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Friday, May 01, 2009



I love to go and get a pedicure! I can relax in the chair, have incredibly smooth and soft feet by the end and pretty toes to show off in flip-flops! As a nurse, I am always on my feet and very hard on them, so to have some attention payed to them and be pampered myself is pure bliss!

Krystie Lee

I take a long shower with lots of yummy bath products. Warming mint salt scrub is my fave right now. With two little kids, time alone in the bathroom is an indulgence!! :)

Love your card!

Diane Martin

I like to take a "card making" class at Stamper's Cottage in St. Charles. By the time I leave I have forgotten anything that was troubling me. Karen and Louise are so creative and enthusiastic I always go away with many ideas. I believe Amuse will be there in the fall and I cannot wait. You can never have too many Amuse stamp ideas.


Beautiful card Glenda! I'm with Bryn on the pedi...and a 10 min mini-massage!

Molly K

I eat Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I love love love ice cream and I try so hard to be good and not eat it every day. :P


I love to get a pedicure with a girlfriend. It gives us a chance to catch up from a busy week in an all girls environment. Then sometimes we head over the the local scrapbook store a block away before making our way home...


HBD! Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! The good, dark expensive stuff. And now we know that it's even good for you - hooray!


Great card, Glenda! Happy Birthday to A Muse! My fav way of spoiling myself is to have lots of stamping time;)


I lead such a hectic life with work, volunteering, and raising three kids that my treat to myself is uninterrupted stamping time. Hard to come by around here so when I do get a chance to stamp to my heart's content it's truly a treat.

Amanda Beers

Either a trip to the A Muse retail store for some classes and new goodies, or a massage...


Happy Anniversary A Muse!

One way that I like to treat myself is by going to the fish and chip shop, getting myself an order to go, and taking it down to the beach... just sit on the sand and enjoy the food and view. It's not long before the gorgeous view is blocked by a huge flock of seagulls hovering over my head, hoping to get a nibble of my fish and chips... meanwhile I'm praying I don't get pooped on! LOL!


My favorite way to treat myself (and my husband has picked up on it) is to get a pedicure. I love how my feet feel and look when its done. Ahhhh....


Buy more Amuse stamps, of course! LOL! Ok, other than stamps... I will cook my favorite won-ton soup, YUMmmmmm! I love food. :)

Debby W.

My favourite way to spoil myself -- hmmmm ... well, I'm quite a homebody ... I love to stay home on weekends (after working all week long) and relax when I can. My favourite way to spoil myself would be the boys (husband and son) going out, leaving me home alone to bask in the silence and doing WHATEVER I please ... taking an afternoon nap is nice, watching whatever I choose on tv (instead of hockey or cartoons) AND just listening to the silence ... that's me, a real homebody!


I would say taking a day off from work because I feel like I deserve it and going to eat Amy's ice cream...Mexican vanilla with fresh strawberries.

Stephanie Fiereck

Definitely taking a day off (or even an evening) to make cards!!


One of my favorite treats for myself is a visit to a luxury spa for a massage and some quiet pampering time!


Happy 8th Bday A Muse!! Way to treat/spoil myself? I'd like to eat my fave TIRAMISU cheesecake..yummm! And of course, lots and lots of stamping time!! That's an absolute "relaxing" time for me. Thanks for the chance to win! :o)


My favorite way to spoil myself is to sit down and make cards. I have been really busy with school and work that every minute has been taken up by something. I feel bad if I take time for myself but I definitely enjoy it when I do.

jennifer ky

one of my favorite ways to spoil myself is to make sure that i free up time to do something that i have never done before for a few hours either by myself or with great company. i have a to-do list on an index card folded up in my wallet and i carry it around everywhere i go just in case i have unexpected free time! it could be anything from riding a go cart to trying out paintball or indoor rock climbing.


My favorite way to spoil myself is to draw up a nice warm bubble bath (extra bubbles of course!), light some candles, turn down the lights, turn on some soft music, close my eyes and just soak until the water is cold or the bubbles are gone!

