


Winter Dog, because it looks like my dog in his fav. sweater!

Joan B

Gee they are all so dang cute! Love Alpine Hut, but my super fave is A Bare Tree!


My favorite is simple snowflake. You can use it for anything. Merry Christmas!


I've loved seeing all your little advent boxes.

My fav stamp is the owl buddies one. I am an owl fan.


How generous! I'll play!

I can't pick a fav, but ONE of my favs is "thanks SNOW much".
That just cracks me up! :)

Happy Holiday's!

Kathy D

Oh! I love gift certificates! This week, my favorite A Muse holiday stamp is Scallop Tree. Happy Holidays, Linda!


I ADORE the Gingerbread House!

Cathy K.

Another "bare tree" fan here. Love the simplicity of it. Merry Christmas all!


I am and oldie-but-goodie lover of Holiday Shopper - classic and clean. Happy holidays!

Amy Coose

It's so hard to pick just one! I love the embellish tree!


My favorite is tied between Party Silhouette & the stair case. :)


I would have to say Winter Dog. He is just so cute! Thanks for this chance to win.


Love "MB Rudoloph." I've used this over & over again this year.


So hard to pick a favorite! I guess mine is the "Mail Truck"....I had so much fun making Christmas cards with him:)

sherry czarnecki

I just love the holiday house, I love being able to change all the embellishments!


My favorite is the Holiday House. It's what I wish my house looked like during the holidays!


oh my! what a wonderful gift! i love all the amuse stamps, but my absolute fav is the hippy snowchick. she is so darned CUTE!


I just love what's in Santa's advent box. WoW I would love to be the lucky stamper to win this sweet candy. I think the question is unfair...I just love so many of the stamps. But since I want in on this giveaway my answer is MB HOLIDAY BIRD! Merry Christmas to everyone at AMUSE and to their family.


My favorite holiday stamp is Edward the snowman. It was one of the first Amuse stamps I purchased and I was tickled because my husband's name is Edward. One of the many things I love about Amuse is the personal names of your stamps. Happy holidays!


My favorite is the Christmas Shop, but I do love all of them! Merry Christmas everyone! ~Julie


I have to say that Bare Tree is my fave. It reminds me of staying up late to catch Chuck & the gang on the television special. Pass the popcorn! :)


it was hard to pick, so my daughter helped me go thru the online catalog and we decided on MB Cindyloo as our favorite. Hope we win!

Robin Myers

The Rocket Elf is my favorite. It is so versatile and whimsical, you can't help but love it.

sue wisniewski

There are so many so I'll give you my top three (hope that is o.k.)
Anabelle, Cityscape & Believe!
It is hard to pick just one.
I have enjoyed checking your blog everyday to see all the fun boxes all of you have created. They are wonderful. stamping sue

Chris Hauck

I love so many but one of my favorites has always been Annabelle. It reminds me of the sweet innoncence of children at Christmastime. Some of my children believe and a few are older and don't believe anymore. I enjoy the possibilities of masking, paper piecing,coloring, etc. Pick me, pick me!
Chris Hauck

Karen M.

I love 'em all, but I think my fave would have to be Santa Skates. He's one of the first AMuse Christmas stamps I purchased. He's so simple and so easy to create with. Thanks so much for such a generous givaway - hope I win. One can never have too many Amuse stamps! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone at AMuse.


Ahh, how do you choose just one? I'll go with the feather tree. Merry Christmas to you!


Not an easy pick but my favorite (right now) is the mb love monster.

Amy L. Weber

I had to visit the Amuse website to see all of my options...I love the "Holiday Car" with the wreath on the bumper. Two reasons: People actually DO that around here, and the car looks just like the VW bug I drive!

Michelle S

I love them all but my favourite is Merry Little Christmas sentiment - it is so sweet! Wishing all at A Muse a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, I will be ordering some new goodies in the New Year!!


This christmas I have been using bare tree, cityscape and reindeer elf quite often. Thank you for your wonderful designs and great information.

Tina W

My favorite kind of stamps to buy are holiday ones. If I had to pick my favorite A Muse stamp, it would be the polar bear one. He just looks so cute with the scarf around his neck! Thank you for the chance to win! Merry Christmas Linda!


It's truly a tough choice as I adore so many of A Muse stamps but I have to admit that MB Rudolph makes adorable cards at this time of the year! Happy Stamping, Kim

Lisa Chapman

I agree with what a lot of people have already said - it is VERY hard to choose. I think my favorite is SANTA LINE (2-2112D) because:

a. it is one of the first A Muse stamps that caught my eye
b. you can't help but smile when you see it
c. it is great on cards - loved the card with it between the trees
d. it puts some fun/quirkines/uniqueness in whatever you are stamping it on, and
e. how can you not just love knowing that Santa prefers polka-dotted boxers??

