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Wednesday, May 13, 2009



The first thing that came to mind was a couple of phrases I picked up when my Norweigan aunt and uncle lived with us (I was about 7). I can remember being fascinated by the phrase "uff-da" and used it repeatedly until my mother lost patience and threatened me to stop-or-else! Reminds me of my girls now declaring everything "random."


i used to say "well ex-cuseeeeeeee me!" whenever anyone said anything when i was little. half the time it wouldn't make any sense, and it embarassed the heck out of my parents because of course i would do it extra loud in public!

Sharon Knitter

I have to say that the first thing that popped into mind was "Whatever.." It just seemed to work for everything.


I was a "cool beans" kid. Or "fresco frijoles"
to mix it up.


It would have to be pig out.


What you talking about was one phrase from Different Strokes.


I was definitely into the "that's cool!" phrase. I have to admit, I still use it way more than any 30-something should!


A phrase that me and my best friend used to say when we were little was, "did ya Baaarrffff?!" It was our inside joke, we were camping in his backyard one summer, and in the morning we were eating cereal in the tent, and we were just joking around, and he pretended to be throwing up the cereal. (i know gross LOL) But then he came back inside the tent, and I had a mouth full of food, and said "did ya Barrffff!!!" with my mouth wide open. We couldn't stop laughing, and so all that summer we kept syaing it. Man good times, good times!!! LOL. I'm laughing so hard right now!!! LOL


"let 'er rip tater chip!"

I say that to my son alot


I would say "Whatever"? way too much when I was younger. I guess instead of saying something mean, I would say whatever? as a response instead. It had a lot of use with my mom growing up - I think she hated it as it was so final, but with no real meaning. Thanks for the chance.

erica m.

BFF was popular when I was in elementary school and still seems to be popular today.


Besides yelling for MOM to tell on my little brother I said "made you look, made you look" :)

Molly K.

LYLAS (Love Ya Like A Sister). My friends and I signed all our notes to each other with that in elementary school. haha.

Christina Slaton

I guess mine would have to be, later gator.


I was a big fan of "like whatever" and "awesome." There was lots of Valley girl in my vocabulary in those days! :)


Fabulous card and love that layout and colors. Ok my phrase would have to be WHATEVER...ok I still use it. LOL Thanks so much for a chance.

Barbie Jarvis

My friend Christina Slaton asked me to do this and my favorite saying was yeah right! because you know i never believed anything my brother said because you know since he was my brother that made him the enemy ha ha.


"that's sweet," "whatever," "take a chill pill"

Robyn M.

On my yearbooks, there was a lot of "K.I.T" - keep in touch!

Amanda Beers

We used to call people "KIA"... It stood for "Know It All"... I still use it when refering to my husband sometimes... However he doesn't know what it means!

Lori Frost


Jennifer Andrews

We would write a huge S and then write "Smile-Surfer-Style". Guess that's what we thought was cool living in Southern California.

Susan N.

Mine was "uff-da" because my Norweigan grandma would say it all the time. She just lived up the street from us and I would go visit her everyday.


Yes, me too, the first thing that popped in my head is "whattttt-everrrrr!" Or "take a chill pill bill!" then it became "seriously???" now it's "OH No She didn't!" Haha!

Stefanie Rico

"Mom, stop, you're embarrassing me!"


"Where's the Beef?" was a line from a famous commercial that everyone used to use. Boy does this show my age!!!!

Teresa E. :)

I'm sure my odds are horrible now that two other Teresas have won, but here goes: I always used to use "dude" for everything. Come to think of it, I think I still do!


"Totally rad", "ew, grody", and "chill out dude"....can you tell where I grew up?! ;o)

Crafty Karin

I always used to say "that's swell!" and my friends said I should I have been born in the 50's... I still say it to this day (I'm just 40 years young) and still get teased about it!


"Awesome" and "Cool beans." Fun question -- I'm enjoying reading everyone's phrases!

Shannon C

"Cool Beans" is one of my favorites from my past, and I find myself still using it occasionally!

And BTW- that is an "Awesome" card!


Wow, it's awesome reading everybody's fave phrases when they're growing up! Sooo fun!!