Louise Glynn

My favorite treat for myself is a pedicure. It is so relaxing to have someone else do all the work. My feel feel renewed and the polish always seems to last longer when someone else does it.

Karen (Sterling Scrapper)

Hmmm...I'd have to say it's treating my self to a weekend away with my scrapping buddies! It doesn't happen alot but boy am I happy when it does!


Hmmm. So many treats, so little time. How about "royal treatment"... an extra-thick chocolate milkshake while having a pedicure before getting ready to board a jet plane for a tropical vacation. Too much?

Rose Davila

when i want to spoil myself I buy stamps!


I really treated myself today!!!! Sent an order for A Muse stamps and spent 20 minutes in a bubble bath with a card magazine. Congrats on 8 years.

Anne Barclay

My favorite way to spoil myself is to take a trip to Ink About It in Westford, MA and take a class with Jenn Shurkus. Of course, while I'm there I also purchase all of the latest Amuse products that they have.


I think that one of the best ways I like to treat myself is to sit with my feet up and a bowl of ice cream along with a good movie!!!


My favorite way to spoil myself is to have
some free time for crafting or reading. I
put on some nice classical music and spend
a little time with these activities that
help replenish and sustain me.

Kimberly O'Rosky

My favorite treat is to stop at this shop in Austin called Teo that serves fabulous gelato!

Crystal C

I love to spend time in my craft room creating so that is always a treat for me (alone I mean...no kids). Outside of the home I love to treat myself to a latte from Starbucks and shop at my local craft store...again alone, no kids LOL.

Amy Hayes

One of my favorite ways to relax is to get a manicure and pedicure at Silk, where they use warm lotion and include a massage! Such a treat!


Mmm.. going on a week-long vacation down south and ending it off with a nice massage is one way.

Or when I can't, shopping for something I've been holding off on is good too!

Donna B

My favorite way to spoil myself is to get a pedicure, pick up a couple card magazines, get a nice cool drink and then relax in my favorite recliner. Time just for me. Of course, it only happens once in a blue moon!

Donna Hitz

Aaah...let me count the ways! I love going to my salon for a facial, massage or pedicure. Sometimes life is so fast paced it's a nice way to have a little slow down, feel good time! And, then, of course, there is shopping...

Alanna (al_silver2)

My favourite way to spoil myself is to take a day off work mid-week, have my mom still watch my boys, and have the day just for me...I might shop a bit, read magazines, craft, or even organize the house a bit (I love organizing!!).

Happy Birthday, A muse!!


My favorite way to treat myself is to go to the Cheesecake factory for lunch with husband and have orange chicken. SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!

Christina Slaton

Two ways to treat myself. First is time to make cards, it always relaxes me. Second a nice walk in the woods with my husband.

Molly B.

I'm so spoiled it is hard to pick... LOL! OK There is a great little popcorn shop in town and they make the most awesome flavored popcorn. Lucky me it is right across from the post office and my summer job requires that I pick up the mail... hee-hee. A little treat during work every now and then.

Liz G

I love to grab a book, head out to eat by myself (I'm a stay at home, I love alone time LOL) and then head to a chick flick by myself. That's how I treat myself. I love the card btw! :)


I love getting my toes done, It so fun sitting in that chair and relaxing.

Happy 8th amuse!!!


I love getting a mani/pedi and playin with my AMUSE STAMPS!


Great card, Glenda! Happy Anniversary A Muse. To treat myself I like to either enjoy uninterrupted time in my craft room or take a nice hot bubble bath and listen to some good music, ahh.

Doreen Schostek

Happy 8th !!!

There is nothing like coming home with a new bag of stamps and paper!! One of my favorite things is unpacking it all on my desk and stamping them out for the first time to see how they actually look! Ahhhh...life's simple pleasures that only a stamper could understand

jen shears

A massage for sure- but a special treat is having time to craft! Congrats on 8 years!

