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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Lisa P

Wow am I first! It pays to be on the East Coast and be a night owl! My favorite stamp from this release is the dandelion! I love Amuse! Thanks for the opportunity and all of the inspiration!


Fantastic! I am one of the "early bird gets the worm"...hope it'll work this time :o) My fave so far is the PANDA! Sooo adorable and I can definitely get a lot of use from him/her! Wonderful new releases..they're all fabulous!! Thanks for the chance to win! :o)


I love the new crib stamp. The shower invitation is adorable and I could see this stamp being used for cards to welcome babies too. There is something so sweet about this stamp...I just love, love, love it!

Amanda Beers

The Kokeshi doll is adorable... She makes me smile just looking at her :) It's hard to pick, though... I'm always amazed at what you have in store with the new releases!! So exciting!

jen shears

ok, I was going to say 'home is where your MOM is' is my new fave- but then I saw the tricycle! My daughter has a red one that looks exactly like that! Guess it's a tie!!!

Melissa Cash

This is an easy one, my fav is "Home is where your Mom is".
That is so true for me...even at my age (40 something) I look forward to hanging with my Mom. She is one special lady.


There are so many stamps that I love in this release, but I think my fave is the Panda. So cute! Thanks, Linda, for another set of great new A Muse stamps!!!

Pamela Gibson

my fav is definitly the panda, sooo cute!

Richelle M.

Oooo my favorite stamp from the new release is definitely the tricycle stamp. That is a cutie! Thanks!


My favorite from this release is the tricycle. I think I'll make mine red. With streamers. . .

Dana Klinkner

I love the new panda - he's so cute! Oh but I also love all the baby faces and images - so adorable. There's just too many to only choose one! :) Thanks for the great new release and fun card ideas.


i love that home is where your mom is, the tricycle and the crib. and have to check out those punches too! :)

Suzie P.

I would have to say the tricycle is my favorite. Can't wait to create a birthday card for my grandaughter Emily, who will turn two in May, with the tricycle and some balloons attached to the handle bar. FUN,FUN,FUN!!!

Linda Price

Wow, you make it difficult to choose just one as a favorite. But...I'll have to say I love the bunny princess. All the cards are just darling.


I love the baby feet and the rocking chair! Thanks once again, for bringing great stamps to us!

Alison Z

I like the kokeshi doll stamp! too cute :)


OMGosh!! Just pick one of the new releases. I can't cuz I love them all and want them all. Ok I will sort of pick one...I'm really lovin all the baby ones...wait maybe the panda bear...no the dandelion...do maybe the...see I told you I couldn't do it. The DT out did themselves again with their amazing and inspiring cards. Thanks so much for a chance.


Wow, I'm amazed! I love the new release! It keeps getting better and better! My favorite is the sentiment "home is where mom is" but the fortune cookie "in bed" cracks me up! Those are on my list next time I go to Papertales! Thank you for a chance to win! Good luck to all! :)

Cat Lail

GREAT release! and i have to say that i just love the way you work older stamps into the cards. it helps me see how i can use my current 'stock' with the new stamps. i'll just HAVE to have the panda and bamboo stamps, so hopefully i'll win ;) you made that one too, right Linda?


The fortune cookie sentiments is my favorite, it can be used for so many things!

sue wisniewski

There are so many that I can pick as my favorite but here are my three top picks: Flourish frame, Panda & Kokeshi doll. Beautiful cards. stamping sue


I totally did not expect to see a guy rockin' out on your card when I saw the title "Hey Baby"! What a riot! I think my favourite stamp so far is the panda. It's got the cutest eyes!


the flourish frame is my fave!


I love the tricycle stamp! (and most all the other stamps in the release!)


I adore the new "Crib" stamp - it reminds me of my little one during one of my favorite times of the day (nap time - or, as I like to call it - stamp time!). Congrats on the new release!

Laura Bassen

I love that flourish frame. Those punches are a must, too! Awesome ideas, as always!


The flourish frame is my favorite! So many possibilities!


Great cards, they are definitely inspiring! I do LOVE the panda! But they are all so very cute. Thanks for the chance to win. :)


Need to have the fortune cookie stamp and words! So fun! Love all the new releases and your cards Linda!

Suzanne Straus

My favorite is the panda. He will go so well with my othe Asian stamps!

Anne Barclay

I love the sentiment "Babies are a great way to start people." I have to have it! My daughter's friends are all having babies these days and I have a lot of baby cards to make. Another great release!


My favorite stamp from the new release is
the Kokeshi Doll--love her and her dress!

Molly K.

