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Thursday, May 07, 2009



It is simple, but I'd have to say masking. I love adding dimension to a project by layering images.

sue wisniewski

With me it depends on my mood what is my favorite stamping technique. I like adding color with my stipple brushes using a technique I named Fuzzy colors. After adding color I stamped on top of all the colors. A twist to this technique: stamp image first, mask it then do the Fuzzy Color technique.
stamping sue


I love that card, super cute!
I also love the masking technique. It's alot of fun, and really makes a card come to life.!!
Happy 8th Amuse!!!!!



Beautiful card! My favorite technique even though I don't use it often is paper piecing. It is just so much fun to "dress" something up!

Kimberly O'Rosky

I love paper piecing!!!


Beautiful card and love the flower. I love all techniques, but my favorite would have to be dry and heat embossing. I just love the texture it gives to projects. Thanks for a chance.
Happy 8th Anniversary.


Wow, beautiful card! I LOVE paper piecing!

Susie P

I love to paper piece and mask equally. I absolutely LOVE this card, what a great idea to use the Damask stamp as leaves! So inspired!


I really like the watermark effect you get with versamark or like watermark inks and I often emboss with clear matte embossing powder or color powders to create a subtle but beautiful background. The sample card is stunning! Happy Birthday. Terrie


Wow, your card is beautiful!!! Hmmm... I really don't use special techniques much at all. I do like paper piecing, though, when I think to do it!

Denise T.

What a beautiful card! My favorite stamping technique is paper piecing as well. :) I started doing it with the Elzybell stamps, and now I'm addicted!


What a stunning card! The bloom just pops off the page! My favorite technique is masking. I like the dimension that gives to my cards.

Shannon C

I have just started paper piecing with my stamped images and I love the effect!

Great card!


I really like to keep it simple, but I guess that masking is the technique I use the most if I want to take more time.


I love embossing!


That flower is amazing!!! Love how it pops!

Favorite "technique"? Simple. Fast. Like A Muse :)


Gosh, I don't really have a favorite technique... I have fun with them all!

Today's card is beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to win the stamps used to make it!


The sample card is gorgeous today! I think my favorite technique currently is coloring my stamped images with Copic markers. FUN!
Happy Anniversary Amuse!

Rachel Hope

Paper piecing is my favorite technique right now, I love using patterned paper for dresses etc...

Nathalie V. in CA

Hi! Beautiful card! I currently love coloring my stamped images with Copic markers.

Anita Young

Beautiful card, Beth!! I love to layer on my cards. Makes them harder to mail but I love all the dimension :)


I am a stamp and colour it with copics kind of girl. But love to use pop dots to add dimension. Also addicted to punches.

Tina  Mayo

so its between heat embossing and my copics I just started playing with.

Crystal C

I love embossing, masking, and paper piecing. So much fun!

Crystal C

I love the card you completed...gorgeous!


Right now, I'm really enjoying clear embossing to create background textures...

Thanks for the fun giveaway!


Absolutely beautiful card, Beth! Love the layering; makes that zinnia image really stand out:) And creative you for using the Damask as leaves! My fav technique would be paper piecing, too! It is so fun to do:)


I love using paper piecing and pop dots to add demension to my cards. I love the added effect of gliter on the card you made


Great looking card.
I love to embossing cards to give it an added effect -- esp snow.


Wow, gorgeous card!! I loveee to paper piece solid images with PP's. They're much fun to do and very easy. Thanks for the chance to win! :o)

Lori Frost

Simple, fast and beautiful. I think that is why I love amuse so much.


I too love to paper piece and add dimmension to my cards.


i love paper piecing! i love that it makes you do a double take and my card recipients always ask "how'd u do that?"

Kelly Marie

I love heat embossing! It's just so fun to watch! :)


Wonderful card! Since I am new to stamping, each new technique I learn is my favorite!

little one

I love masking. It gives dimension to my creations.

Kim Foy

Gorgeous card! My fav stamping technique is paper-piecing. It's just so easy if you don't feel like coloring & for matching up w/the pp on the card.


I agree - paper piecing is also my favorite. This is a beautiful example!

Christina Slaton

I love stamping an image and then adding color.

Patty W

I love ink ! I love to ink edges or make a background. I'm fairly new to this craft and ink excites me!! LOL

Kathy K.

Lovely card - I'm partial to MASKING as my "go-to" favorite. It's a powerful technique!

Kelly Braund

I love coloring and paper piecing!

Karen (Sterling Scrapper)

I love embossing, coloring with Copics and adding dimension with pop dots! BTW - LOVE the card!


wow, what a pretty card!

lately, i've been into using neat added elements like fun flock or liquid applique. it really gives a card or stamp that extra pop! :)


I love colouring my images! It reminds me of when I was a little girl.


I started paper piercing recently, I like it. But I'm definity a coloring with Copics girl!

Molly K.

Ooooo so pretty! I love the technique you used. Please tell us more about it as I would love to try it!

I'm pretty simple myself but I love to layer stamped images. Like a stamped background with a cut out of another stamped image over it. I've been doing a lot of cards that way lately. Also layering different colored and patterned papers, but that's not a "stamping" technique.


Beautiful zinnia! I love adding dimension with paper toling.

Crafty Karin

Amuse stamps are so cute! I took a class a while ago with a woman from Amuse who came to town - she was very fun and we made the sweetest Christmas cards!
My favorite stamping technique is embossing. I love the raised effect you get and how it makes any card a little more elegant.
Thanks for the chance at a give-away!


