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Friday, May 01, 2009



LOVE the cupcake builder too! Wow, it'd have to be watching a good romantic comedy movie :) I know.. cheesy!

Cat Lail

oh, this one is so easy for me. i don't often take time out for myself, so when i do, i just LOVE to get a nice pedicure and some pretty pink polish. it's not too expensive, doesn't take a lot of time, and i enjoy it for several weeks :)


Happy 8th Birthday A Muse!
My favorite way to treat myself is to do whatever I want on any given day, depending on how I feel. It could be shopping for new paper & stamp supplies or taking in a great cup of coffee with a indulgent dessert.


Happy 8th Birthday and many more!!! My favorite way to treat myself is to take my dog Glory for a long walk - then back to the "card" making room for stamping fun!! Best Wishes to all Anita

Rachel a.k.a. gingerbread gal

I spoil myself with new stamps!

Jean in NH

A pedicure.....definately a pedicure.

If I were a cat, I'd be purring when they do that foot massage thingy with the lotion.........

Where is my phone book? I need to call and schedule one!

Happy 8th A*muse!!!!!


Aside from doing anything related to stamping, I love to bake. Cakes, cookies, pies, puddings & mousse, fresh fruit desserts - I love them all.

Happy 8th Birthday Amuse!


I spoil myself with new shoes...the higher the heel and brighter color the better!!

kathie deluca

8 is great.....and nine will be fine!!! To treat myself I like to take time for a massage! It generally only happens on vacations, but even then they are delightful!! Wishing you many more years of continued success!

Betty T.

I love to treat myself with a good book and some chocolate! Happy 8th Anniversary!!


Taking leisurely strolls through one of my local antique stores is a great treat. If I'm lucky enough to find something I love, I'll spoil myself and bring it home.

Jennifer G.

I like to spoil myself with pedicures - they are very relaxing!

Michelle LL

Ahhh.... a pedicure. Between the massaging chair and swirling foot bath I'm totally relaxed in only an hour.


Treating myself is not hard!! I just head to the scrapbooking store and find some pretty new paper or stamp!! When I want a real treat, I give myself permission to put the laundry on hold and to make a card.

Thanks and happy birthday!!
Lesley :)


My favorite way to treat myself lately is to get a breve black & white mocha & an orange cranberry scone from Starbucks - delicious!

Christine Hyde

Happy 8th Anniversary. My big treat is going out on a Friday to scrapbook or stamp with friends. Hubby watches the baby and I can play.


Stamp shopping...Italian dinner...and chocolate mousse for dessert...watching Sex In the City on my couch with my BFF...all in that order.


Happy B-day! I think the best way of indulgence is spending the day creating. It is so rewarding for me.


So hard to answer, since i rarely do things purely for me. Although lately i have been exercising, which is really to make me feel better. I guess i would go with take a class at he local rubber stamp store. Love to take classes, but don't get to very often. Maybe i will go sign up for one today.

Lisa Chapman

One of the best ways I can indulge is to lose myself inside a great antique mall and/or flea market! I love looking at everything and finding bits and pieces of old epherma I can incoporate with the use of my stamps and/or scrapbook.

Happy 8th birthday!


Have your ever said to yourself, today is my day just to play? I love when I forget the chores, errands, etc. and hole up in my stamp room and create just for fun for me!

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