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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Mandy Crawley

I LOVE THE CABANA!!! I want to be there!

stefanie rico

Hi. I met you at Paper Tales last summer and I really enjoyed talking with you. Also, I'm glad to know you're feeling better. You gave everyone quite a scare. I am also a big hippo fan! But the bird pirate is a very close second. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

Amanda Beers

You look wonderful Vi! I think it's a tie for me between the submarine & snorkel boy! They are both so cute!

Kim Howard

I love the little pirate bird. I'm a sucker for birds and this one is darling!

JoAnne E

Vi, you look wonderful, especially with that warm smile!

It was hard to choose just one stamp, but I guess my favorite is the charming submarine!
The possibilities are almost endless with this cute stamp!

Shelly Cameron

I love the sunshine stamps, but I also the open palm is ADORABLE! Your mom is the sweetest! HI VI! You are adorable yourself!

little one

I love the new hippo stamp. I'm going to be on the lookout for it tonight at class with Shurkus.

Julie Royer

I love them all, but my favorite one is the cute submarine! It combined with the sublime message are two that I *need*! :)

Thanks so much!


What great ideas for summer! I think my favorite if the happy hippo! Can't wait to try a few of these at home. :)


What a great post - I think I'm ready to have a summer party of my own! The little snorkel boy stamp is the absolute cutest! Makes me want to book a summer vacation right away! :)

Anne Barclay

I love the deep sea diver and will have to get it since my 3 year old grandson is totally into "Scuba men".
I also love the "you are my sunshine" stamp.

Maryann T.

Love all the new stamps! Can't wait to get my hands on them. I love love love the Deep Sea Diver stamp, so cute!


My favorites are the snorkel boy and the orca stamp. The orca reminds me of Seaworld and I LOVE that place!

Lisa P

I am so glad to hear that your Mom is well enough to go home!!As for my favorite stamp, that pirate bird is Adorable!!! Thanks for the chance to win. Have a great day!


It is so hard to choose, they are all so cute and versatile too. I think I like the snorkel boy the best, but submarine and alligator are close behind. Happy Summer!


I asm glad you have recovered well from your surgery, Vi. Thinking about you and have a wonderful journey home with Linda:) My fav stamp from the new release is the gator; he's so cute! Linda; fantastic crafty ideas for your party...love them! TFS!

nancy l.

Blessings to you Vi as you continue to recover. I love the new release stamps!! They're all so cute. I just got the recliner stamp so the 'ready, set, recline' is at the top of my want list right now! I think they'll be really fun together. Thanks for the chance to win.

Shannon C

Oh, it is soooo hard to pick! They are all so stinkin cute! But I would have to say that I love the surf board. I just screams summer!

Tami Mayberry

Such a beautiful photo, glad to hear your mother is doing well after her surgery. I was just shopping for new stamps and decided to come look for ideas before I sent my order. Looks like I came just in time ;) Love the submarine!

Janell Blackmer

Such fabulous party ideas! Thanks for sharing!! I am drooling over so many of the new summer releases...but I would have to say that the sun stamp is my favorite - and I can't wait to get all of the fun summer saying stamps to go with it!

Rachel Shirk

You are looking great Vi! Glad to see you in the shop again. :)

My favorite new release is the orca. I was so excited to move to the west coast again so that I could see the orca migrating. That stamp is a must have for some cards and scrapbook pages!!!

Cheryl Brenton

Hi Vi! You just keep on keepin' on! My favorite new stamp is the open palm. I love the dimensions. Its great for coloring with pencils or Copic markers. Because its open, you can stamp on different papers then piece it together. I can think of lots of uses and card ideas. Take care.


warm hello is my favorite
sending lots of good thoughts to your mom


Linda, I want to come to your party!! Oh, my goodness...you thought of EVERYTHING! I love the "let's do lunch" stamp...as an empty-nester, I often invite friends in the middle of the day. I think Vi looks wonderful, and I pray that she will continue to get stronger day-by-day. Stamping therapy would probably help her recuperation! : )

Paper Doll

I love the : You are my Sunshine" stamp -- mostly because I gave my daughter the middle name of Sunshine!

Your gingham papers are awesome! Thanks for a chance to win them!


Wonderful summer stamps!! My favorite---the sand dollar. Best wishes, Vi.

Holly Tracy

do we have to pick just one? LOL how about the sunshine!!! Thanks for the great job


Love the hippo!!!!

