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Friday, August 07, 2009



I like the use of the round stamp to create large bubbles in the background. Very cute.


Congrats on being the guest designer Melissa!!!! That is just amazing!!! I LOVE the bubble girl!!! She is my favorite of the new Mandy's world. My niece is obsessed with bubbles! LOL So this stamp is great for alot of things. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations!!! Thank you!!!!!

Jenn F.

Super, super cute! I love the bubble girl :)

Nancy in OR

Yay, another guest designer! This is adorable Melissa! I love how you incorporated the dot background into sparkling bubbles! Too fun!

Lillian Child

Melissa ... I live in Nebrasksa and have always wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest ... you indicate you dream of living someplace else ... so let's swap for a month!! (grin) Kudos on being a guest designer and for being able to excel at something you are passionate about!


I love how you glittered the background bubbles, nice job. Very cute card!

Kelly Braund

Really cute!

Judy Walsh

So cute! I love the blue and red combo, it really pops (aha, get it, bubbles...pops). Can't wait to see more of your work, Melissa. Looks like good things to come.


Melissa, your son is so cute! I had to go check your blog. Enjoy him. I like your bubble card too.


This is just to cute. Great colors together and love this stamp. Thanks for the inspiration.

Susie P

this is a great card! Love the color combo and Love Love Love the glitter:)

Tami  :-)

This card is so cute! I love glitter and what a great idea to outline the circles to make the bubbles!


love the card


Brilliant idea on how to include glitter to make the bubbles come alive. I went to your blog and what a wonderful idea for chubby bird from last season! Thank you for the reminder - I have to make sure I include the lil' guy in this year's cards.

D. Petro

So cute!

Suzie Padrick

Super cute!! Makes me want to go outside and blow bubbles with my 2 yr. old grandaughter! Love the added sparkle with the glitter on the bubbles.


Super cute card! I love the bubble background! great idea! Cant wait to see what she does next!


i love that there is just a hint of bubbles in the background.

Christina Slaton

What a great card!


The background bubbles are definitely my favorite part of this card design. Will have to remember that!


I look forward to seeing all of Melissa's designs. I love the super dot circle background.


So cute. I can't wait to see more.


Welcome Melissa. I can't wait to see more of your work!

Renee Womack

Thanks for sharing with us, Melissa! I can't wait to see more of your adorable creations :)


Luv this card! I like the "glittery" bubbles! Thanks for sharing ;)

Bev S.

I just recently subscribed to the Amuse News and I love the emails that I've been getting. They inspire me to stamp more often because of the cute card ideas you show on here. I love Melissa's cards! Keep up the good work!


Melissa, your creations are just darling--love the cleverness of the circles turned bubbles! Brilliant!!! Can't wait to see what other fun designs you have in store! TFS!

Nancy W

The Mandy stamps are so cute! I have three nieces (including a pair of twins) and I can totally see using the stamps to good effect for them. Blowing bubbles is such a happy activity.

Karen Maloney

Very cute card! I will enjoy seeing more of your creations!


Congrats on being the guest designer! Cute card!!! I love the bubble girl...gotta get that stamp! :)

Samantha T.

Cute card! Looking forward to seeing all of your creations.


Congrats on being the guest designer! Cute card!!! Just got my first Mandy stamp today, at The Paper Tree..


super cute card. i love the bubbles.

Susan N

Congratulation and welcome to the A Muse addicts :) Cute card!


The glittery bubbles are great! I love to do that with bubbles.


Super cute! Pretty sure those bubbles have a spot on a future card of mine! Love 'em!

michele huey

I love what melissa did with the mandy stamps, so cute! Congrats on being the guest designer!

Can't wait to see more!

michele h...

Stephanie Jones

ok - i gotta copy that circle/glitter technique! i have that stamp. this designer is amazing!


Super cute stamps!The bubble girl is adorable and perfect for my little bubble blower.


Melissa, so glad to see you back! I've missed seeing your creations.

Denise T.

What a great idea with the bubbles; I never would have thought of that! :) Thanks for the inspiration!


Very cute card. Thanks for sharing. Congrats.

Donna Hitz

Love your sparkle bubbles! Bubble girl is sooo cute!

Erika M

Really cute card!

Beth Rang

What a cute card! Congrats on your new son! The time passes so quickly. My little guy's almost 7 now.

Alanna (al_silver2)

those glittery bubbles are FAB!! Looking forward to seeing more of your creations, Melissa!

Elyss jennings

Great Card! Love the colors :)


Your card reminds me of my niece. Great job!!

Karen Juntunen

I know I'll use the bubble idea!!!! And I love the idea of all the circle, the polka dots and all the sparkles. A princess of perfect circles. Thank you!

 Julie (Joypup on SCS)

Tying it all in together makes it work. Best use of sparkly things in an Amuse card!

Kristin Yong

Cute card. Love the bubble concept. Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations.

Brenda H.

What an adorable card...'love your bubble girl!
~Brenda H.


Adorable little bubble girl! Sweet card.

Kristin M.

I love her flip flops!


Super cute card! I love the colors and the layout. Congrats on being guest designer! Looking forward to more wonderful ideas.

Jenna A

Great job! I love how you mirrored the bubbles with with the glitter circles and dotted ribbon. How cute!

Kelly S.

Got to love her little denim skirt! Can't wait to see more!


Great card and congrats on being guest I look forward to seeing more of your cards!!

Janell Blackmer

What an adorable card! Love how you incorporated the glittered circles in the background.


Very cute! You can't help but smile after seeing that card!

Debby W.

Super cute, super cute!!!!


What an adorable card! I love the idea og making bubbles in the background with the circle stamp and some glitter! Too clever and cute!

Drea B.

Love those glittery bubbles - such a perfect accent for your card! Congrats on being guest designer!!!

Melody Whipple

The girl looks just like my daughter. Cutest stamps ever. You Rock!


So cute...thanks for sharing all about you. What a treat to be honored as guest designer..congrats!

Dana Klinkner

Congratulations on being the guest designer, Melissa! Your ideas are really cute - this card with the bubble girl is adorable. I love how you created the large bubble background. Thanks for the great ideas!


what a cute image! i am partial to these girls since i share their name....MANDY!

Celina Herrera

Congrats on being guest designer. I love the bubble card girl - I can't wait to try to duplicate it!!!

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