I love creating cards w/3D dots, coloring w/copics and paper piercing. There are so many techniques to use and learn! I also like to use stickles for that extra bling!


I love coloring A Muse images with Copics. Although I have no clue what to do with them other than just coloring in. I wish I knew how to blend with them using the blender.

Allison T.

I have been crazy about paper piecing lately. Such a simple technique, but I love the pattern papers with my stamps!

Happy Anniversary and thanks for the chance to win!

Anne Barclay

Embossing is my favorite technique but I don't use it often enough. I tend to get a bit lazy LOL.


I love colouring! With anything and everything!

Eraina Ortega



I love embossing! It makes everything look so much nicer.


I always love adding dimension... and I have a new-found love of masking.

Amanda Beers

Paper Piecing is my fave! I think it's one of the first techniques I ever tried and it just makes me feel happy!

Denise Bryant

I love the zinnia card!
My favorite look is cutting out and layering portions of the design using pop dots to give an added dimension to a card. I think it adds a lot of interest.

Drea B.

Such a pretty card - I never would have thought to use the damask stamp for the leaves! I think that my fave technique is embossing.

Laura Bassen

I love just plain stampin', but embossing really is great, too!

Gayle P.

My favorite stamping technique is embossing, it's like magic! I love that it is a little messy, but not as messy as glitter, and the outcome is so clean and fancy looking!

Debby W.

Wow, this zinnia card is GORGEOUS! My favourite technique -- I like masking ....


I love coloring with my Copics or my Koh-I-Noor woodless colour pencils.

Kelly Schirmer

I gotta say paper-piecing is my fave, too,especially images with clothing! Also love making my own background or dp!!

Suzie P.

I love to emboss my cards and then paint with h2o paints. It gives a clean illuminary effect. I just bought some smooch and can't wait to see what effect these make.

Robyn M.

It has to be either embossing or using chalks to color in images.


I think embossing looks really good but I also like to mask. I like to mask because you can make so many new designs and it's fun!

karen q

"I'm with you, I love paper piecing. Give me a pair of scissors and I am ready to go!


I love stamping because it leads you to be able to other things such as embossing and coloring with different art media. It has so many uses for scrapbook pages and cards!


My favorite stamping techniques are adding bling with twinkle stickers or Stickles glue, using multiple mats for images, and using 3-D tape to pop images out. I like these techniques because they are inexpensive and easy ways to make a card look really great!

Karen M.

Lovely zinnia card. Using the damask for leaves is such a great technique. I love layering on my cards and coloring/blending with Copics.

Dana Klinkner

I love adding glitter to almost anything! This card is so pretty - thanks for sharing it with us. :)

Tina W

I have a few stamping techniques I love to do...paper piecing, adding twinkle stickers, and using that clear Spica glitter pen to add that subtle sparkly touch! Thanks for the chance to win! :o)

jen shears

I love to emboss- both heat & dry! Adding bling is fun too!


Love the flowers in layers. My favorite is paper piecing.

Tiffany Heilman

Coloring with my copics or embossing or paper piecing...I just can't make up my mind.

Erika M

Embossing is definitely one of my favs and masking as well!

Cindy Kraus

Adding anything that sparkles from glitter to gems. Happy Anniversary Amuse !!!


i love the faux watercoloring technique, where you ink your stamp, then spritz with water. i use that a lot.

Doris G.

I love adding a little unexpected something to make the card pop. Like a jewel, buttons, ribbon in an unexpected place, or glitter.

Lisa P

Wow! I love this card! My favorite is embossing and adding sparkle!


I like embossing and using bling to "pop" a card.

Nancy W

I love to add a bit of glitter to give a bit of sparkle and twinkle to a card.

Louise Glynn

I don't know if this is a technique or not, but I add glitter to almost every card that I make. I also like paper piercing and that may be a technique.


my favorite stamping technique is embossing. I love that you can really get your images to pop with a little versamark and embossing powder.

Kellene P.

I recently splurged on a bunch of new copics and it has already become a fave technique. I also really like creating my own backgrounds with stamped images and then stamping the main image on top.


Embossing is my favorite technique - either heat embossing or dry embossing with my Cuttlebug.


I love to emboss!


My favorite technique at the moment is watercolor embossing. It brings two techniques together for a beautiful look. I also love bleaching as well.

Janell Blackmer

My favorite stamping technique is masking - I love the way you can layer your images to get many different looks - it's so versatile!

Julie I.

Using punches is one of my favorite things... and among my punches, border punches are one of my all-time favorites for their versatility.

Donna Hitz

It can't be much of a surprise that I like paper piecing. I love applique on fabric too - kinda the same sort of thing! Happy Anniversary!

Sarah Pendergrast

my favourite stamping technique would half to be masking. Love the fun effects you can get!

Karen from Ontario

I guess my fav technique is embossing...gives everything you stamp a better look....


I love to paper piece too but my favorite would be masking as then you can use one stamp and get lots of different looks. And who doesn't like embossing and bleaching, it's hard to pick. happy Anniversary


I like anything that adds bling - Stickles, gem stickers, glitter & glitter pens, etc.


i would have to say love the embossing technique and masking. thanks for the chance win.

Susan N.

I use Copics all the time and I like to add some rhinestones for some added fun.


I love embossing and punching, just gives every card a special look.

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