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Monday, May 11, 2009


Susie P

Great card! I love the Seattle girl too:) I have to agree with you on the Kitchen notes, the yellow and black Kitchen notes are my absolute fav to use!!


What a beautiful card, I am sure it would clear the clouds on any rainy day! My favorite go to color combination is very similar to yours, anything with the color green. All shades of green too, I just seem to always be drawn to that color! I like the girliness of pink and green, the cheerfulness of yellow and green or orange and green, and how festive is red and green? I think Kermit had it wrong, It is very easy to be green!


i always seem to combine pinks and purples. it works for me year round and is just easy to work with:)

Drea B.

I would have to say that I'm always drawn to blues and teals with a nice crisp white and maybe some craft or tan thrown in. :)


Very cute card! My go to color combination right now is kraft, white and black - I know boring, but if you start with those 3 and then just think of all the colors you can add to make that part of the card just "pop". Thanks for the chance!!

Amanda Beers

Anything yellow!

Christina Slaton

Love the card. I would have to say anything and red.


great card blue (navy) and yellow together

Stephanie Jones

i'm using a lot of pink and orange together these days! love it. stephanie J.

Patty W

These would make great "souvenir" type of note cards, ya know with a city name on them.

I seem to use red and green alot!

Gerianne K. Patti

Hi Jen,
i LOVE the card! My favorite color combo is yellow and blue!



I love this card! My most often used combo is Kraft or white, Chocolate Brown and Turquoise. I love the colors together and it works equally well for a male or female card!


Pink and Brown!

Molly K.

My favorite color combos lately are kraft brown color with red and/or blue for boys and kraft brown with green and/or purple for the ladies. Also love layering with the kitchen notes those dots just make everything look brighter!


Blue & green for SURE!!!

nancy l.

Very cute card!! We could have used Seattle girl in PA last week - it rained all week long! LOL I have to go with kraft cardstock with red or blue accents. I have boys so I make a lot of boy-type cards. This is a great go-to combo. Thanks for the chance to win!

Robyn M.

Chocolate brown and blue! Cute card.


I would be black white, with a pop of another color. My color mood depends on the season.


Anything pink and purple, just love it!

Kellene P.

Chocolate brown and any soft color look fantastic-esp a mint green or pale pink.


My go-to color combination is probably something + brown. Blue + brown is pretty common. So is green + brown.

Love the pop of yellow and red on your card! So cheery!

Jen T

My go to color combination is green, orange and purple. Bright and vibrant. When you have a bright orange purse ($1 at the thrift store), it's a good to have a plan!


Gorgheous card, Jen! Especially that beautiful sponged blue sky. My go to colour combo would be a brown-blue combo...always hits the right note with me:)

Anita Young

Cute card! I love green and brown together - any shade!

Allison T.

What a cute card! I am in love right now with grey and bright pink! So much fun!

Thanks for the chance to win!


Lately browns and pinks.


Beautiful and inspirational card. I would have to say for me it's the season colors. So right now it would be spring and bright colors. Thanks so much for a chance.

Tiffany H

I usually ix pink and green or brown and aqua.

Eraina Ortega

Pink and green.

Shannon C

Since it is Spring (finally) I am gravitating towards pink and green color combinations. They just make me happy!

I LOVE this card!


My Go-TO-COLORS have always been green (my fave!) and pink. You can never go wrong with those two colors..they go very well together! Thanks for the chance to win! :o)


green and blue, my fav colors for card making.


I love to use eggplant and deep greens togehter.

Karen M.

Thanks for another chance for A Muse goodies! I tend to gravitate to red, black, and white. Love those Swiss Red notecards.


I would have to say the blue/brown combo seems to be what I gravitate towards.


My favourite colour combo is any bold,striking colour highlighted by black and white.

Lesley :)

Crafty Karin

I love using chocolate brown and pale blue together. Last spring I made wedding invitations for a friend in this combination we chose, and I've been hooked ever since!

Susan N.

My favorite color combo is pink and purple or teal and brown but I use the colors that works best with the image I am stamping and the person that I am making the card for. Thanks for a chance to win.


I love greens, brown and blues and any combo
of them. I am also using a lot of Kraft
card stock these days.


I like to use red with turquoise blue when I'm looking for something bright.

Michelle M

My go to lately has been kraft card stock with green or blue elements. The combo feels clean and natural!

Tracy Estes

I love greens, pinks and purples together. Recently, I have also enjoyed black and pink together. I love polka dots for patterns:)

Love your card, and thanks for the contest!

Heather Freeman

Definitely blues and greens, esp. "kiwi" green! Like to throw brown in w. my pastels, too! Too many too choose!

Caren Weinstein

Love this card. So very cute. I'm partial to greens - particularly the shade on the kitchen paper used in this card.


Always greens! But I like to add in oranges too for cheery designs. Brown is nice too for a more classic look. Thanks for the contest.


Grass green is my favorite, but I love all the A Muse pinks, also - popsicle, chiffon, tutu...I have been using them for years and still reach for them.

Nancy W

My standby color combination is classic white and black.


i love kraft, black, and red or pink. my cardbase go to color is always kraft


Love the card!! My favorite combo lately is green and brown with a POP of orange.