Shannon C

My favorite way to spoil myself... chocolate and diet coke... a bad habit, I know, but it really does make me happy!

Happy Birthday Amuse!

laura g z

I treat myself to a nice cup of coffee and some chocolate.

Happy Birthday Amuse

karen q

Once a year several of my stamping buddies and I take a road trip from Portland to Seattle. We hit all the stamping and scrapping stores over a weekend. We laugh, shop and eat. We just had our annual trip two weeks ago. It was fantastic.

Rachel Hope

Cute card!!! It's funny considering your card, but my favorite way to spoil myself is a big cupcake with lots of frosting!

Michele Huey

Happy 8th Birthday A Muse! One of my favorite ways to treat myself getting a manicure and pedicure...topped off with a red velvet cupcake!

thanks..michele h..


My way to treat myself is a coffee drink!
My 'usual' is a medium soy decaf iced vanilla latte from Caribou!

Lisa P

Happy Birthday Amuse! My idea of a treat is getting to my LSS for a class.

Ashley M

I love spending time doing crafty things! Its a treat to create! Happy Anniversary A Muse!!!!

Karen Maloney

Happy 8th Birthday, A Muse! Just the thought of having some creative time to myself is an indulgence to be savored. Relaxing with a good book and a rootbeer float comes in a close second.

Tina  Mayo

is spending money at a craft store..yay!! makes me happy to have new toys to play with

Alison Z.

I treat myself by going to Sephora! :) can't go wrong there!


I like to treat myself to a cupcake from the bakery down the street. I try to find something to celebrate every month so that I can try out each of their flavors-of-the-month. ;-)

Happy Birthday, A Muse!


My favorite way to treat myself is exactly what I did today. Got a haircut with highlights, and my eyebrows waxed! I love getting pampered!


Buying more stamping supplies!

Susie P

My favorite treat is some new stamps from A Muse! My cart is always *full*. When it's time for a treat, I view my cart and buy some stamps!
Happy Birthday A Muse! I am so excited for my trip to Seattle in June to check out the store and meet the great staff!

Robyn M.

I treat myself with either a girl's night out or shopping for more A Muse stamps!


Besides new stamps, of course, I love to head to the spa for a facial or massage!


Mary Myers

A treat for me is to allow myself some "free" time to do whatever I would like such as read a book, go to a craft shop, thrift store, park, etc,--very carefree and renewing!!


Great card Glenda!
A treat to myself would just to be in bed all day doing nothing! I hardly get to sleep in lately with school, work, running around, and other obligations so being in bed would be heaven! I would enjoy a spa day too but I feel as if I'm too busy for that!


wow! happy anniversary. my best way is to go through starbucks drive-thru and grab an iced coffee. my two toddlers boys have severe food allergies and we never eat out and don't have milk in our house. so this is a special treat for me. thanks for the chance!

Pamela Gibson

I love to sit in the hottub with a few cookies or chips and a cold drink. And a book


My favorite way to spoil myself is to visit the A Muse store live and in-person...and to leave with a bag filled with goodies! (In fact, I was just there last Wednesday--what a treat.

Happy 8th Birthday!

Sheri Eichar

I spoil myself by buying some new Amuse Stamps! Sheri


I enjoy an afternoon with mani/pedi, venti mocha, Nordstrom, and good company.

Nancy W

My favorite thing to do and to relax is to sit in the shade of an enormous tree and read "Nora Roberts" newest book, along with a nice iced tea at close hand.


Starbucks and a 15 minute massage!!


Happy Birthday! My favorite way to treat myself--- a large venti ice tea lemonade, a Dunkin Donut (Boston Cream, please), and a good book.

sue wisniewski

On my birthday my husband goes out and gets us two lobsters and cooks them for us. The weekend of my birthday is also a stamp convention which I go to with my friends. stamping sue


spa day!

Jen T

Fresh squeezed orange juice, baby. Find joy in simplicity is my motto. Happy birthday!


A trip to the stamp store!! :)


Happy Birthday!!!!

