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Monday, December 01, 2008


Lyndsay Breid

Woo, Katie!

Can't wait to see a new one every day. :)


Wow exciting to see a new one everyday. I've been wanting to do a advent, maybe this year I will get to it. This first one is just to cute and love the edges and the colors.


Fabulous! Great job Katie. Looking forward to seeing all of them... is there any candy inside?


Mine actually has a little glass ball ornament inside (instead of candy.) And I filled the ornament with curled up pieces of A Muse ribbon - so pretty!


EEK! I just noticed it's missing a Twinkle Sticker! Must have fallen off in transit :)

Dana Klinkner

So cute - love the idea! Can we see the ornament inside? What's it look like with the Amuse ribbon in it - can we see a pic of it, please, please? :) Ok, I'll be extra nice, pretty please with sugar on top. :)


Great job Katie! I can't wait to see them all. Thanks for letting us know what you put inside. ;)


so cute, Katie! Do we get to see what's inside?

Erika M

Very cute - I love Advent calendars!

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