Denise Bryant

Thanks, Vi! You're looking very well.
I am really liking that cute alligator. Great summer release! They're so.... summery!

karen q

Glad to see your mom is looking so well. My favorite, if I have to pick just one, would be the sailboat. It is so darn cute and could be used for guy or girl cards. Can't wait to get my hands on the gingham. What beautiful colors.


I just LOVE that tiny sand dollar!! So cute!

Natalie Rodrigue

I am loving the new Summer stamps. If I had to pick one it would be the super cute Pirate Bird with a heart eyepatch and peg leg!

Sarah Sheridan

This release is SO cute! Every stamp is truly adorable, but my favorite has to be "You are my Sunshine". I have been singing this song to my kids at bedtime since birth and get choked up every time! They will love to receive something stamped from mommy with that sentiment :) P.S. Vi... you look great!


My favorite is the snorkel boy. Love it!


I love the Cabana Stamp!

Erika M

So glad your mom is feeling better. My favorite is the alligator stamp because I really love animals.


I loved all the stamps. But my #1 favorite is the Cabana.


The submarine is fun and unique (but really all the summer stamps are). Thanks for the update about Ms. Vi!

Karen M.

Glad to see Vi looking so well!

The first one that caught my eye was the one with 3 surfboards by Lexi. You can use such inventive color combos with it. And it goes so well with "Enjoy the RIDE"!


Love the cool design on the new surfboard- that would have to be my fave. Vi, I hope you continue to get well at home- that's the best place to be!


I really love the Sun. I like the rest too, but it's the sun for me.

Thanks for this


Love the submarine!


With all these cute stamps how can I choose just 2 favorites? If I must, I choose the cabana and the hippo - both are just tooooo cute!!! Glad to hear you are feeling better Vi.


I loved your party! If I have to pick two stamps... I'd have to say snorkel boy and the deep sea diver... although I love them all!

Diane Martin

The sun is a "MUST HAVE" stamp. I like so many of them I printed out the page from the website so I could remember which ones I wanted when I get to Cottage Stamper. Diane


I love the snorkel boy!

karen k

I love the warm hello. Good thoughts to your mother.


I love Cabana!

Krystie Lee

Submarine is my favorite stamp. I am going crazy over the new papers!!!!

Carolyn G.

I LOVE the palm tree!!


Hi Vi! I adore the submarine. I want to make it yellow. ;)

Linda L

I love the sun and "You are my sunshine." That is a great thing to tell someone. It is also a nice way to say thank you. This is my first post here I hope I did it right. Thanks for the great blog. I am happy your mom is better.

Carol O'Leary

I love the submarine. Ican't wait to stamp it in yellow!(Am I showing my age?)


I love the hippo stamp and hippo birdie to you.


Oh how can we choose just one!!!? I love them all, But my favorite of the new stamps are the hippo and the "hippo Birdie to you" That is so adorable!!
I love everything you did for this party!! Looks so amazing!!!


Cathy Neir

I love the alligator stamp...reminds me of the poem...Alligator Pie alligator Pie, If I don't get some I think I'm going to die. Take away the green grass. Take away the sky but don't take away my alligator pie...hope it's okay to post it. One of my favorites while teaching first grade. The sunshine...so many card ideas come to mind...you are my sunshine in card making. Thanks for the new stamps and all the great ideas twirling in my mind! Cathy

C Burke

Open palm is my favorite! I really like the gingham paper!


My favourite new stamp is the surf board. I also really love the gingham paper.

Dawn B.

Happy Happy Summer!!!


An amazing set of projects just showcasing how beautiful and special all of the stamps are! I especially love the hippo!


They're all so fun! I adore the alligator!

Barb Kys

Hello Vi! I do like your choices but i think if I could only choose one it would be the cute little Pirate Bird.


I love the Simply Sublime! But it was awfully hard to choose one!

Alanna (al_silver2)

I absolutely love the snorkel boy...what a great stamp! Thanks for having this amazing contest, Vi...glad to see that you are well!


My faves are two sentiments: ready-set-recline and you are my sunshine! Cute, CUTE release! Thanks!

Karen (Sterling Scrapper)

Totally the Open Palm Tree (if I had to pick one) and all of the sentiments!

Teresa Smith

I love the open palm tree. I makes me think of our vacation to Hawaii every time I see it!