When we were little, my younger sister Anthonette and I used to always try to annoy each other, and I used to respond whenever she calls me with this..."annoooo??" Being Filipino and all, that's not unusual :o) That's just mean, "Whaaattt?" As in, WHAT DO YOU WANT??" :o) So, that's my fave phrase when I was little. "WHATTTT??"

Thanks A Muse for the chance to win! :o)


Wow, this is going to be embarrassing, but hey, I was a kid when I used it! I used to say the infamous, "I know you are, but what I am?" phrase whenever my friends said some ridiculous insult.

Anyway, super cute card!


I would have to say talk to the hand was what I would tell my sister Laura who passed it on to me to post today


I would have to say my most frequent phrase was "cool."

Tina W

When I was a kid, my friends and I would always say, "That's skitz!" and always added the word, 'like' in front of everything...how embarrassing! :o)


When I was young, my favorite expression was "Way Cool!"
Thanks for another great card.


I think mine would have to be "syke" which was the response given after any practical joke played. Oh, how I enjoyed being an annoying 80's child. Now I used "wicked" alot!


I grew up in Florida and would beg my mom to let me get in my "bacon soup" so we could to to the beach. And my favorite flowers were "hibiscuits." =)


And I hate to say I still say it.
And my dear friend Karin Hoag let me know about todays post! Thanks for the op and all the fun.

Jennifer G.

We used to say "Where's the Beef" after that Wendy's commercial.

Gerianne K. Patti

"Wicked" I am from Boston so it makes sense...

I still use it ALL the time.


Kelly Marie

I used the word "like" entirely too much! "And she was, like, you know ..." hahaha!

Susie P

uff-da for me too! can't get over those scandinavian roots:) I still say it today! I have a funny memory though about another saying, I had to be 6...was trying to tell my parents I was tired and "it was time to hit the hay" but instead of saying that, I said "it's time to pass gas" LOL!! :)

D. Petro

We used to say, "that's major!"

Mandy Crawley

Hey, where's the cream fillin'!!! Or "no worries"


Growing up in Hawaii, it was "da kine" for everything, but to this day the locals still say it.

GR8 card, Jill!

Drea B.

"Awesome" and "cool" were the go-to words when I was growing up....I'm sure that there were others but I've quite effectively blocked them ;)

Doris G.

The phrase that first pops into my mind is "that's cool". We said that all the time when I was a kid....

Jennifer Breaux

Ours was "that's bunk!" when something wasn't very cool. And when I started saying it a couple of years ago, my kids thought it was hilarious (in the "mom's so un-cool way) It took me right back to jr. high!

jen shears

Ok- we had a sill phrase- 'double super wow'- and we even had short-hand for it:
'2*!' Funny to remember those things!

Cindy Holshouser

All I remember saying (and hearing) a lot of was the word "dork". My friend Jenn Shears sent me to comment. Fun contest:)

Jen T

Barf Me Out For Sure!

Sarah C. (WAstamper on SCS)

Sadly, I was, like, one of those kids who said "like" like all the time...Ack!! Gag me with a spoon!!

Thanks for the chance to win!

Eraina Ortega



"Good grief, Gertrude!", which is a quote from a old play, I think. My brother used to say, "What if an earthquake should come?" to keep us in line. I guess he thought you wouldn't want to misbehaving in an earthquake. I love the "I know you are...." and the "I'm rubber and you're glue..." Ah, good times!


There are so many things that we used to say when I was younger...so many of them have already been mentioned. But, one that (I don't think anyway) hasn't been mentioned was "Bummer"! We also used to play a game where we'd smack someone on the forehead (not hard) and say "Pez"! I have no clue why...it was just something someone started and it stuck.

Amy L. Weber

I always said, "kinda, but not really" which drove my older brother absolutely nuts. He never did understand what that meant! I don't blame him...

Debby W.

Right on ... we always said "right on" ...

Rachel Shirk

Doy! was big when I was younger. ;)


"Oh, boy! Oh boy! This is totally awesome!" What an awesome card!


Mine was "Far out!". Yes, I'm old :-) Great card, it's adorable.

