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Sunday, May 03, 2009


Kimberly O'Rosky

My first sentiment was Happy Birthday To You - it's still one of my favorites and most used stamps. My first image were the tractor, farmer, hay and hay wagon!

Carol O'Leary

I *think* my first A Muse stamp was the Tiny Bee, which is still one of my favorites. It's not really surprising -- I also collect honeypots!


My first Amuse stamp was small lowercase polka dot alpha. I love it because you can use it for fun words on cards or on a scrap page.


My first stamp was Pumpkin Baby! I fell in love with how sweet he looked and even though I had never sent Halloween cards to friends, nor had I ever made a card before, I could not resist his charms! I continue to ink him up year after year!


My first stamp(s) were the window and the flower box, with the sentiment "if freinds were flowers." I built my collection $25 at a time, with a new purchase each month - it is hard to think back on that with my A Muse stamp collection now numbering 100's of stamps!


My first A Muse purchase was the stamp store and the so many stamps... sentiment!
I owe my love for A Muse to Michelle Clark!!

Jennifer G.

My first stamp was If friends were flowers I'd pick you - I didn't even know it was A Muse

Donna Hitz

It's difficult to remember which was my very FIRST A Muse stamp! Certainly an early one was "Sprout" 2-4018B!


I am pretty sure my first amuse stamp was the shopper as well....all I know is she now has lots of friends joining her on my stamp shelves!


My first A Muse stamp was the sentiment: Have a Splendiferous Day. My dad said that all the time growing up and I just couldn't believe that there was a stamp company out there fun and quirky enough to make a stamp out of it!


I always forget my exact first one b/c I've been a fan for so long.
I THINK it was Pete the penguin or the Polar Bear.


I think my first A Muse stamp was the hula girl & aloha...at least that is the first one I remember buying (still one of my favorites!)

Amanda Beers

I love the new poppies, but it's a toss up between the mushroom trio and the Nadia scooter :) The little sweet pea holds a special place in my heart too, because it was my first A Muse stamp... I used to make my babies birth announcements!

Denise Bryant

I think it may have been Leaf Wreath, but I'm not sure. I have a lot of A Muse stamps in my collection. I do remember seeing a card made with it as a sample, and I just had to have it!

Susie P

My first A Muse stamp was the Mother block, I won it at a scrapbook store giveaway. I didn't stamp at the time, but I hung onto it because it was so cute! Now I am a full fledged stamper and my first A Muse purchase was the Margarita glass. My favorite stamp has the be the Hostess, I use her whenever I can. Happy Birthday A Muse!


I think that my first stamps were the boutique and the cafe. I ordered both at the same time back in 2007.


My first Amuse stamp was Flower Drinks. I got it for Christmas shortly after I started stamping. It is still one of my favorites.

Suzanne Straus

My first A Muse stamp was the diver. I discovered A Muse in the summer!

Stephanie Jones

i think my first one was ellie. it's so hard to remember! my son was so little and I was drawn to all of the baby ones at the time, the elephant,the giraffe.

Debby W.

I really cant remember ... but it was probably one of the sentiments because that's what first drew me to A Muse - all the awesome sentiments in the fantastic fonts! Please dont hold it against me for not being able to pin point my actual first A Muse stamp! LOL!


My first (of many) Amuse stamps was Patch. He's so adorable! Happy Anniversary Amuse!


The first thing I ever picked up was Lemonade and I still love to use it.

jen shears

I'm totally new to amuse! I've been out of stamping for quite awhile- but a friend recently brought me back into the fold! Congrats on 8 years!


I thought my first A Muse stamp was the saying "Thinking of You". I had been looking for that sentiment everywhere and wanted a small one. It's perfect! But I realized, when shopping for A Muse stamps online, that I have the "Dots" background stamp too. I bought it over a year ago and didn't even know it was A Muse!!


My first stamp was "golfer girl". It was wonderful to find a stamp that celebrates us female golfers!

laura g z

My first amuse stamp was a christmas stamp from a lot I bought off ebay. Ever since then I was addicted.

Karen M.

I had a few stamps to start with (mostly purchased at chain stores), but my first A Muse stamp was the Twas Tree! My crafty best friend had attended a class at our fave LSS and when I saw the Christmas cards she made I was hooked! I've been attending Geeta's classes ever since.

Jenn E.