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Dawn Nikol

I'm a huge fan of all snowmen! It's just too stinkin' hard to decide!


My favorite Xmas stamp is CindyLoo because she looks like my daughter.


My favorite stamp would be snowangel. I trully enjoy your blog everyday. Thank you and have a merry christmas.


It is too difficult to pick only one!! It would be a tie between Chubby Bird and Bethlehem. Chubby Bird because he is SO cute and Bethlehem because it depicts the true meaning of Christmas!

Kristin Z.

I love all the holiday sentiments, there are so many to choose from! But, I have to say my favorite is "Enjoy the Wonders of the Season". It just "fits" perfectly with whatever holiday image I'm stamping with.

Leslie M.

Ok, this is a tough one! I think my favorite right now is the MB Rudolph. He was adorable on my Christmas cards this year, pulling the sleigh. Merry Christmas everyone!

Cathy Spicer

My fave aMuse stamp for the holidays is the MB Holiday bird (probably because I work at an egg processing plant)! I'm always in need of chicken cards. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Rachel Hope

Hmmmmm, tough one!!! It varies by the day, I switch between Chubby Bird and Holiday Car...Merry Christmas to you all, enjoy your White Christmas!!! :)


I LOVE the 3 stockings!! It looks like 3 totally cute stockings and looks just like our wall above the fireplace at home with our 3 kids' stockings!! I love your blog and I'd love to get this!! :)


So hard to narrow it down... I think maybe the MB Holiday Bird! MB Rudolph's pretty cute too...


I love day 17 with the cute little Santa's suite! The Santa Suit was the first A Muse stamp I bought so holds a special place.
I have enjoyed counting down the days with you. Many thanks & have a Happy Christmas!


oooh, the polar bear, bc he looks so cute shaded with my copics! happy holidays and thanks for the fun advent series!

Cheiron Brandon

My favorite stamp this holiday has to be the Winter Dog! Close second is the Santa Silhoutte...Happy Holidays to all!

Victoria N.

I have too many favorites! But if I have to pick just one, Kissing Santa is one of my top faves!

Merry Christmas Linda and the A Muse Crew!

Nancy in OR

I have so many favorites, but my all time favorite is an oldie. It is the "Three Cups".

The advent boxes was such a fun idea!

Merry Christmas to the A Muse crew!!

Jodi Herchold

They are all so cute! I love the holiday shopper though. She is just perfect and sometimes I think it could be me!

Michelle LL

I love all of the holiday images but especially like the MB dove! All of the advent boxes were lovely! Happy Holidays!


I loved using my mb tree duo image...soooo stinkin' cute!!!

Val S

My favourite Amuse Holdiay stamp is a set: Peace and Cheer. It's an excellent set. Of all the stamps in the set, the little bird is fab!

nancy l.

I love the snow topped chimney. Pair it with the Eskimo proverb and it makes a really sweet Christmas card. Thanks for the chance to win!! I have a lonnnnng A Muse wish list. : )

Edye Giordano

I'm a huge fan of Holiday Shopper and Soaring Dove - a little bit of crazy fun and a little bit of peace - what I wish you all for this wonderful season!!

Liz R

Wow that would be a great Christmas present. My favorite is Santa silhouette.

Kat G

My favorite is the Santa Train. Our Christmas trees always have a train underneath and this stamp brings back all the happy memories over the years! Thank you for the stamp and the opportunity to win.

Amanda Beers

Ohhh baby, it's the holiday car! Before I had kids I had a yellow 79 cinvertible bug! It was my absolute favorite car! Which makes that stamp a little sentimental to me :)

Louise Glynn

This is a tough decision, but my favorite this year would have to be the Holiday Car.


This year, I made all my tags with the scalloped tree - love it!


my favorite isn't traditionally christmas - it's the bare birch trees - i love to put snow on the branches for that wintery holiday feel. enjoy the holidays. and thanks for the chance to win!

Denise Petro

Even though it's not exactly a Christmas stamp, my favorite is the moose!

shirley wong

I love them all but the one that I picked up the most this year was MB holiday bird. I made many tags and tiny cards this year and the holiday bird was always popping up.

Lindsay Spencer

My favorite holiday stamp from A Muse is the Rocket Elf. I had intended on purchasing him for the my Christmas cards but I kept putting it off and never got him. He cracks me up everytime I see him.


My first love has always been Santa Suit and I use it every year! Thanks for sharing the advent boxes-so inspiring!


Tough to pick just one- I guess at the moment it would have to be the santa suit, the holiday car is a close second though.
Thanks for a chance at winning a shopping spree :)


Tough to pick just one- I guess at the moment it would have to be the santa suit, the holiday car is a close second though.
Thanks for a chance at winning a shopping spree :)


Cindy Lou is my favorite. She is so adorable.