Janell Blackmer

"Like" was the word of choice - and it was used about every fifth word in a sentence! My poor parents...what they must have thought of us kids!

Erika M

I used to say "Duh" alot.


One of the words I said all the time - Awesome.

Denise Bryant

We said "gross" a lot. And I had a group of friends who liked to say "scrody", which referred to something very gross. It is pronounced scrow-dee. Never heard it used elsewhere, and I have no idea who came up with it!

Suzie P.

I grew up in California near the ocean so alot of phrases I used were beach like. A quick recap might be some like cool, bummer, stoked, or hit the waves (go to the beach).


"wicked" of course!

lisa townsend

Jill .... this is my favorite card so far and it's yours!! How great is that?!

I used so many words over and over, it's hard to choose only one..... "Bummer" was a favorite and so was "that's rad".

Tiffany Heilman

We said dude....we said it a lot.



Heather Freeman

like, like, like......it used to drive my mom craaaazy! I hear kids using it now, and I cant believe I used to say it just like they do! Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

Cynthia O.

Super card for the A muse 8th Anniversary! One of my childhood sayings was "clunk bunny". My little sister started it and it stuck! Funny.


"Awesome" and "cool"! That describes A muse stuff, incidentally!

Stephanie Jones

Grody....everything was grody!

Heather Wertzberger

"grody to max"! this was usually followed up by "gag me with a spoon!" we so wanted to be valley girls! now we want to be crafty, stamper mommies!


We didn't have expressions that we were
stuck on like kids seem to be today but we
did say "cool" and "nifty".

Babs Y.

Most of the things I said as a kid have already been mentioned. One I remember saying that I didn't see mentioned was "dig it".

Avie P

my daughter, Susie P, told me about this giveaway, how cool! back in my day, we used to say "Nifty and Neat-0"


I recently found an autograph book from junior high. It was filled with LYLAS- Love Ya Like A Sister. That's preteen girls for you- how silly!

And I was in the TERRIBLE habit of saying
"Like..." My mom didn't let that last too long!

Rachel a,k.a. Gingerbread Gal

Super CUTE card Jill! My phrase would be "That's Cat!". It was TV show in the 70's that only me and my brother seem to remember. I loved the theme song and still drive my family nuts singing it.

Donna Hitz

this will age me tons..."Far Out" and "Cool your jets"


We said "see you later, alligator."


The only thing I can think of (and this is really dumb) is that I said ouch a lot. I took ballet lessons when I was little and my mom had to put my hair in a bun several times a week after school. For reasons only a child would be able to understand, I wanted everything pulled tight, but I complained when it hurt!

Great card!


Wicked, man. Just like you, Love the card Jill. Rock on!

Meegan Gore

The first phrase that came to my mind was "Bustin' a sag!"

It was the early 90's and baggy pants were all the rage. So, when somebody was "bustin' a sag" their pants were riding low.

Now....how could I incorporate that into a card? Hmmmm.......

Nancy W

We used to say "far-out" and "pretty cool" a lot. Oh well, language and lingo are never static.

Cindy Vernon

I used to say cool a lot, wait a minute, I still say it!


"you know". I couldn't really remember the word I was trying to say, I often said that word. And still use that word a lot with my hubby.

Ann I.

Duh comes to mind but I'm sure there were others that I can't think of now.. Love the octopus card!

Kelly Schirmer

Get out! comes to mind, and any other, like, Valley Girl, like saying you can think of since I was in high school in the 80's!

Lana Day

I totally said like yeah!


this is easy..."excuuuuuuse me."

Lorraine (Australia)

"Age before beauty" or "Dirt before the broom" depending on who was going first(we thought we were soooo cheeky). My kids used to say "Unreal banana peel". Things do change.

Sheri Eichar



"Rad" and "that's so rad"


Great card! Love the colors and polka dots!

I can't recall using any phrases when I was a child or teenager, but it's been fun reading everyone's answers!


as a parting comment we always said "ABCya", silly I know! The response was "XYZya"

Doreen Schostek

Hard to remember that far back......but I think everything was "cool" back in my younger days! Great octopus card!!


I am a true New Englander - "wicked" was used in just about every sentance. And now that I am back in NE, I find myself slipping it back in!

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