I love to lay on my float in my pool with a good book and some magazines. I read, nap, read some more and just float!

Chris Hauck

I guess my favorite way to treat myself is to have a nice big bowl of Graeters Black Raspberry Chip ice cream....ahhhhh nothing better. It's a local favorite here in Cincinnati. The chocolate chunks are amazingly huge and ummmmm well I may have to take a break now to go buy some.

Erika M

Happy Birthday! My favorite way to spoil myself is to drink a Starbucks white chocolate mocha with three pumps of vanilla


Treating myself to a tall dark chocolate mocha and reading a romance novel.

Carol O'Leary

Happy anniversary! I like to give myself uninterrupted stamping time for no particular reason, with no urgent card requirements. What fun!


Jayne DeGois

Happy Birthday Amuse! The way I like to treat my self is to crop with a friend. There's a great ice cream place next door and we treat ourselves. We have so much fun.


My favorite way to treat myself is to buy stamps and or stamping supplies. Thank you for the chance to win.

Renae C,

Treating myself has to involve chocolate!! The best treat is Fudge Brownie ice cream!

Anita Young

When of my fvorite treats is a really decadent chocolate dessert!! Happy Birthday A Muse!!!


Happy Birthday Amuse! My favourite way to treat myself is to have a quiet day. I stay home all day and just do things that I want to do like reading a book, watching my favourite show, tea and something sweet of course. All the things I like to do but can't seem to find time to do.

Gretchen R.

My favorite way to spoil myself is to get up on Saturday morning make some coffee and sit in my craft room alone to create!


my fav treat is to sit with quiet time and enjoy some amaretto-flavored coffee - my DH makes the BEST cuppa coffee - summer mornings on the deck in the back yard preferred!

Denise Bryant

Sleeping in is it for me. My job requires me to be there either at 5am or 6am. So on my days off, I hate to get up early.
My other treat is going to one of the stamp stores and take my time looking at everything. The samples are fabulous and give me such great ideas. I especially like going to one shop where they have tons of A Muse stamps and papers, and if I'm really lucky they have occasional make and take projects. My idea of a good time!


Happy Anniversary! I like to treat my whenever I can buy A Muse stamps!

Jenn E.

My favorite ME-moments usually involve a decadent dessert or new stamps! ;) Happy Anniversary, A Muse.


i love shopping for clothes! my ideal me day is buying a great outfit and wearing it out for an evening of adult beverages:)


Happy Birthday to the stamps that started me in paper crafting! My favorite indulgence (aside from shopping for new stamps) is sleeping in and then curling up with a good book on a free weekend! I'm always on the go these days and sleeping in is a luxury!


Happy 8th Birthday!!! Hmmm...my favorite way to treat myself is to head down to Granville Island and spend the day wandering around browsing the small shops (one of which is stamp store that carries A Muse!), taking photos, jumping on the Aquabus for a harbour tour, and having a super lunch at the market. It's a day dedicated to just doing whatever strikes my fancy in one of the cutest areas of the city and really plays to the artsy side of me!


Awesome card Glenda, and Happy Bird-day to Amuse!!!!! hehe.

A treat for me would be to spend the day with my 1 year old niece, and take her to the park and have fun. Then go out to lunch with her and then when she goes home, I would go to my craft room and make some cards. Then for the night I would curl up in bed with my cat and watch a good movie with some popcorn and chocolate!!! Yum. heehee.

Kimberly L

Pedicure, wine, good friends...all the perfect recipe for a good time to unwind.


One of my favorite indulgences is to get a cup of tea and a good book, and read/watch the sunset over the Hudson River from my bedroom window.


My favorite way to treat myself is watching a good movie on a rainy day and eat some of my husband's homemade tiramisu, so delicious! Happy Birthday, A MUSE!!


sitting down and reading a great book

Laura Jean

My favorite thing to spoil/treat myself is to order some Ranch Pizza from a local pizza place I love, and crash on the couch with a really good romantic comedy.

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