Sue V

The Dove is my favorite this year. It's symbolic of peace and a beautiful design.

Mary Jo

Oh I love CindyLoo! She is just a cutie!

Beth Rang

My favorite is the new rocket elf, although I'm a big fan of the earlier elves as well. Merry Christmas!

Mary Ann

My favorite is Santa Suit. It brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. Thanks so much for a fun countdown to Christmas and a chance to win!


I made my Christmas cards this year with the bare tree--definitely a favorite! But my next new favorite, I think, will be Mrs. Claus...perfect for tags on Christmas cookie gifts next year :-) Happy holidays to you, too!


My fav stamp is one of the sentiments (which I often use for birthdays as well!) - Wishing you laughter and cheer throughout the year!

How timely this blog candy is! I was just putting together an order, including a few of the sale items! I'm holding off now (wink wink!)!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!
with fingers crossed,
- SueB

Erika M

My favorite is the bare tree - it reminds me of Christmas treest that I have had in the past and it also reminds me of A Charlie Brown Christmas Special which is an all-time fav of mine.

Kathy K.

I know it's weird, but I LOVE the Tiny Tree......the bulbs look great when you use Spicas and it's so stinkin' cute!! I use it on my cards AND envelopes!!

Elena T.

My favorite Amuse holiday stamp is the Eskimo proverb ~ "May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp, and peace in your heart." It's sweet and a very nice sentiment for the holidays.


Merry Christmas to A Muse! My favorite stamp is Cityscape - I saw JulieHRR and your other designers use it and I had to have it for my holiday cards! It was perfect for my "city" friends. Wishing you and your readers a great 2009!

Kathy McDonald

Oooohhh, I can't choose just one! Okay, I'll try to narrow it down to just two: Santa Silhouette and Holiday Car. I could easily add ten more to this list. Making Christmas cards is so much fun with A Muse stamps!

Merry Christmas, dear A Muse team!


Too many to choose from - but today my favorite is Mr. Claus of course!
Merry Christmas

Liz Cogswell

I love the Santa Suit! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


My favorite stamp is winter boy.


What a jolly giveaway! :) My favorite is either the Gingerbread House or the Holiday House. They're both so cute :)

Nancy W

One of my favourite stamps for the holidays is the Holiday House because it epitomizes our dreams for a wonderful time spent with family and friends, coccooned in a snug home. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes, Everyone.

Liz G

I love the Holiday Car! It's so useful, Merry Christmas everyone!

Ann I.

Maybe not exactly a Christmas stamp, but I choose cityscape. So versatile in all seasons and just add snow or some Xmas colors and looks like winter! Thanks for the chance to win! Merry Christmas!!

Alanna (al_silver2)

What a great xmas gift...my favorite holiday stamp has got to be the chubby bird!

~~Tami  :-)

I actually have 2 favorite holiday stamps ... Reindeer star and Santa Silhouette. These 2 stamps, to me, show the 2 meanings of Christmas. Thanks for all the advent boxes and other card ideas. This is an awesome site!

Connie Heitner

Oh wow! so hard to choose just one favorite. Love them all! Santa Silouette is so elegant tho.


I have many "favorites"...the dove, the various sentiments about peace, "have a cozy Christmas" but I especially like the Christmas house with the sentiment "may your house always be too small to hold all of your friends".


Oh my goodness...it's just to difficult to pick just one favorite Christmas stamp.
I really like: Bare Tree, Holiday Car and of course Mr. Clause.


My favorite is Mary and baby Jesus.... He's just so darn cute.... Then again everything you do is cute:)

Jillian Arnould

My favorite is the Bethleham scene. I used it to do my CHRISTmas cards this year and loved it. It was also one of the first Amuse stamps that I purchased, making it all that much more special.

Have a Merry CHRISTmas & God Bless you :)

Dana Klinkner

My favorite is the Christmas House - so warm and cozy on a wintery day....but I also love MB Holiday Bird - so cute and it makes me smile every time I use it. Have a wonderful Christmas - can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us in 2009! :)

Jennifer Stevenson

My favorite is Prancer!! I just love the look on his face!!


oh wow, what an awesome giveaway! you'll make some lucky stamper VERY happy - i know i'd definitely be dancing a litte jig if i won.

i have several favourite amuse holiday stamps, but the one i keep coming back to each year is the santa silhouette in combination with the big dot bl stamp. i make these cute little colorful row-houses that emulate the city i live in (st. john's, nl) and they're always a big hit with santa flying over the moon.

also love the "have a holly jolly christmas" stamp - your fonts are always the absolute cutest.


I love the small snowflake. Simple and Classic. Happy Holidays to all!!


I love the holiday shopper stamp

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