My first A Muse stamp was the Father block, the one where father is done in several languages. I picked it up for a Father's Day card for my hubby, since at the time he was traveling a lot for his job. I still have it and love it!

Tracy Estes

I discovered AMuse at The Paper Tree in Manchester, NH. I walked in to see the AMuse Christmas collection. I fell in-love with little Rudolph and the Winter Dog. I don't remember which I bought first; I think the Rudolph. And, the paper shown with it! I think it was the Vintage! Had to have them!


My first A Muse stamps was the cupcake builder set. At that time I didn't know anything about A Muse or scrapbooking or even papercrafting! The cupcake builder caught my eye because I bake cupcakes for my co-workers birthday and I thought it was so nice to make cupcake cards! I took my first class with Jill and fell in love w/A Muse! The bad things is that I lost the set before it was ever inked! I bought my second set at Papertales and that set has a special place in my craft station so I know where it is at all times!


It was "Thanks Coach". I just love A Muse stamps. I like the feel of it, too. =) Love the matted/non-glossy labels on wood blocks.


I bought a bunch of A Muse stamps at one time, so I don't have a 1st A Muse stamp, just a "first" A Muse purchase (the beginning of many, lol!). But my need-to-have stamp in that purchase was Tiny Bird...my best friend!!!


I'm not positive which was my very FIRST A Muse stamp however I think it was the Gerber Daisy! Still a personal favourite!

Alanna (al_silver2)

My very first a muse stamp was the circle tote. I still love this stamp...reminds me of the beach with its giant polka dots! Unfortunately, I was in an unmounting everything phase when I got it...it is my only ez-mounted a muse stamp :-(

Kelly Marie

My first a muse stamp was the simple celebrations stamp set! I haven't been able to stop my a muse addiction since :).

Christina Slaton

My first stamp (Baby Penquin) I bought at my friend Kim's store, Serendipity. I love making winter theme cards and he fits perfectly. Of course that was many, many amuse stamps ago.


My first Amuse stamp was the Bride & Groom, I was mostly a scrapbooker, but I want to make my own wedding invitation and save the date. And now, I still scrapbook, but I make lots (I meant lots) of cards, and everything else. Hehehee... Plus, I'm a proud AMuse Addict! =D


I believe my first Amuse stamp was a sentiment, "Friends make life blossom." I've always loved the fonts and styles of Amuse sentiments! I just bought a new one yesterday!

Prairie Girl

My first A Muse order included a few stamps. My favourite is "Open Wreath" and it's one of my favourite Christmas stamps, too!


After hearing about A Muse from my cousin back in 2007, I quickly searched for your site..found it and it was "love at first sight." Soon after that, I searched through my area here in Anchorage AK for a LSS and found one, STAMP ATTIC. Went in there hoping to see/find any A Muse stamps and there! I bought my FIRST A Muse stamps - FISHING POLE, FISH, & the GOLFER. In time for FATHER's DAY! Signed up too for a class they had the weeek after I got my stamps! It was such a happy day for me! :o)

Susan N.

It has been so long ago that I cannot remember what the first stamp was. I am sure it was a sentiment. My local stamp store that I purchased it from is no longer in business. I am thankful for A Muse on line or girls day out when we come visit your store.


My first Amuse stamp was either leafy tree
or grassy stems.

little one

My first A Muse stamp? I think it was "sending you sunshine".


I believe my first A Muse purchase was the Retro Rectangle and Lots Of Dots background stamps, and then Seattle girl and Small Oval soon after that. They're still favorites of mine that I continue to use.

Karen (Sterling Scrapper)

Hmmm...hard to remember but I'm sure one of my first was the Margarita stamp along with the sentiment that went with it. I still love them!

Betty T.

I don't remember my first A Muse stamp purchase, however, among the first were the flower cart, the hula girl, sweet shop, fishing boy. I'm sure sentiments were included in my early purchases. Just can't remember. :)


It was the little baby in the peapod.


My first stamp was the eiffel tower along with the sentiment "merci". Still one of my favorites to date!

Banu H

My first stamp was the Sentiment to the moon. I think it is just awesome.


My first one was 'Seattle Girl', and I didn't even know that was the name of it until recently. I wish I had a lot more room in my tiny crafting area for a lot more.


I think my first stamp was the farmer....

Drea B

Wow - that's a hard one to remember...I have so many now! I think that my first A Muse stamp was Birds on a Wire and I still love it.


