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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Melissa Roell

The Cabana is my favorite!!!


My favorite would be the surf board. Luv the new paper too!

Tracey A.

I absolutely love all the stamps in this release...what wonderful creations await this summer! I think my absolute fave has to be...Oh I can't pick just one! I do love the cabana, though. :-) Have a safe trip home...and Vi, you look great!

Christina Slaton

I would have to say the surf boards.


Got to say the gator is my favorite, though the hippo is pretty cute.


I love the sunshine, surfboard, sanddollar, and palm trees.

Kathy K.

Wow - it's difficult to choose just one but I'll have to go with the "Ready, Set, Recline" stamp. I can hardly wait to use it with the Recliner for some fun Father's Day Cards!! Glad Vi's doing so well - she looks GREAT!!

Lynna Demay

I love everything summer. Especially the surfboard.

Eraina Ortega

I like Ready Set Recline because it can be used with the new release and many of the classics too.

Melissa Cash

I like the palm tree and the sun. Makes me wish I was somewhere tropical!

Tina W

Vi, you look fabulous! My favorite new Summer stamp is the submarine...it's soo cute! Thanks for the chance to win! :o)

Kristin O

I love the whole release, but my favorite has to be the "you are my sunshine" stamp!


Wow, really cool party ideas. The scalloped drink umbrella is the coolest. I love the simplicity of A-Muse stamps and truly wished there was a LSS in my area that sold the entire line. I'd love to win the candy, Linda! Thanks for the opportunity.


There are many favorites in the new release but my favorite I think is the snorkel boy. He is just so cute!! I love him!!

Crafty Girl

The cabana stamp is by far my fave - reminds me of hanging out with my husband by the pool in Cabo San Lucas!


I love the surfboard...it is the picture of summer fun!


I absolutely LOVE snorkel boy! My mind is swirling with ideas of how to use him! I want to glaze his mask...have him swim among the fish... he is oh, so much fun! Thanks for the creativity!


Pick one, you have got to be joking!!!!! alright, alright, the diver....He's amazing!

Patricia Hayrynen

All the stamps are great, but my favorite is "you are my sunshine." It connects with me because my sister would stand in front of the radio and sing along with that song when she was very young.


Snorkel Boy is my favorite for sure! It reminds of my husband, Pat, snorkeling in Hawaii. While we were there relaxing on a beach, a seal popped his head up out of the water just off shore. Upon seeing the seal, Pat grinned at me and said "I am going to go swim with that seal". Pretty soon after entering the water I saw Pat scamble up onto some rocks and he was breathing very hard. Turns out he had followed the seal (not too closely mind you), but the seal suddenly turned and headed right for him and the seal was not happy! Pat said that seal was a whole lot bigger underwater than it appeared to be from shore and he doesn't want to swim with seals ever again. The Snorkel Boy stamp will forever be a reminder of that funny event!

lori tyler

Hi there,
I like the palm tree - lots of possibilities. Love your stamps! Thanks!


Wow this is one fabulous and fun party. I just love the games and all the party goodies. Fabulous colors and of course all the new summer stamps. What just pick one, wow that is really hard. I love the diver and the palm tree and really ALL of them. Thanks for a chance at a party favor and thanks for letting me come to the party.

Chris R. from Iowa

Simply sublime for some reason just sounds like fun for a card etc. It could be used a lot of ways and I am thinking chocolate right now! I love the petite gingham papers. Love all the new stuff!


Wishing you a fast recovery!!! Its funny, I am not a summer person, but this release really appeals to me. I do love the Surf Board, as it looks like such fun to color!! I also love the sub and the "sublime day" sentiment. The Beach Sign is great, and finally, I like the Wish You Were Here. Can't wait to shop!!!

Pat J

Love the treat pockets stamped w/ the Open Palm! All amuse products are so cute and clever!!

Gayle P.

I think my favorite is the sailboat! I just got back from Hilton Head and am obsessed with boats right now! I want to learn to sail one!


This whole release is terrific, but I like the cabana, the submarine and the alligator the most. Linda - everything you made for the party is just beautiful - I want to make everything!!!!

Vi you look great - so glad you are feeling better!


i love the palm tree silhouette stamp, but the snorkle boy looks like he is having so much fun.


love the open palm tree and sand dollor!
Vi-you look FABULOUS!!

Gerianne Patti

I love the Simply Sublime stamp- I am going to use that with the margarita stamp. Now I just have to get the stamp!~

Happy Summer-

Judy Walsh

Snorkel Boy is so cute! I would pick him as my fave, though all the rest of the stamps are fun, too.


I love them all but the one that caught my eye first was the snorkle boy,so very cute.


Oh, my...how generous Vi! I love the scuba boy...so cute!


The Cabana....my goal this summer is to be reclining in the cabana....the stamp is a perfect reminder.....I plan on stamping it all over my "to do notes!"


I always like the sayings because they are unique...not generic like most of what I see in the stores. I would have to go with sunshine & laughter. I really like the pirate bird too...it is hard to pick just one!

Barb Brower

they are all great but love the Let's Do Lunch.

Drea B.

Hi Vi! It's so hard to pick a favorite as always but I'd have to say that it would be the cabana. It reminds me of vacations in the sun and that's always a good memory to come back to! Have a safe trip back to Quebec....


Love amuse stamps. Just received an order this week. Love the treat holders with the palm tree.


Definitely the cabana - puts you right in the mood.

K Crum

Every time I look at them I choose a different favorite - I love them all! If I had to choose at this moment it would be the hippo...he's soo cute.

Tracy Durcan

These are such fabulous projects. I can really use them all!! I love the snorkel boy and the sand dollar. I live at the beach and can see myself using these fun images a ton!


It is hard to choose! I love Snorkel boy so I guess he would be my choice. I love this release - think it is possibly my all-time favorite one! Well done Linda and ladies of A Muse!

Melissa Paz

I love the little snorkel guy! He reminds me of my darling nephew, who has a summer birthday. I'm heading to my LSS tomorrow morning with my fingers crossed hoping she has him!

Michele Huey

Wow, I am loving the new release! My favorites from this one is the "beach" sign and the surfboard.

So glad to hear your mom is doing well...

thank you..michele h..

N. Gagnon

I hope I'm not too late!! My favorite is the sailboat!! Thanks for the chance Vi & you look great!!

Margaret McCullough

Wow... tough choice since I happen to love all the stamps in this release!! I guess I'm going to go with the pirate bird. Originally I didn't like him much, but he has grown on me and once I saw Julie's treasure chest, I knew he would be mine! Thanks for the chance to win, Vi!

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