Kelly Schirmer

I am just giddy over the gingham paper! I have to say that the submarine is super cute, the whole release is such summer fun! Thanks for the chance to win!


I really like the sub. And the small gingham papers are fantastic too!


my favorite new stamp is definitely the cabana! i've never seen such an image on a stamp, and it captures a summer mood perfectly!

Rury Villasenor

Love them al, my favorite: you are my sunshine.
Love the papers my favorite: gingham


Cabana is way too cool! That and the diving boy ....well, I really like the surfboard too. A muse needs to come back with the life preserver stamp again! :)


I just love the cabana! And the diver boy - so cute! Ok, and the surfboard. While you're at it, could you bring back the life preserver stamp? I loved that one and cannot find it anywhere! :(

kristie larsen

I LOVE the font of all the sentiments. Such a great mix of texts!

Robyn M.

I like the submarine! Thanks.

Anne G

Who could pass up SNORKEL BOY? He is just so stinkin' cute with those flippers, goggles, and the starfish; he definitely is my new favorite! Thanks for always introducing such original designs! Love them all.


My fave is the pirate bird stamp..he's just the CUTEST!!! Thank you for sharing your yummie goodies!
~ Smiles ~

catherine s.

i love the submarine - would look great stamped on little tiles in different colors in a mosaic pattern on a table top or frame - along with those AWESOME gingham papers - too cute!

thx for the opp to win such a delicious prize!

catherine s.


the pirate chick...too cute!


The best stamp has to be "ready,set recline" I have three lazy-boys in my living room and they are always at full lay out for this family.

Looking forward to the Amuse class with Glenda this sunday.

Stephanie Atterbury

You are my sunshine is super duper sweet! Love it!

Lorraine (Australia)

The surf board is great. I live not far from Bells Beach so would be wonderful.

Cris Z

My favorites are always the sayings. I usually get them all. One of my favorites this time is "Don't forget to have a little fun today"


oooh, my favorite new stamp has got to be the scuba boy!!

Tracy Lathrop

If I have to pick just one it is "you are my sunshine"! My grandma's name was June Sunshine Wales and her favorite song was "you are my sunshine" so this stamp will hold a very special place in my heart! Thank you for the chance to win!


I love all of the new stamps, though snorkel boy and a little fun today would be my two favorites if I had to choose!


i love all the party ideas - thanks! my fave stamp is definitely pirate girl - she's adorable.


Love all the wonderful creations being shown for the new stuff! My favorite is the cabana! It just takes me away!

Nance in Reno

Wow, that's like trying to pick your favorite child! Luckily, our daughter is an only child (she's "mine" . . . my husband has noticed that she hasn't been "his" for a while . . . yep, no eye-rolling, petulant child for quite a long time). I think it's between the alligator and hippo and the hippo wins by a nose.

linda patti

my fav is open palm tree. thanks for a chance to win some รงandy'!!

Jane Mykleby

Well, it was the sub, then the diver, then the palm tree, then I got invited to the party using the cabana...how's a girl to decide.
Love them all.


Although I love all of the new summer stamps I think the one that touches my heart is the sand dollar. For years my family has vacationed on an island and vowed we would find a whole sand dollar this year. It's been so long we would probably drop over in shock if one of us ever did! The closest we've come is to find a dollar bill stuck in the sand!


I like the sailboat...or is it the single palm tree...no, today it is the sailboat! Thanks for the chance to win!


Hi! I really like the surfboard and the pirate bird! All the new summer stamps are great! Your mom looks wonderful: she has good taste too! Thanks for the chance to win such a fab assortment!!!



Hi Vi! (waving here) You look great. Last time we saw you was in Sacramento, thanks for a wonderful class. My fave stamps would have to be the surfing board and the pirate chick, just way too cute! Thanks for the chance to win!


Love them all, but my favorite is "You are my sunshine." That is my son's "song"... each of my 3 kiddos has a song that I've been singing to them since I was pregnant with them and that one is his. Thanks for the chance to win!


I love them all, but the diver and sub will be must haves for me! I can't wait to do some shopping.

Denise T.

I love Snorkel Boy; and I am OBSESSED with the petite gingham papers! :) Love all the colors; I see a variety pack in my future!

Julie T

My sister has turned me on to A Muse and I just love this little Hippo!!

Avie P

We just got back from FL and all of these stamps remind me of our fantastic family vacation. I love the palm trees, the sunset card samples have been so inspiring!

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