My first A muse stamp was the mermaid. I had seen a card made with cafe table and chairs, and I asked at Stampassion in Latham, NY. The lady let me look through the A muse catalog, and even though I saw the table and chairs, I ordered the mermaid, because I had wanted one for even longer! Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and happy anniversary!


I think my first A Muse stamp ever was Captain Jack, a gift from a dear stamping friend... But I think my first purchase was "happy birthday little dude." Love 'em! Thanks!

Alison Zamora

oh gosh! i can't remember. my first purchase was during last year's amuseapalooza and i have been hooked ever since!

Doreen Schostek

I'm pretty sure my first stamp was the sentiment..."happy birthday" in the FUN font. I was, and still am, crazy for it and later got the "congratulations" and "celebrate" in the same font!

Robyn M.

I think it was the ABC mobile.

karen q

I have been stamping for many years and have lots and lots of stamps. To be honest, I can't remember. I know that I am always drawn to flowers first so it might have been Two Daisies.


My first stamp was the Ice cream with three scoops and the saying "You're the Cherry on top!" I love thos stamps and still use them Alot!
I am still working on building my Amuse collection, I just placed my first order on here yesterday!! So exciting!!!


My very first a muse stamps were the branch and tiny bird :)

Cat Lail

my first stamps were skinny oval (HAD to have it), grass & nest, and three sentiments "Wheely like you", "Moo-chas Grass-ias", and "Hog Wild". i bought them all online from the a*muse store - LOVE them :)

Jean in NH

It was the fire engine with the "Happy Birthday" banner. I needed a stamp for my son's birthday party invitations (the theme was fire trucks and he was turning 4). It was perfect! That boy will be 9 in June!

nancy l.

I bought my first AMUSE stamp without knowing it was AMUSE! I was at a store with a friend and found the Big Dot stamp and got it just because I thought it would go with some other stamps I had. I didn't get hooked on AMUSE for another year or so. Now I can't stop!!! I love AMUSE!!!! LOL

Ann I.

Mine was the spiral daisy and Seattle Girl.


My cousin actually introduced us to A muse. She sent me the website but I still didn't even order any. Finally my sis, created some cards w/ A muse and wow! So nice to see all the different scenes she got out of A muse stamps! and how it can even work w/ some of the stamps we own...So I finally bought my first stamps: the bench, the tiny bird and the tree w/ tire swing!


"under the weather" along with the "seattle girl"

Denise T.

I think my first AMuse stamp was Bride and Groom. I was absolutely obsessed with it and swore I would use it on something at my wedding; 100 tissue packets later I proved myself right! :)


My first A Muse stamps were purchased before I 'found' A Muse, too. I took a Christmas Card class at my LSS and went home with Santa's Coat, Santa's Hat, Believe, and Jolly Holiday. That was way back in 2005! I 'found' A Muse that following spring and have been hooked ever since. The 2006 Amuseapalooza event was what really won me over.


I only started stamping a year ago and my very first stamp was the pumpkin stand from AMUSE. Bought it at my favorite rubber stamp store in NYC and got hooked immediately!

Tina W

My very first and favorite A Muse stamp is the Little Giraffe. After that, I was hooked! :o)

Caren Weinstein

Happy Anniversary! I am not sure which was my first AMUSE stamp, but an early one was the "Wheely Girl". I use it along with the sentiment that says "The road to a friend's house is never long". And I still wheely, wheely love that stamp...along with hundreds of others that have joined her after several stamp-crazed years! Best wishes for another 8 successful years.


My first was Seattle Girl. I still love her!


OMG I have a massed so many A muse stamps over the years and really can't remember which was the first. I love them all.


Yeesh, this is a hard one! I think my first A Muse stamp was the sentiment, "Hey cupcake!" I think I need to go make a card right now with it!


i'm still fairly new to amuse...i fell in love with the latest valentine collection back at the end of january. i saw the Victoria's shop and had to have it! i've slowly been building my collection ever since!

Tiffany Heilman

my first stamps was the margarita with the got margaritas sentiment.

Louise Glynn

My first AMuse stamp was Tic Tac Toe Love. I think I bought it around Valentine's day in 2002. I used it for Valentine cards that year and to this day that card is till one of my favorites. I purchased the stamp at Rubber Soul Poulsbo WA. What a long way AMuse has come since then!