My go to colors are classic white, with pink and brown.
Or classic white with
green and pink. Love those color combo's.
I absolutely love that card, I almost bought that cityscape stamp, it's so adorable! Guess I will have to now LOL!!


I love the popped up clouds. So cute! I love to pair brown with many colors: pink, baby blue, lavender.


I use green a lot, especially the A Muse chiffon green notecards as a base. I like the chiffon green with pale purples or pale blues.


What a cute card!!! I seem to go through different color moods. Right now, I am in love with the various shades of pink.

Doris G.

I love black, and it really does go with anything. I love black and red, black and pink, black and green...

Doreen Schostek

I always seem to go to aqua and some contrasting color.....brown,black, or red. Happy 8th!!!

Kelly Marie

Such a cute card! My favorite color combo is kraft with anything! I love bright colors, especially blues and greens!


My favorite combo this week is aqua/black/white.

Amy L. Weber

You can't lose with black and white, and then adding any bright color for some pop! I love bright pink, lime green, or a vibrant orange.

Suzie P.

I love greens. It seems to go with just about any color. Pink and green would be my yummiest choice!!


I love light blue (like cabana blue) and red. It always creates a fun card....


I like the pink and green combination. I always seem to have that in stock. Usually pink dot paper with solid green combo.


My go-to-colors are usually browns, pinks and greens. But it usually depends on the image.

Ashley M

I love using brown, green and blue! I can't seem to get aways from those colors. :)


Brown and pink are my current favs!


My usual colors are neutrals but my fav for a pop of color is red.


I seem to use brown and pink pretty frequently, or brown and soft blue. I love this card! Thank you for sharing. Denise

Cheryl B.

I love the combination of pink and black. It's so classic and cherry. I imagine it would be on the walls of a Paris bistro!

Denise Bryant

I'm into lime green and brown for now. It changes periodically depending on the season.

This is fun! Thanks for the contests, and happy 8th anniversary!



my favorite go to color is brown but currently i have a pink thing going on.

Debby W.

My favourite go to colours - well, its usually a few different shades of blue ... I love blue!

Erika M

Pink and brown is definitely my go to color!


I love green because I think it's gender neutral. It's just very adaptable, whether you want something whimsical or elegant.


Cute card! I live in the Pacific Northwest so I totally relate to it! Love the big puffy storm clouds above the city!

As for my go-to colors, that would be black and white. Generally speaking, my favorite colors for cards are earth shades... brown, green and orange. I really like kraft card stock too.


Blue and yellow - all shades of blue and yellow. But, I have been working with lots of green/pink combos and lime green/orange combos the last few months.


Go to colors? SO many... but black, white + one more color never fails. :)

Susan King

Usually various shades of blue.

Michele Huey

I'm enjoying all of the great cards and contests that come along with it, so fun! My favorite go to color combo is light blue and brown..

Thanks..michele h..

Karen (Sterling Scrapper)

Probably pink and black or two shades of green. Great card btw!


I love the Black Kitchen paper with just about anything, but especially with Soft Sky and Real Red.

Jean in NH

Pink and green OR green and pink - ALWAYS!!!

Cat Lail

lately, my go-to combo has been a baby blue [SU! bashful blue] and celery. LOVE those colors together.


Has to be turquoise and red!

Kimberly O'Rosky

My go to colors are Kraft and Chocolate - pretty much any color you put with those looks great!


my favorite go to color combination is black and pink. I pretty much love black with any color but pink is definitely my favorite. It just makes me feel very girly and happy.


I live at the beach, so my favorite color combo is blues with greens, I love shades that remind me of sea glass and then the brighter blues and greens you see in Pottery Barn Kids, such fun colors!


My go to colors are lavender and yellow.

Carol O'Leary

This week, my favorite combo is French Roast and Latte, but that's subject to change without notice . . .

Nancy G.

My favorite color combos right now are different shades of blues and browns together.

K Crum

I am using alot of blue and brown right now. My colors seem to change with the seasons. I love them all.

jen shears

pink & brown, or aqua & brown- but that's today.... :)


I love pink and green together, and right now I've been using the a muse kitchen pink and kitchen blue paper and notecards together a lot.


My go to combinations are definitely blue and pink. I find I'm always making cute lovely cards and pink and blue just fit together perfectly for them!


I have been into greens for a while now, I like to match it with blues & browns. But my new love is pink and green. Thanks Glenda!


My all-time favorite go-to color combination has been purple & green, but lately it's all pink & brown. I had a dress when I was 6 that was pink & brown - I just loved it!


love seattle girl too.
Browns are always my favorite. They go well with pink, blue, lavender,and green.:)

Thanks for the contests!


I tend to reach for the Fall-themed colors. Of course, brown goes with everything! Love it! Thanks for the chance to win and Happy Anniversary A muse!

Jennifer Moore

I'm not sure that I have a favorite go-to color for stamping. I love purple though.


My fav color combo is black, white, and a splash of color - it's my "go to" combo!

sue wisniewski

My color theme always seems to go back to greens. I just like greens and they match up with just about any color like green/purple, green/maroon or green/blue.
stamping sue

ann marie

my favorite is brown and green

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