So hard to pick a favorite but I think it's a tie between the panda bear and the bamboo! I love love love bears and the panda is just so cute. I also just feel you can't have him without the bamboo! What would he eat?!

Mandy Crawley

I love all the new release stamps, the dandilion, the sakura, and the fortune cookie are in my top five...but hands down the rocking chair was my instant favorite, it just seems to convey a sense of down-home simplicity and relaxation. I can already feel myself on a rickety porch down south smelling the jasmine.
Can't wait for pay day!


Wow! Great cards! It's so hard to pick which one is my favorite...but I gotta pick one so it would have to be the Panda and of course the bamboo to go along with him. Super cute!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

N. Gagnon

All of your cards are darling! Do I have to pick just one favorite?? That's tough, but I would have to go with "Panda". Thanks for the chance!

Ashley M

So many fun new stamps! Great release! I love love love the panda! He is too cute!!!! :)

Christina Slaton

I love all of the stamps. TOO CUTE!! I really love the Kokeshi Doll, but my favorite has to be "Home is where your Mom is". Now that my my mom is older and having health issues, it is nice to be close to her and home.


Well, all of the stamps are so cute but I have to say I love the crib! How fun! :o)

Patty W

If I could only pick one, it would be Home Is! I can see it being used many ways. You could even separate the chair and lamp, do some paper piecing etc.

Love all of the stamps and cards! The panda is too cute!


I would have to say I love the "Hey Baby" stamp. I love how it was used. I have a little five year old that loves playing the air guitar. This card makes me think of him.


It is always so fun to see the new designs. My fav is the bamboo.

Nathalie V. in California

I just LOVE the crib stamp along with the sentiment "tiny yawns and sleepy sighs nursery rhymes and lullabies." Thank you for another great release!!


Love lots of the new stamps but the one I can say I will use the most will be the bamboo. So that is my favorite for today.

Beth Rang

My favorite is the panda. Your new flora stamps are awesome too.


I am absolutely in love with this release! If I had to pick a favorite I would choose Baby in Nest. We are expecting our first child in the fall and I can't wait to use this stamp, along with perhaps "newly hatched", on the announcements. This release couldn't have come at a better time! :)


I love the vine border stamp. It just adds the perfect amount of interest and color!


The crib is definitely my favorite, but I'm excited to see all the baby images and sentiments. It seems like every time I turn around another friend is pregnant, so I've been making lots of baby things recently!

Kristin Z.

Everything in the new release is fabulous, but if I had to pick a favorite, it's a toss-up between the fortune cookie and the fortune cookie sayings or the new sentiment "Home is where your Mom is". I love that new sentiment- it exactly conveys how I feel about my mom!


I love the baby girl face. I think her face is so cute with the bow on her head.


What a fun new release! The stamps and the paper are all so wonderful! As it is Earth Day today, I must pick the Dandelion as my favorite stamp! I know they are a weed, but I have very happy memories of making dandelion chains and blowing many a wish on the seeds! Plus they atre yellow and what a cheerful color yellow is!


i just love that little panda! so cute and versatile, i've never seen anything like him!


My favorite image is the Panda. But really, how can you possibly use the Panda without the Bamboo? So I've got to go with the pair of them :-). Thanks for another great release and such a fabulous giveaway!!!

Jayne DeGois

I love all of these stamps from the new release. It's so hard to pick just one. I love the tricycle. I have a one year old nephew and can't wait to make a card for him. There are 4 teachers in my school who are having babies and I can't wait to make cards for them! LOVE IT ALL!

Kathy McDonald

Wow, Linda, what GREAT cards! My favorite stamp from this release is the sentiment "home is where your mom is". How perfect for Mother's Day cards.

D. Petro

It's hard to choose just one, but my favorite is the sakura flower!

Janet D

I love them all, but my favourite from the new release is the Kokeshi doll.

Thank you!


These are all fabulous! I especially love the tricycle - perfect for all of the little boy birthdays in my family!

Kathy K.

I can't select just ONE stamp as my selection is more of a "set". The fortune cookie & the COOL new fortune cookie sayings are over the top!! Wahoooooo!!!

Patricia Hayrynen

Wonderful new stamps. J'espere que j'ai de bonne chance. Pat

nancy l.

I love, love love the Kokeshi doll!!! And when it's paired with the Bamboo stamp, oh my, sooooo cute!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Heather Bilhorn

I LOVE them all - - but the favorite is the tricycle... I had one growing up and so did my kids... that is going to be a favorite stamp. Can't wait to place my order.

Denise~Paper Ponderings

My fave just might be the tricyle...it is SO cute! But I love the mower too...and the rocking chair. Too many to pick JUST one!!!