Rachel Shirk

My first A Muse stamp was the dragon. I still have him and love him! I've been a huge fan of A Muse for years and was so excited to move to WA where I could visit the store! :D


My first Amuse purchase was santa's coat and lingerie(bra and panty stamp). My girlfriend, who is also an amuse addict introduced me to cardmaking about 6 years ago. We went to our local stamp store and I fell in love with an Amuse Christmas card on display and I had to replicate it!

Kelly Schirmer

Hmmmm I think it was the A Muse skater girl and the car with tree on top! I love making a skating trail out of stitching or flourishes!


My very first A Muse stamp was Happy Summer 9-8055B. (The one Novell just used on her BBQ card.) I didn't even realize I had it until after I started collecting A Muse stamps. So thats how I can remember. :)

Karen from Ontario

I just recently bought my first Amuse stamp...it is the new 'Friend' everybody wishes they had. Love it.
I really want to buy more sentiments...love them.

sue wisniewski

I just started purchasing AMuse stamps. Not sure but think my first was Leafy tree but my favorite image right now is Bunny princess. I have used her for birthday cards & easter cards. She is very versitle.
stamping sue

Julie Masse

Beautiful card!! My first Amuse stamps were the Announcer guy and some of the circus animals I used to make my son's birth announcements - I had so much fun with them!! :)

Allison T.

My first Amuse stamp was the fireplace scene with the Holiday Party Banner! I used them to make some Christmas party invites! Thanks for the chance to win!

Molly K.

My first stamp from A Muse was the Rock Star stamp. I had spotted it in a local craft shop (unfortunately no longer in business) and I just had to have it. I actually picked up some A Muse Pretty Little Papers with it and linked to your website from there. The rest, as they say, is history.


cute card! first amuse stamp was seattle girl. just stamped her this past weekend too. thanks for the chance!


My first Amuse purchase was Tiny Bee, Hive and the sentiment "Your the Bee's Knees". Still one of my favorites! The next day I went back for Seattle Girl!!! Love Amuse and always excited to see what you come up with next!

Crystal C

I LOVE them ALL I tell ya!! LOL I can't pick just one or two. I have been a collector of Amuse stamps for years and when I first found them I felt like I had found a treasure of expression for me to put and use in my crafting outlet of life. I am really loving the baby line (crib, rocking chair) and I think the Kokeshi doll is the cutest thing and is on top of my list.

Gerianne K. Patti

My first stamps were the boy and girl pilgrims. I still love those two stamps!

Happy Anniversary,

Nathalie V. in CA

My first stamps were Love Birds and the Love bird MA sentiment. I love them. :)


I was pretty new to stamping but the LLS had amuse a palooza 2007 so I went and fell in love with the think simple. My first A Muse stamp, I bought four the tractor, skinny oval, super dot block and happy birthday. From there it was what will work with these four stamps. Add grass, trees, tiny bird, branches, thank you. Now it is winter lets add snow flakes, Santa, penguin. Since that day I have not bought any stamp except A Muse.

Heather Bilhorn

My first Amuse stamp was the "to go coffee" cup. I saw a card made with it and a Sarbucks gift card -- had to have it -- when I ordered it - I also picked up the Charlie Brown tree. Love them all now!

Shannon C

My first Amuse stamp was the Margarita glass... I need to break it out today for some Cinco-de-Mayo cards!


One of my first A Muse stamps was Favorite Peeps as I had a Peep stamp from another company and I just thought the saying was perfect for it! I have been hook, line and sinker ever since!! Thanks for the chance.

Wanda Gebhardt

Where have I been? Well.....not sure. I visited the store several years ago when I was visiting my daughter in Seattle and bought some scissors :>) Does that count?

Wanda Gebhardt
NC and FL


My first stamp was "Expecting Mother" - it is still one of my favorites and is in constant rotation. I love that you can make a simple design look extremely custom and expensive!


I can't remember exactly, it's been so long, but it was a sentiment for sure. And now I'm so addicted I have to have them all, and I pretty much do! I'm a lucky girl with a very understanding hubby. :0)

Laura Bassen

I remember getting the shakes after I bought the tiny bird, OH WHAT JOY that tiny bird has brought!! My first love!

Stefanie Rico

My first stamp was the giraffe (and to this day, may still be my favorite). After that, I was hooked and since then, my collection has grown. I truly love that I can spot an A Muse stamp from a mile away and how the products have evolved over the years without losing any of the originality or simplicity. I'm looking forward to many more A Muse years so congrats on the first 8!

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