Stefanie Rico

"Home Is Where Your Mom Is," that's my favorite because it is so true! Plus, I know how much the sentiment would mean to my mom.

Doris G.

This is hard, but I would have to say the Fortune Cookie. (I love the fancy frame punch too!) Great stamps...you have outdone yourselves....again!

Erika M

Love them all but I think my fav is a star is born - makes me think of when my daughter was born!


It's so hard to choose just one...I like too many! But, if I had to narrow it down, my favorite would be the Vine border. It's just so pretty.

Eraina Ortega

I like Hey Baby!


My favorite is the panda. I also like the sentiment home is where your mom is. Thank you for the chance to win.

Michele Huey

I have enjoyed all of the amuse bouche's, they're all great! My favorite of the new stamps are the panda and the bamboo! They are definitely on my list to get!

thanks...michele h..

Kim Raymundo

I love all of the new releases, but my favorites are the tricycle and baby boy and baby girl stamps. I can't wait to buy them all! Hugs, Kim

Amy L. Weber

I love all amuse stamps, but "Home is where your Mom is" made me go "Aww..."

Liz G

I love the new Panda stamp set! What a great release, so versatile! Can't wait to get them all!

Rosanna Stephens

What a great release! I adore the little baby in the nest and the sentiment "a star is born". Just too cute!

Sharon Knitter

I love many of the new stamps. However, I believe I am a little in love with the Panda. He is so cute.


All of them are wonderful! Love the Mom stamp... it's so true ~ and every mom deserves a card like that everyday!!!

Debby W.

I love so many of them, but I REALLY love the "Babies are a great way to start people" ... or something like that (I dont have a good memory, but I know I want THAT stamp) ... lol ... love A Muse stamps!

Ann I.

Ok, tough choice because I like them all! If I could only buy one it would be the tricycle. Thank you for the chance to win!

Michelle (aka mybelle101)

Ooooh, it's too hard to pick! I'll say that my favorite new stamp is the little panda...he is just TOO cute! I especially love him in that party hat :) But I {{LOVE}} them all, and these cards are darling! Thanks for the inspiration!


After much deliberation I have to say the panda is my favourite.

When I first saw the picture of the "Home is.." card I thought it was the "Amuse blog", but then realised that was the watermark..oops.

Colleen Wold

Wow! Definitely a tough choice....I like the baby crib for sure...but I think I am really excited about the Fortune Cookie because of the Fortune Sayings. I just love that an added sentiment is "in bed"! LOL!


I am so happy to see the tricycle and the fortune cookie. I can't wait to start stamping. I am totally excited about the crib. You are the best company, always thinking of the products we need! Denise


So many cute ones to choose from in this new batch, but my fave is definitely the baby sentiment - Babies are such a great way to start people. It just made me tear up when I saw it. Thanks for the chance to win. Am crossing my fingers, b/c I soooo want these just hatched stamps. - Jessica

Karen M.

They are all simply gorgeous! But if I have to pick, I would choose the fortune cookie and those cute little sentiments that go so well with it. The designers have outdone themselves once again.


I agree with others...it is so hard to choose a fav. If I had to pick one it would be "Home is". It would make the perfect Mother's day card. I love the saying!

BTW...The Kokeshi doll is just precious!


I love the Panda stamp! he's so cute!


The panda is my favorite. They're all so cute! It took me forever to make a choice. My second is the kokeshi girl. Great releases!!


GOt milk!!!!!

Cindy Ziliak

My favorite is the baby crib!


I have 2 favorites tied for 1st- the panda and kokeshi girl. Both are fabulous! Thank you for inspiring us once again!


The new designs are so much fun! But I think the Panda is my new fave! :)


Wow! Well, at the top of my list is the flourish frame - so versatile - then the panda, and I must have the bamboo to go with him. Dreaming of A muse stamps!


I can't decide between two: kokeshi girl & the rocking chair. I just love the card that said "Mom you rock" with it.


My favorite is the rocking chair. It has so much potential for across the board uses from birth to retirement and in between! Thank you for the opportunity to win.


I love the baby in the bird's nest.


i love the fortune cookie sentiments! and the woodmounted cookie. and the japanese doll is beautiful.. thanks

Betsey Terry

I love the fortune cookie and sentiments..and had a really hard time choosing between the rocking chair and the tricycle (went with the tricycle)..but the chair is on my list!


I think my favorite is the dandelion. I think its very cute and I could see it being used for many different things. I love all the new stamps of course though!

Mary-Lynne Mason

My favorite is the Rock Star stamp. I'm thinking of all the cards I can make for my grandson who thinks he is a rock star!


A Shower! I love all A Muse though.

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